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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Dr. Myfwany Shattuck


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Real Name: Dr Myfwany Shattuck

Nicknames: Myf, Dr Shattuck

Occupations: Post-apocalyptic practicing physician

Place of birth: Waco, TX

Apparent Age: Mid to late twenties.

Marital Status: Single.

Known Relatives: None surviving

Eruption: Attempting to survive/escape a hospital.

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.

Weight: 135 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel-brown

Hair: Russet red

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strength/Skills: Exceptionally intelligent and supernaturally perceptive. Has excellent hand/eye coordination and surprising stamina. A top-notch pathologist and general practitioner before Z-day.

Known Powers:

Myfwany has the ability to heal wounds and illnesses through physical contact. There's a limit to the severity she can heal at one time, and she can't use it more than once every day or so on the same person without causing undue stress to their system. Perhaps related to this is her power to sense nonvisually the presence and qualities of living beings nearby her.

She also has the power to influence the behavior of animals, from insects up to complex mammals, but not including humans. She can affect the growth of plants as well, and even cause them to move or animate in ways not normally possible.

Finally, and more rarely, Myfwany has exhibited an ability to affect weather conditions in her area. The limits of this power are not presently known.




Myfwany prefers to leave the past in the past, and doesn't often talk about it. When she does, it's even more rare for her to go into detail. Born and raised in Texas, her family were ranchers and though quite well off, their fortunes were in a slow and seemingly irreversible decline. Her older brother was the family's black sheep...outspoken liberal who regularly tangled with Mr Shattuck over anything and everything. Myf was about the only person who'd listen to him sympathetically, though she tried to walk the fence so as not to alienate herself as well. He finally moved out and went to California. Myfwany was the only one to go to the airport to see him off.

Though she kept her head down, she found herself more and more in conflict with the fundamentalist conservatism of her father's household. Even so, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do until she got a letter from her brother...a letter in which he revealed that he'd tested positive for HIV. That summer Myf flew out to visit him in Oakland, and they talked and reconnected. During that time Myf decided in no uncertain terms what occupation she would pursue.

A week after she got back home, she informed her parents that she'd be going to medical school.

With exemplary grades and excellent test scores, she had her pick of schools. She wound up going to Boston University, much to the despair of her parents. She liked the sense of history and the amount of research conducted there.

Myfwany graduated in the top fifth of her class with a specialty in Pathology...though she also did an unusual amount of general practitioner work, remembering her rural roots. She did her residency at Boston General, and joined the staff there at its completion though she kept an eye on the university, angling for a shot at a research position. She never got that chance though.

When Z-day struck, Boston was hard hit. A large, high population metropolis, conditions couldn't be worse. Myfwany found herself trapped in the hospital as mass lunacy and psychosis seemed to grip a number of patients and staff. She wasn't the only one who wasn't affected, but the chaos prevented them from collaborating. Alone, cut off, and with death closing in, Myfwany felt panic snapping something deep inside her. Just as the 'zombie' mass was skittering across the room at her, the entire wall exploded inward, knocking them over with metal struts and broken concrete and stucco and shards of broken glass. Outside, through the huge hole, Myfwany could see that the sky over Boston was black as night, and several funnel clouds, each one easily an F5 in strength, were rampaging around the hospital literally tearing it to pieces. Wind howled and raged, and she screamed as she was sucked out into the furious pitch sky.

She woke up on a hillside. On looking around she could see Boston several miles away, with plumes of smoke rising from fires that were consuming whole city blocks. The roads were jammed with cars, all of which were empty.

With numb, hollow resignation, she turned away and followed the breadcrumb line of cars away from what remained of her home, hoping to find more people.

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