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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Something dark is coming [Alternate DR Ending v1]


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Something Dark is coming

She had lost all sense of time. Her eyes searched the barren lands and only saw scorched earth and scarred landscapes. In the distance she could make out a building and the scent she was chasing came from that direction. It was like a blood red trial to her amongst grey ashes.

With a heavy thud she landed on the rooftop of the 2 storey building, her taloned feet tearing little holes into the rusty material. The batwinged creature stalked the roof like a predator and walked to the edge of the building looking down at the settlement it once belonged to. Bloodshot eyes with a faint purple glow vaguely remembered the place. Tents were once to the left and another building which now lay in ruins was just across. Right there was the red trail she could smell and she so much longed for with an inhuman craving.

She jumped of the roof gliding gracefully to the ground and started to dig her way through the rubble. Formerly tender hands with perfectly manicured nails tore with razorsharp claws through the cement of half-standing walls. The creature snarled as it came closer to it’s precious goal laying bare a trapdoor which she ripped off the floor like it was made of paper.

A wicked smile bared elongated canines and it’s face which once belonged to the most beautiful woman on earth was a mask of death with decaying skin that was spread thinly over her skull. Only someone who knew her could recognise her features. The bodice she wore was dirty and hung loosely off her chest. Her breasts, once her pride and icons of fertility and youth, were shrivelled like old grapes, too much skin dangling down and disappearing somewhere in the depths of the rotten cloth.

She jumped into the darkness her eyes adjusting accordingly and making out the only thing important to her – fresh live. The shape she was chasing was very familiar to her as much as her scent. They used to be friends but now they were prey and predator. Her prey had stopped running, though – the chase was over.

“I’m tired of this, Violet.”, the creature could hear the other woman admitting defeated. “Finish it now, I can’t run anymore.”

The creature once named Violet closed the last gap to her prey and put one hand around her prey’s neck and hissed.

“Finally.”, her rattling voice answered while she licked her lips – or what was left of them. She could barely wait to sink her fangs into her prey’s neck and devour her life’s blood. “This has taken far too long, Myfwany.”

“Yes it has”, the red head answered fear making her heart beat faster and faster, yet she had given up on running away – but at least she would face her death not as a coward.

“But why did you throw it all away, Violet? You had the gift of life, the promise for a new beginning within you and you threw it away. I don’t understand… didn’t we have a plan? What happened to you?”, Myfwany’s voice was desperate her analytical mind still trying to find answers to a problem she could never solve.

Violet’s grip eased around her prey’s neck and she looked to the ground, her rattling voice that sounded like rusty metal chains was low and sober, “I killed her…”

“Killed who?”, Myfwany asked sensing something like hope. Violet was reaching out to her other side deep within her – if she could keep her going like that, maybe she could prevent the worst.

“Who did you kill, Violet?”

“JILL!”, the creature barked back at Myfwany, “I killed her… when this started.”, Violet looked at her arms, at the claws that grew several inches out of her fingers and the skin that was wrapped around her bones like old cloth. She was decaying but not dying – undead.

“Tell me what happened, Violet – I need to know.”, Myfwany asked and managed to get a few steps away from the Vampire Succubus Violet had become.

“I… I worked hard that day.”, she barely remembered how long ago it was but she clearly remembered what she did.

“You…”, it sounded like she was accusing Myfwany. “You needed my help but I was exhausted and you didn’t listen. When I got home I felt this hunger… I never felt anything like it before.”, the rattling voice sounded as if she was crying but there were no tears, no sobs.

“Jill noticed I was doing bad and suggested I should take a shower and let her do the rest. I agreed and took the shower and when I saw my reflection in the mirror I almost fainted. My skin was coming off like it was rotting… I was ashen grey all over, I looked like a zombie. Jill wondered what was going on and checked the bathroom and when I saw her the hunger took over. I killed her… I drank all her blood and it restored my beauty.”

“James covered up for me…”, she added bitterly, “Ever since my life turned into a living nightmare… and I blame you!”, the sadness shifted back to anger and Violet made a step forward closing the gap to Myfwany again.

“If you had listened to me I wouldn’t have pushed too far – I told you I’m spent.”

Myfwany shook her head not understanding that part. “Violet – I never asked you to do anything that could hurt you. I never would, you know that.”

The creature once Violet hesitated shaking her head trying to cast away conflicting emotions while keeping her hunger in check.

“It’s too late now, Myf… I can’t stop it… I need your blood. You can cure me.”

“Violet, I can’t heal you, I can’t make undone what happened and I’m too tired. I don’t know how long I’ve been running from you. How many settlements have you destroyed? How many lives have you taken?”, Myfwany knew the answers to those questions. She had kept Violet in the dark about her strategy – always trying to lure her away from the larger residence she knew that survived. The very few that were left.

“Violet – you destroyed our paradise yourself. There was no reason for you to ‘push it’ too far. You just wanted to be loved, I know that and people admired you for your rare gift but then you tasted from the forbidden fruit.”

“You can keep your pathetic speech to yourself, Myf. You know I don’t belief in that crap – I never did!”

Myfwany raised her arms in defence. “It’s ok… I just… oh Violet why… why?”

“Because I could hear them talk behind my back, they loved and hated me. I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t bare the rejection.”

“What rejection? You’ve gone crazy, Violet! You could make everyone love you if you wanted!”, Myfwany just couldn’t believe what she heard.

“And they still hated me afterwards, Myf! Even worse, they feared me. People like Jules or Fox – those were revered and admired. I felt it when I drank their blood…”, her voice broke into a cackling maniacal laugh.

Myfwany realized that her former friend had really lost her mind but there was a tiny portion of the former Violet left and that was hope. Myfwany hoped she had made the right decision.

“Stop it Violet, I can’t take it anymore – finish it off, but I won’t heal you – I can’t.”, silently Myfwany started to pray.

Violet’s internal struggle got violently interrupted by her craving for blood and Myfwany’s offering made it even more difficult to resist. The Vampire Succubus reached out with her thin arms and pulled Myfwany’s body to her and with a sudden jerk she sank her long canines into Myfwany’s neck drawing precious blood.

“I forgive you…”, where Myfwany’s last words. And I pray to the goddess that this works out…

She sucked her friend dry until there was no more left roaring victoriously. The coppery liquid ran down her throat giving her back some sense of peace and freedom. Suddenly Violet gasped drawing in a painful breath using lungs that stopped breathing years ago. Her body good flooded by a warm feeling and a glow was slowing emanating from her. The skin around her arms fleshed out and she could feel the same happening to her face, her legs and her torso.

Her wings retracted into her back folding painfully in and onto itself until they disappeared in her back leaving two very small marks from where they originally sprouted. Violet’s breasts inflated back to their former glorious size as she filled out the bodice the way she used to. Her body got restored to her former beauty.

Violet shook her head in disgust the coppery taste of blood in her mouth making her stomach revolt. She looked down at the lifeless body of Myfwany and screamed in terror. “Myf!!!”, she picked her friend up and embraced her closely crying bitter tears.

Hours later…

The hunger was gone – Myfwany had indeed cured her but the price was too high – she was dead now. Violet’s eyes found a letter Myfwany was clutching all the time and carefully removed it. It was Myfwany’s handwriting.

Click to reveal..
Dear Violet,

I don’t know if this makes any sense and if this really works out or not. I only hope that you’ll understand my words and that my attempt wasn’t in vain – else I may have doomed the last refuge of mankind.

When you read this I’ll be dead and I don’t blame you for killing me. I’m actually glad it’s finally over. We’ve been playing hide and seek for far too long now but I found a way out. I finally understood how.

Our gifts must merge to mend the damage done to us and to this world. Your gift of live and mine to heal will preserve mankind. Go to the north across the border – I marked the path for you on the back of this letter. There is a secluded settlement up there, untouched by the virus. They’ve found a way to cure the people and they are slowly reclaiming this Earth, free of any taint caused by the Zs or the Government. They’ll trust you when you mention my name – please help them like I would’ve, Violet. Do it for us.

I love you,




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