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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Preparations [Mature] [complete]


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A single candle illuminated the room. Its faint yellowish glow cast long shadows over the interior giving fantastic shapes to otherwise normal pieces of clothes and furniture. Violet’s hand slowly traced the curve of Jill’s hips. She was laying on the side just like her lover and admired Jill’s muscular back. Something about muscles made her go wild and she couldn’t stop touching her lover’s perfectly sculpted body.

Jill shivered under Violet’s gentle caress. Fingertips exploring with uncanny precision those parts that made Jill lose her mind. Yet they remained in their positions not moving at all, just listening to their breaths and feeling their skin making maximum contact. Violet’s humongous breasts pressed against Jill’s broad back making Jill smile as she imagined how those incredibly large ‘funbags’ got mashed together by the confining space between them. The scent of sex was palpable.

Violet slowly changed her centre of attention from Jill’s hips to her waist and ripped abdominals. Both women breathed intensely suppressing the urge to fall over each other and drown themselves in their carnal lust – and that was without Violet taking control of their emotions. Sex with Jill was very different compared to James. Jill appealed to Violet on levels James couldn’t achieve although he also had some kind of ‘magic touch’ that sent Violet instantly off the chart.

Violet’s long fingers slowly wandered over each indenture on Jill’s ripped body feeling the muscle underneath flex in anticipation of her next caress. Jill was electrified her juices were flowing and her body tensed in the wake of a small orgasm that heated her up from inside. “You’re a goddess.”, Jill said breathlessly while Violet continued to hold her in their locked embrace.

With relentless motivation Violet’s hand moved further upwards to Jill’s perky breasts squeezing her erect nipples making Jill moan and gyrate her hips deeper into Violet’s lap. Violet’s fingers circled her lovers aureole while Jill almost squealed underneath her as another orgasm – this time harder and unexpected rocked her body. Jill’s muscles swelled larger as her body convulsed uncontrollably from the orgasmic bliss.

Violet’s hungry eyes watched how her lovers body got hit by another orgasm and the urge to tap onto that was barely tolerable but she had promised to not do anything with her powers. Violet slowly rolled on her back and waited for Jill to recover. She would have to be patient but she knew Jill would make it up to her. Violet tentatively reached down with her hands to stroke her g-spot but restricted herself to just one gentle touch.

The light of the candle cast a long shadow along Violet’s amazing breasts which rose from her chest like two huge pillows. They were soft to the touch yet retained a youthful perkiness that was beyond physical reason – as if she defied gravity. Jill slowly turned around to face Violet and reached down with her hand between Violet’s thighs which already glowed from the heat they generated. As Jill’s hand slowly moved upward to Violet’s vulva the incredibly buxom succubus started to glow with a yellowish inner light. Sensing that her lover was almost about to explode Jill moved around and spread Violet’s legs slowly to get access to her clitoris and then started to lick her with long and careful strokes of her tongue.

The first touch already sent her over the edge and she gasped for air as she tried to keep her orgasm under control. Violet spread her legs even further apart to give Jill better access and to not accidentally hurt her with her superior strength. Jill grinned broadly loving how Violet lost it while she was continuing to drive her insane with her heavenly licks.

The light of the candle got absorbed by Violet’s own glow that got more and more intense until the whole room was drowned in yellowish white light, Violet’s orgasmic scream of relief echoed through the building for a seeming eternity and then blissful silence followed.

After a few minutes of quiet intimacy Violet’s thoughts drifted away to James and Dan. Her emotions were in conflict and she didn’t know what to do. On one hand she was grateful for everything James had done to help her but there were times he was driving her insane with his behaviour. James had adopted a mindset of surviving in this deadly environment that was difficult for Violet to cope with. She was longing for a ‘real’ relationship and didn’t see how that would work out with James…

And then there was Jill whom she really deeply loved… but only when she was Violet. Sometimes she asked herself if she really was two persons caught in one body… but then they wouldn’t share the same memories, would they?

With a sigh Violet started to speak, “Honey… I… I’m really grateful that you’re here. I think I’d lose my mind if it wasn’t for you and the warmth you have to give. I really love you, Jill. I also am grateful that you tolerate my escapades with James… and I think things would be far more complicated if James wasn’t assuming I was his’ and not yours. That option somehow doesn’t exist in his world.”

Jill had snuggled up against Violet resting one hand between Violet’s pillowy breasts. “What’s up, pumpkins – you want to tell me something, I can feel that.”

(ooc: to be continued…)

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Violet reached up with one hand and placed it on Jill’s which was resting in her cleavage and occasionally stroking the sides of Violet’s abundant ‘pumpkins’.

“I think I love another man – one of the supers. I just can’t stop thinking about him…”, Violet sensed a brief spike of jealousy coming from Jill.

“I’m not enough for you, aren’t I?”, Jill asked carefully. She knew the topic was kind of sensitive for Violet but didn’t want to hold back her own fears.

“That’s not the issue, Jill. I love you, no matter what. You’re always here, in my heart. No man can change that. But I need more – I need a man, too – and I’m feeling how I drift away from James. I should give him another chance, shouldn’t I? I owe him at least one more chance… and he isn’t even aware that I’m considering a break up. It’s only – I don’t like to be treated as… some kind of possession or trophy and his personal beliefs about our future – not only ours but that of mankind are kinda scary, don’t you think?”

Jill remained silent having gone with James through hell and knowing that she could always depend on him. He saved them more than once and never failed to provide for them – he was a good man. A good man nowadays but maybe he was a male chauvinist pig before Z-Day.

“James has never failed to provide for us.”, she suddenly said, “He does anything for us – everything we request and the only thing he asks in return is loyalty and sex. It’s a good arrangement I suppose and he knows I swing both ways but that never affected his attitude as long as I was making out with other girls and not with men…” but ever since I met you I could get comfortable with the idea to just be with you and nobody else…

Violet sensed Jill’s emotional attachment to her and it gave her a soothing and warm feedback. It felt good to be loved.

“So who’s that man you keep thinking about? If I had to guess I’d say the Captain – he’s really handsome and downright hot. Even I get shaky knees around him. He can’t compete with you, of course. But from the men around I’d say he’s the most handsome.”

Violet slowly shook her head – “It’s not him, although I really liked to fuck him one day – I mean how thrilling can it get? He’s a super and if his stamina is only half of James’ that’s still amazing – and he got the keys to the rocket silo. He’s the most powerful man around here and the thought alone makes me all tingly.”, God, I sound like a slut…

“Anyway…”, Violet sighed again momentarily burying Jill’s and her hand between her massive breasts. “It’s Dan… he’s got something that I feel drawn to. And you want to know the difference to James? That’s actually the thing that keeps me thinking all the time. I fell in love with him as Jennifer and that ‘feels’ even more intense when I’m Violet. I don’t feel that for James when I’m Jennifer – I just feel… awkward around him because you and Jo are prettier than her… me. Well, you know what I mean.”

Jill stirred next to her lover and shook her head in disagreement. “Common Violet, Jennifer is not ugly – far away from that. She’s just a different kind of beauty.”

Violet gave Jill a disapproving look but Jill kept objecting, “You think because Jo has bigger tits than Jennifer that makes her prettier?”

“Well…”, Violet started to say but got interrupted by her lover again, “You really got a skewed perception about that, pumpkins – but I suppose if not your tits wouldn’t be so amazing so I better not complain. You’re a breast fetish’ wet dream come true and I never thought I saw bigger ones than Jo’s… until you. But that does not measure how beautiful you are – there are far more factors you have to consider. Jennifer is beautiful, trust me.”

Violet’s eyes were still in doubt and she shyly asked, “So you would love me too, if I was Jennifer?”

Jill looked at Violet’s eyes for a long moment and nodded reassuringly. “Yes, I do.”

But I don’t know if I can love you when I’m Jennifer…, Violet wanted to say her conflict clearly written on her face.

“And I can wait until you feel more comfortable around me when you are Jen – we can take our time, honey.”

“I’d like to start trying right now.”, Violet said and closed her eyes as she concentrated to change back. Jill felt and saw how Violet’s breathtaking body slowly shrank in proportion. Her hair went from auburn to brunette while her hips and thighs shrank. She even got shorter going from her statuesque 6’ feet down to 5’5” feet. Violet’s humongous breasts deflated like balloons until they were barely larger than small apples – just about a handful. Jill stared at her lover feeling how the change also affected her in some strange emotional way. She still had feelings for Violet – now Jennifer but it had a different… quality.

“This is even weirder when you get to watch.”, she said not trying to sound in any way offensive or disapproving of what happened.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked at Jill. She suddenly was very vulnerable and the roles seemed reversed. Jill was now the taller and stronger partner – actually the way she was used to and liked.

“Can you put your hand back there…”, Jennifer awkwardly asked while her heart pounded fast. It felt like ‘the first time’ to her and she tried to open up to her locked away feelings for Jill. They were so far away and distant that she was afraid it wouldn’t work out – but she had to do something. She had to make a first step.

Jill snuggled up against her, this time spooning her being larger and broader than her and placed her hand on Jennifer’s bosom.

“They’re still perky – I like that.”, she quietly said and kissed Jennifer gently on her cheek.

“Can you just hold me like that, Jill? I just want to feel you close to me…”, Jennifer needed some time to adjust.

Jill didn’t say anything and held her and it felt good.

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When they woke up it was the next day. Jennifer opened her eyes first and instinctively tried to reach out with her senses when she realized she wasn’t Violet. Jill was still dousing next to her, holding her tightly with one of her large hands placed on Jennifer’s smaller breast. Jennifer turned her head and watched Jill breathing listening to the sound she made when she filled her strong lungs with precious air.

Jill was beautiful to her, she loved her long blonde hair and the sparkling of her blue eyes. Jill had a very cliché kind of beauty which had given her the label Barbie ever since she grew up from girl to woman. Watching the steady rise of her chest with it’s ripped muscles made Jennifer smile. Jill had managed to achieve a muscular physique through dedication, training and discipline. Something Jennifer admired and doubted she’d ever be capable of herself.

She placed tentatively a hand on the outer bulge of Jill’s arm that held her squeezing very gently the muscle under the skin. Jill’s triceps was hard and meaty and the gentle caress made her wake up with a pleasurable moan. Jill opened her eyes and looked directly into Jen’s. With a smile on her face she asked, “What are you doing, honey?”

Jennifer didn’t answer and gave her a very innocent kiss instead. It felt like young love and even the much more experienced Jill had to admit that Jennifer’s shy approach thrilled her. It was like high school reloaded. Jill tried very hard to just receive and let Jennifer be in control of what she wanted and what she wouldn’t. They kissed for another minute before Jennifer unlocked their mouths.

“I could get used to this… but I don’t know if I can… you know…”, Jill just smiled and put a finger on Jennifer’s lips and shook her head. “Don’t think about it – you’ll do what you want to do when the time is right. Kissing feels amazing enough, so don’t worry, honey.”

Jennifer felt truly happy and she couldn’t recall the last time she felt like that without ‘drinking’ it from someone else. She slowly got up and didn’t feel the urge to cover herself because she felt awkward with her nakedness. Jill gave her enough security to accept who she was. It was the same feeling Dan gave her and that was the reason she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Jill’s open mindedness about the whole issue did a lot to help her deal with the matter because otherwise it would be just a huge drama – if it wasn’t already.

“Don’t you have something to do, Jill? How’s that Doabe coming along?”, Jennifer asked while she picked up wildly discarded pieces of Violet’s clothes. The night had started out fairly wild and had ended so peacefully, a totally new experience to her. Picking up Violet’s bra she held it up against her own chest and gasped.

“Are they really that big?”, she asked astonished.

“Even bigger, honey. We haven’t found any that actually fit you – not that you need one anyway. That’s why you don’t wear one most of the time.”, Jill was getting dressed relatively quickly since she wore practical clothes most of the time. Nothing fancy and complicated with laces and hooks like Violet and JoAnna did.

“About that Doabe – I’m gonna make him a better one if he really wants to use it as a ‘multi’ tool. It’s funny but I like his idea, maybe I’ll take over the design and propose it to Fox for the guards. That way they always have something handy to either fight off Zs or dig a whole.”, she laughed a bit at that thought but it made sense in some odd way. Zeke may have been a bit crazy but he wasn’t stupid.

“It’s nothing compared to a good claymore but who can wield one effectively these days? It’s a shame.”, Jill was ready long before Jennifer had gathered all pieces of Violet’s stuff.

“I’ll be at the smithy, got to catch up on what I missed out because of you…”, she winked at her and gave her a little kiss on the lips before she left.

Jennifer sighed and stashed the clothes for laundry. Then she put on a bathrobe and went downstairs to make her breakfast while she planned the day. She would try to spent this day as Jennifer – as long as she could.

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Her breakfast didn’t take long – after debating with herself if she wanted some eggs or cereals the latter won the argument. While Jennifer ate she noted down a ‘to-do’-list in order to get her day organised. There were a lot of things on her mind – she wanted to open the club in about a week and wanted to be stocked up under the ceiling to make sure they wouldn’t run out of beverages. She had planned to make the grand opening ‘for free’ meaning that every member of the refuge could drink and eat as he pleased.

“I should make priority passes for those who work on the wall…”, she said to herself making a small note next to the grand opening to take care of that too. Maybe Jules can make a list of people who regularly work on the wall and the buildings?

As she took another spoon full of her cereal she wondered if she gained weight how that would affect Violet. Probably would go all to her breasts… she laughed to herself discarding that silly thought. Even though she had no powers as Jennifer she still felt healthier than before the change – before she became.

Ok – club opening on Belthane, Priority Pass for the hard workers -> Ask Jules for a list and tell her you’ll try to get a job as nurse. Check.

-> Ask Zeke and the scavengers to get me loads of beverages for free drinks and food in return. Check.

-> Meet Myfwany and ask for a job as nurse. Check – Violet!

-> Talk to James and JoAnna about... , Jennifer looked at the last line and was tempted to scratch it through. She knew they had to talk but she wasn’t sure how – and if she should talk or Violet. Maybe Jules had a good advice – she had to stop by her place anyway.

Jennifer smiled somewhat relieved to have that last point postponed – at least for now. The other stuff was difficult enough to organise since she wanted to ask some of the women if they wanted to organise a little show – just for fun – for the men and… she needed to find out who was in dire need of good quarters with energy and warm water access. She had promised Jas to take care of that and she would keep it.

Shuffling through her wardrobe gave her a good feeling. She was glad that she managed to salvage a lot of exquisite dresses and designer pieces even though there was no real occasion or event to wear it. At least she had some more options now because about 80 % fit her perfectly and only a few very very revealing pieces were exquisitely for Violet. Violet had already destroyed some of her favourites through impatience. She would have to learn to get undressed before she transformed or wear something that’d fit Violet in order to keep any ‘collateral damage’ at a minimum. Most torn pieces were damaged around the bust and hips/thighs area. She kept those pieces for Violet since she still looked breathtaking in those – maybe even more so than if they were undamaged.

Jennifer decided to get herself dressed in her business look – she had business to do and that seemed appropriate to her. She got herself a nice white button down blouse a beige blazer with matching pants and black 3inch high heels. If someone cared he would’ve noticed the exquisite quality of the cloth she had picked but it was highly unlikely someone noticed – it made her feel good nonetheless. It gave her a certainty of purpose.

The walk to Jules’ office was straight and uneventful except for the looks of some people who thought Jennifer was held prisoner in Violet’s club. It slowly dawned on Jennifer that she hadn’t shown up in public for quite a while – almost 3 weeks. No wonder people were starting to talk shit about her absence. It was going to be hard to maintain this double life without causing talk. Giving Jennifer something to do helped though. She would have to keep things separate from now on and decide which matters concerned her and which concerned Violet.

Jennifer’s eyes scanned the area and she wished she could sense what the people were feeling about her – living without powers would take some time to get used to, too.

She had a lot to do, but first things first. Knocking on Jules’ door she carefully raised her voice and announced herself, “Jules – you there? This is Jennifer, I’ve got something to check back with you and some news.”, she hoped the stunningly beautiful native American wasn’t too busy with something else. Time was running out for her and she had already delayed the opening for too long.

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James wandered back towards Violet's. He'd risen early, played 'fork-lift' on the wall, and now he judged it would take them some time to deal with the supplies he'd set up. Long enough that he could eat a post-breakfast breakfast or maybe that was a pre-lunch lunch. James was a big guy and his super metabolism burned like a furnace; He needed five meals a day. Considering it was food he'd gathered he didn't feel guilty, but to avoid societal crap about 'supers eating too much' he ate half his food out of public view.

He walked past the forge and saw Jill was out, but smelled that she had been in recently. James smiled in pleasure at how easy figuring that out had been, sight AND smell, what a combo. A nose didn't replace eyes, but the world it opened up had remained even after Myf had fixed him up.

James paused at the entrance to V's. The enterance was a high traffic area and had almost too much information. JoAnna, Jill, and Jennifer had all used it recently, James hazarded a guess that Jo and Jen were out and Jill was in, but he couldn't be sure. There was only one trail of Jill+Forge, for her to have come from the forge and then left there should be two; Or he could be mistaking the trail leading towards the building with one leading away from it.

That was why eyes were better, excluding JoAnna's magic, when you saw something you 'knew', when you smelled it you just kind of knew.

James hoped Jill was there and alone, recently James had been spending a lot of time with Jo, and then with Violet, with Jill running a distant third. He hoped she hadn't felt like he was neglecting her.

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Jules short hesitation made Jennifer flinch briefly but she entered anyway. Taking a deep breath she gathered all her courage to speak up to the native American beauty who was so much prettier than her. Jules could tell that Jennifer felt uncomfortable by the way she moved and fidget around in the chair. Her body language gave away how nervous Jennifer was.

“I’m… I wanted to ask you…”, Jennifer stopped and took a short break before she retried her request.

“I’m going to make a grand opening at the club on April 31st to May 1st – that’s the night of Belthane. It’s going to be free for all, food and beverages but I’d like to hand out priority passes to those who work on the wall because I think they should deserve some special treatment. Do you have a list with names of those who work on the wall? I also wanted to make a small lottery or if you think that’s a bad idea request a list from you with those families or people of the tent-town that are in dire need of better accommodation – like access to warm water, electricity and some more space. I have 8 Rooms upstairs next to my quarters which I would like to ‘donate’ to the community. I trust you to tell me who should be the lucky ones because I have no idea what would be fair and what not.”, Jennifer took another deep breath since she was speaking so fast.

“Lastly I wanted you to know that I’ll… that means Violet, will be working at the hospital as nurse. She…I got basic medical training as nurse… that was before I became a model…”, the word model was barely audible since her voice got lower at the end of the sentence.

It was weird watching her. Jennifer was very self-conscious and downright shy around Jules. It was hard to believe she and Violet was the same person. Especially since Jennifer was wearing a business suit with a button down blouse hiding almost her entire figure. Just a small bulge around her chest showed that she was actually womanly shaped underneath the expensive clothes.

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Jules noted the emphasis on the date being Beltane, which was an odd thing to mention. One of the thing annoying things about being Native American was that most people assumed you were down the New Age stuff and kept pushing you to rub crystals with them. So Jules had picked up some information in that area. "That's a nice gesture, Jennifer. I can't think of a reason why you couldn't have that information. I mean, you can just walk along the wall and see who's there - so no secrets," she said easily, quietly pondering how to address her concern. She just decided to say it.

"Is this going to be some kind of religious ceremony?" Jules asked. "I only want to know because Pastor Hoffany has been pushing his congregation to work on the wall, and a number of them will be on any list. I'd rather them not get invited to some New Age hoo-haa that they won't feel comfortable enough to enjoy."

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Religious ceremony?, Jennifers confusion was clearly painted on her face. She slowly shook her head her expression still confused.

“No… this is not about some kind of New Age hoo-haa… It’s important to Violet because it’s supposed to be a day that heralds fertility and should encourage love. But if you believe we’re going to do some kind of strange ritual – Violet is not forcing anything on anyone unless someone asks for it. It’s about freedom, love and the celebration of live in general. The club should be a place where people enjoy living, enjoy that they’re alive.”, Jennifer slowly caught up on what Jules actually implied.

“Do you think Violet is doing some crazy religious ceremony in her club? How much trouble can I possible generate with that? No… she has found a way to deal with… well, with all this…”, Jennifer briefly pointed at Jules trying to express that she meant the supers with ‘this’.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to create more trouble, Jules. I thought you’d be glad if I tried to contribute more…”, Jennifer was slowly overcome by her insecurities and started to sob fighting down tears because she didn’t want to cry. People kept complaining, no matter what she tried to do. Jules could see that Jennifer was physically shaking attempting to swallow down the pain and tears.

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"Jennifer, please calm down," Jules said awkwardly. She was never sure how to handle shrinking violets (no pun intended), once she'd learned that grabbing them and shaking them until their teeth rattled didn't work. "You brought up Beltane, and all I was doing was making sure I understood what was going on. If you'd said you were holding it on Thanksgiving, I would have asked if I needed to bring the stuffing.

"Follow my logic," Jules added. "Beltane is a New Age holy day, and you called it that. So I wondered if this was more than a party, which, no offense it sounds like it is. If Violet starts in with the 'celebration of fertility and life', she's going to make people uneasy. And that's even if all she does is talk about it.

"And this isn't trouble, Jennifer, this is... me being cautious," Jules added. "The party's a good idea, I just need to know more about it. Will there be a Beltane toast? Will Violet go on about the importance of the day? I need to know how publicly the reason for the celebration will be known, so as to prevent problems."

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Jennifer wiped away a single tear and laughed somewhat relieved. “I’m sorry… I’m being silly and sensitive. It’s only that I always have the feeling that people are complaining about me and generally against me. Sometimes it feels like me against the rest of the world… I apologize.”

After she had calmed down she felt easier and more relaxed around Jules, even though she still envied how beautiful the native American was and how oblivious she seemed to be of her own beauty. Jennifer was convinced that Jules was easily the most beautiful woman around if it wasn’t for Violet.

“Violet will not make any proclamations and if so only to a small selected circle of involved people. She’ll ask her friends if they join on that celebration of life but not the general public. She… I mean I respect Hofany and I know people here need more a Christian guidance than the beliefs I am following. For Violet it’s Beltane, it’s not important what others think about it, it is supposed to be a day to put aside our worries and try to enjoy that we live – that’s all. Now that we have that cleared… what about the 8 rooms I offered. Who’d be a good choice? You got any names, a list? I’m not sure how to handle this. Putting it out on the black board doesn’t sound like a smart move – but then again maybe no one wants to move because of all the rumours?”, Jennifer sighed again and looked at Jules, her eyes searching hers. If only she could tell what Jules was feeling then she’d be more secure what to say and not to say.

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"Oh, no," Jules said with a little laugh brimming with irony, "I suspect that if Violet offers rooms to people, you'll find more than you can house who will overlook a few rumors. Hell, you'll find more than you can house who'll be there because of the rumors."

Jules grew more somber. "I'd like to see some of the medical staff moved out of the barracks. I'd also like you to hold a couple of rooms as part of the pay for two teachers. We need to encourage people to do the work, despite it not being glamorous. These are of course suggestions, but it's what I recommend."

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Jennifer listened and nodded in agreement then she simply suggested, “Why don’t you pick the people who should get those 8 rooms? I trust your judgement completely on that matter. I wasn’t aware that people were reluctant to do some work for the community – teachers should be treated good these days I think. I’m glad that Myfwany gave me the job as nurse in the hospital. It’s a good feeling to contribute.”

Jennifer took out a small notepad and a pencil and checked off something then looked up to Jules again. “I’m also looking for a barkeeper and a couple of women who would be willing to work as waitress in my club. I’d offer free food and a warm shower in return as payment. Do you think it’d be a good idea if I put out those job offers on the black board?”

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James found Jill eating either a very late breakfast or snack. With her mouth full she waved at James, it was hardly unusual for him to raid the kitchen. She smelled of the forge, and of Violet herself, which was also hardly unusual.

James moved closer to the food and Jill and realized below the scent of work, food, and even of sex, there was something else, another message, another signal. Absentmindedly James moved closer, closed his eyes, and inhaled.

When he opened his eyes he could see Jill had a half smile, half frown on her face like she was deciding whether or not she should be upset or amused. James thought, *Right, I'm in her space and smelling her like I was a dog. But what is that? It's definitely a difference in her. She certainly didn't burn herself on the forge, it's a lot more subtle than that. She's not sick, she's not hurt, she's not bleeding... ah, right.*

With that thought came a chain of linked ideas which told James what he thought was going on. James said, "You're different somehow."

Jill replied evenly, "Am I?" *Does he know?*

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Jules was already writing down names. "Here," she said, handing Jennifer a piece of scrap paper with six names on it, all nurses and doctors, including Drs. Singh and Shattuck. "These are the ones I recommend now, and hold the last two. We'll put teacher volunteers in them. Hopefully, that will get people interested, once we have some perks.

"As for the jobs, yeah, I'd post them on the notice board. If the free food and hot showers aren't enough, you'll learn soon enough. But I suspect you'll have interested ladies," Jules said, leaning back. She gave a little grin. "I've been a waitress before; if it weren't for Fox's generosity, I might be interested myself."

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Jennifer took the list and studied it before she added it to her own notepad. She nodded eagerly at Jules’ request to keep two rooms open for teacher volunteers.

When Jules mentioned she would take the job herself Jennifer perked up for a second. “Really? I mean…”, she shook her head. “Forget about it, Jules. I think you earned yourself some R&R and even though I’d love to employ you as waitress I think you shouldn’t be ‘working’ on that particular day. Don’t you have enough to do running the show here? I’d even assist you if you asked me – I’m quite good at bureaucratic stuff. If you need some help just tell me.”, Jennifer liked the idea of helping out Jules and this offer came from her and not from Violet.

“Good…”, Jennifer stood up and cleared her throat. There was still lots to do for her. “I will have to make that notice for the black board… and you’re of course invited to work at Violet’s – if you want. You’re always welcomed, Jules. And thanks for everything.”, Jennifer smiled nervously at the native American beauty and reached for the door.

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Jill wondered, *Does he know that I'm in love with Violet? Does he know that the two of us have talked about becoming a real couple?*

James thought, *She's... what's the correct term for people? In season? In heat? Is it even possible to smell that?* Without thinking James turned on that part of his mind that said, 'I want you, I want you to want me too.'

James reached out and ran a finger down Jill's forearm and said, "I'm not sure."

Jill shivered, James' touch brought to mind dozens and dozens of past encounters. Jill thought, *Jill honey, this isn't a safe time of the month for you.*

*What's life without risk? Sooner or later you're going to do that and it's not going to be Violet. Who better than James?*

*And you're seriously with Violet now.*

*Right, and when was the last time Violet had sex with James? Yesterday? Has she done him today yet? She's still sleeping with him. She's still bringing him into bed with both of you.*

*That's supposed to stop.*

*So this is saying goodbye. What did that magazine say? One of the kinds of sex everyone should try is goodbye-sex?*

*Yeah, it did.*

Jill reached over and covered James hand with her own, holding his on her forearm. She subconsciously shifted her stance to spread her legs a bit and said a bit breathlessly, "James?"

The two lovers embraced.

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Jennifer left the building her thoughts still circling around what Jules said. Maybe things weren’t as bad as she thought? Jules had a better connection to the people in the community and what she said meant it was closer to the truth than any rumours Jennifer or the sisters had picked up about Violet.

Walking to the black board Jennifer couldn’t stop thinking about Jules. She was really really beautiful. Jennifer felt herself blushing as she thought about Jules and her strange attraction towards her. It looked like the more she accepted her own bi-sexuality that her perception changed accordingly. Jules suddenly got a different ‘quality’ to her. Jennifer rolled her eyes and shook off any upcoming fantasies and thoughts about Jules. God, I’m becoming more and more like Violet…

Jennifer left a notice on the board which stated that she was looking for staff – especially for waitresses and two barkeeper for the opening of the club. She offered warm showers, a nice meal and clothes (only for women) in exchange. She also would be glad if some of the girls and the barkeepers would apply for more than once and stay hired. Violet would make her picks starting tomorrow.

There were already some people gathered around the notification board and after Jennifer left the news spread like a wildfire. The club wouldn’t lack applications for the jobs.

Jennifer checked her list again and realized she had reached the end of it. Everything was covered except for one thing – breaking up with James. I can’t do this… I need Violet for this… she admitted to herself. She found it impossible to gather the strength and courage to face him without… without the reassurance she felt when she was Violet. She had achieved quiet a lot today and she marked it off on her notepad as a successful day so far. She just needed to get more used to being Jennifer then things would work out.

Back at the club Jennifer quickly got into her quarters and undressed. She needed a shower badly and it would be the perfect ‘chance’ to change back to Violet – without shredding clothes. But first she had to clean up the mess Jill and she had left earlier today. It took her about half an hour before she was satisfied with the results and it felt a little like cleaning up the mess of her teenage daughter(s). Getting a regular job will surely help her find a daily routine and get this mess under control.

Jennifer picked up some lingerie that obviously fitted Violet (more or less) and stared again at the improperly large cups of the bra. Even if it wasn’t a see through piece in decent black lace it was impossible to cover her immense bust. Jennifer wondered how other women must feel like around Violet. She was sure she’d feel awkward and… inadequate. As if Violet was too much woman and it sucked that trait up leaving nothing left for other women to be ‘woman’.

“Whatever caused my change I think I’m really seriously screwed up somewhere here.”, she pointed at her head talking to herself as she thought about the reasons why her transformation was so dramatic. She turned into the most beautiful and most desired woman in the world – at least that’s what she thought and most people reacted like that but with a more sober look on things she also realized that Violet was impossible – physically impossible. It wasn’t like James who looked like a bodybuilder in top condition all the time. Her changes were unreal. Naturally not achievable – maybe with cosmetic surgery and even then it would be nigh impossible to ‘built’ her the way she was.

Jennifer sighed and discarded further thoughts about Violet. There wasn’t much she could do anyway – that’s the way she looked and she liked it. She had to admit – she liked the way she looked. “I think I’m also a severe case of narcissism when I’m her but who cares? Look at those tits.”, she laughed at herself holding up the bra against her small chest. Violet was like a drug.

The slender brunette got under the shower and washed away the dirt and sweat of the day. As she slowly lathered her body with soap she started the change turning into Violet while her hands explored her own body. You’re a bad girl… you’re a bad girl she kept thinking to herself as her hand slowly reached down to her vagina. While her fingers slowly worked a steady rhythm she felt the rest of her body changing. Her hips got broader, her legs got longer. While her small butt firmed up and got that perfecty round ‘juicy’ shape her waist got slimmer giving her that dramatic hourglass figure so many envied.

Jennifer’s hair got longer and changed it’s color to a deep auburn red with a perfect silken quality and she could feel how her face also changed her cheekbones getting higher, her lips fuller and her eyes larger. Violet looked down at herself the transformation was almost complete only her breasts were still Jennifer sized. She smiled as she felt the familiar tingle spreading across her body and then her breasts started to grow gaining mass and shape with every passing second. Her view to her feet and crotch got slowly obstructed as her formerly smallish breasts generated abundant cleavage. Violet craned her head enjoying the warmth that heralded a slow orgasm and finished her impossible transformation. A short gasp escaped her lips and then the tingling slowly evaporated leaving behind an intense warmth that was hotter than the shower.

Violet stepped out of the shower and smiled at herself in the mirror. Small rivulets of water ran down her amazing body. She placed her hands on her hips and smiled - she loved being herself.

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James kissed Jill, then still kissing her he picked her up and headed upstairs. There was no rush, it'd been a while since he'd been with Jill by herself, no reason they couldn't really enjoy themselves.

In his room James ignored the inviting bed. Jill was a serious fan of strength and with difficulty they undressed without him putting her down. They stopped with his pants around his ankles and her totally naked.

Jill asked with a wicked amusement, "So now what?"

James said, "Now, we improvise." James held Jill so her body was against his with her toes not quite touching the ground, then he lifted her up and up and kissed her crotch. Jill obligingly spread her legs then wrapped them around James' head. She gasped the first time he licked her clitoris.

After several minutes James could tell Jill was climaxing from the way her legs shuddered and from how she tried to close them. With that as the signal he let her slide down, holding her waist close to him so her legs stayed caught on his neck and remained apart.

When she slid far enough that her ankles were at his neck he impaled himself and started thrusting deep into her. This was life, death, and creation. They were both mindless with pleasure by the time he finished and emptied himself into her.

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Violet could have spent another hour admiring her reflection in the mirror. It seemed the longer she was Jennifer the more she craved changing back and the more thrilled she was when she tapped on that power again. She picked up the lingerie Jennifer had selected and put it on lowly humming a melody to herself. The bra was struggling to keep her mighty assets in check and the tiny string just barely covered what it was supposed to cover. For a moment Violet asked herself why she even bothered to wear anything but then she reminded herself that James would most likely understand her being naked as an offer for sex.

The ultrabuxom succubus cupped her breasts ‘adjusting’ them to the cups of her bra enjoying the feel of the fullness of her bosom. She rummaged through her wardrobe searching for something that caught her eye and appealed to her in her current mood. It would be a tough talk she imagined but she had to talk to James and let him know what Jill and she had decided. He would understand she hoped.

After a short while she finally found a dress she wanted to wear. It was black and left the back and most of her front ‘open’ down to her navel. The ‘open’ section was an intricate crisscross pattern of laces that ‘covered’ her body underneath. It left little to the imagination covering only her breasts and her butt. The dress left her shoulders and arm free since it was tied around her neck where a shiny necklace decorated the silken cloth. The dress had fortunately a good amount of elastic material else it would have ripped on the first breath she took. It was obviously designed for women with Violet’s ‘built’.

Suddenly Violet heard a noise coming from James’ quarters. She had just slipped on some black high-heels and wanted to check if Jill had returned from the smithy or not. They had a lose agreement to meet around this time so they both could talk to James when he came back home. Obviously he was already there.

Violet approached the door and slowly opened it her eyes going wide when she saw Jill almost screaming in pleasure from the orgasmic release. James held her in his strong arms in an impossible angle for a normal man – Violet was caught in a mixture of emotions. She could almost taste the sex in the room and the position Jill was held by James looked very intriguing – yet she didn’t quite understand why Jill was having sex with James… He is the best fuck I ever had but…

“Jill?”, her voice asked not really angry or upset – but there was still a question in the room that was unanswered. Normally Violet would have joined the fray but she wanted to settle this and not make it more complicated.

“I think we need to talk.”, she added looking at James. Her sexy dress made it difficult for him to ‘cool’ down. She was far too inspirational for that.

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Jill leaned bonelessly and bow-like against James. He held her full weight with one hand and with the other he absently stroked her back and stopped her from falling backwards. Still intimately locked with Jill, James was a little surprised to see Violet, but a moment's reflection told him what was going on.

James thought, *Her hair is wet, she was in the shower. Jill and I just had sex and V is empathic. So we had an audience, and she got turned on. I don't smell recent sex on her, she needs some physical release. And she's wearing... almost nothing. A little black 'fuck me' dress and shoes. That's a bit silly, she didn't need to dress to seduce me, she could have walked over here naked.*

With his pants still around his ankles, James hobbled to his bed and gently placed Jill down on it and folded the top cover over her. James kissed Jill on the forehead and said, "You were great. I love you."

With his hands free, James reached down and freed his feet. Then nude he turned and strutted towards Violet, like he was wearing a thong and on the men's catwalk in a bodybuilding contest. Violet could easily see he wasn't erect, but a little work on her part could change that.

James said, "Did you feel what we were up to?"

{Seduction on: Violet}

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  • 2 weeks later...

The moment Violet saw James' naked body strutting confidently towards her with the intention of taking her she felt the heat building up inside her. She could've melted the polar caps - at least it felt like that to her.

Violet closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she struggled to push back the rising lust which was an herculean effort for her.

She exerted enough selfcontrol to keep her voice relatively calm as she spoke to him.

"No - James. Stop that! We need to talk... this... please. Let us talk and stop turning me on like that. Can you put something on please. I really just want to talk...", she looked at Jill and gave her an understanding nod before she finished her sentence, " about our relationship. I can't go on like this."

Please don't lose your head now James - please be reasonable.

Violet just realized now that her choice of wardrobe wasn't really helping to remain 'cool'. Her nipples practically poked through the thin silken fabric of her dress which was barely covering her private parts and revealing as much skin as physically possible without making wearing a dress totally useless. The black dress was really a 'fuck me' dress and she wore it to break up with James. What was she thinking when she put it on?

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James stepped up to V and paused. He was enough of a gentleman to respect a 'no' but he was getting seriously mixed messages from V, odds were 'talk' wasn't what she wanted.

James ran one finger down the edge of V's dress's neckline and asked teasingly, "Are you sure you want me to put something on? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable if you took something off? That outfit looks great on you but it must be really confining."

James finger paused intimately over V's erect nipple, not quite stroking but pointing out how much better it'd be if the dress were missing.

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His hand against her full breast was more than welcomed and she shivered as she imagined what he could do with her if she just let go.

She placed her hand on his and reluctantly pushed him away. "James... I can't. Please listen to me.", she took a step backwards away from him and turned around. It helped to look away for a moment and clear her thoughts. She had to focus on what she wanted and not what her body demanded.

"James, you've been a good man - a great lover. The greatest to be precise but I'm... I'm looking for something different in live. For something more than this. I've fallen in love with Jill.", she was slowly turning around now and managed to look past James and met Jill's eyes. Jill averted her look self-consciously and quickly put a blanket over her naked, still sweating body.

"I thought you and the sisters would be the perfect solution for my 'problems' but to be honest it has caused more trouble than I had ever imagined. I could keep 'us' working if I took control of every situation but you saw what it does to JoAnna - it slowly kills her... emotionally. I can feel it and that's a slow and agonizing death. I don't want to go on like this - I can't. The only real problem I got is. I simply can't resist you, not without pouring every ounce of willpower I have to withstand your temptation. When I thought this is the end of the world I didn't care much about the consequences but now I think differently about all this and our future. And what I have in mind for my future is not the same that you have in mind. We're a perfect sexual match but we don't think the same. Sooner or later I'd go mad - I know that. I...", she was struggling to find the right words. "It's over, James. You've been very good to me but it's time for me to move on. I've changed, I can feel that and I'm still changing... I hope you'll understand."

She bit her lips nervously and exhaled releasing some of the tension that was building up inside. She really really wanted to fuck him right now which was a disturbing distraction. For this moment she hated herself more than ever. Her thoughts were with Jill and Dan but her body longed for James' touch. If he would only cover himself and just... stop. Stop doing what he was doing to her.

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{Seduction Off}

James blinked in surprise as Violet surgically cut his heart out. Random thoughts and emotions passed through him.

Denial: *What was that? I couldn't have heard that right.*

Pain/Fear: *Did I just lose V and Jill?*

Puzzlement: *One moment you're stroking a woman's nipple and the next you're booted out the door.*

Rejection: *V is with Jill!? Why is that even an issue? That can't be the root issue.*

James said hoarsely, "Violet. I. You. Jill."

James shut up and started to think a little more coherently, *Another man? I could track her, figure out who. Deal with him. Odds are it's just some normal, but even if it's a super there's no one here I couldn't just kill. It might not even come to that. 'Get out of town' could work.*

*...and this would accomplish what exactly? This isn't about her and some guy, this is about her and you. She was yours to lose, and it sounds like you've lost her. If you hand her the guy's head, do you think that would convince her to take you back? Or maybe you're planning on chaining her to the wall?*

*This is seriously unfair. I made her sane.*

*What, are you going to whine about this? Beg? If she's giving the 'it's over' speech then we're past the point of negotiation. If she says it's over then it's over.*

*The situation is what the situation is.*

*And maybe you're leaping to conclusions. It's a coin flip whether or not Jill is pregnant right now. Let's just see what she has in mind.*

James walked away, picked up a blue robe and put it on. Not trusting himself to speak, he leaned against the wall and watched Violet with a look that tried to hide how much pain he was in.

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He is seriously hurt..., Violet didn't quite expect this kind of reaction from James. Maybe she had judged him wrong but there was no turning back now. He was handling it relatively well though and Violet sighed a bit relieved that he didn't freak out and lose his mind right there.

"James...", her voice was soft and compassionate. "I know what you've done for me. I always remember that. You made me whole, you saved me and that will never change. This will always be yours - your accomplishment and no one can take that away from you. I... I'll destroy this relationship if we try to keep going. It'll consume us until there's nothing left of us.", what am I trying to explain...?

Oh god he's so hurt..., it was difficult for her to see him like this. It was a new side she had never experienced before.

"Jill and I want to live together. I love her in ways I cannot share with you, James. I feel our relationship is mostly physical and even though my body constantly aches for your touch it is not what I really want or need. I've fallen out of love with you, James...", that was the core of it. She desired his body but beyond that she just liked him, she didn't love him anymore.

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Violet twisted the knife again. James couldn't bear to hear any more. James looked at Jill and saw agreement in her face.

Then he nodded. Not trusting himself to speak, James walked out of the room, leap to the bottom of the stairs, then out the building. Still wearing only a blue silk robe, he launched himself into the air and disappeared.

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He left... with no word, Violet looked at Jill trying to find some support and maybe an answer for his reaction.

"He's really hurt...", Violet said half to herself.

"He just lost the most beautiful and most desired woman around - who can blame him? And you spoke about having children with him about a week ago. I believe he thought he had it all done right and now you tell him he did all wrong.", Jill quietly said still somewhat embarrassed by her own little escapade with James. He is the best lover and she just couldn't resist.

"But this is already crazy enough. We just barely met - it's not even a month ago. How can a relationship go through all stages within in 3 weeks?"

"That's because you burn through them like that, Violet. At least you used to but you've changed. Everyone can tell that, else I wouldn't have fallen for you."

Violet nodded slowly in agreement. She hated to admit it but Jill was right. Still she had trouble understanding how things could've gone so... wrong? She started to doubt her own judgement and feelings. James showed a side she has never seen before. He was always there for her and never took advantage of the situation even if she was in her most vulnerable state.

"I did him wrong, Jill. I'm a selfish bitch.", she said disappointed at herself.

"You're an exceptional woman Violet, with exceptional demands and desires. I think it's difficult to satisfy you. To stimulate you in a way you like. I don't know what you see in me but I trust you when you say you love me although I know I'm not going to be enough for you. It is a fate I'm learning to accept. The most important thing you have to do now is to ask yourself what you really want. James will get over it. He's a handsome man, he's a super. He can have any woman he wants, even those who don't want him with maybe one exception. But if he turns on the charms...", Jill blushed slightly at that. She could still feel him and his smell was all over her sweaty body.

Violet smiled and nodded once again. Jill was right as usual and it was that insight that she loved about her. Jill wasn't shy to be straightforward about anything. She was used to speaking her mind. The scantilly clad dream of a woman sighed and moved over to Jill and sat down next to her. Jill put one arm around her lover and carefully pulled her closer and held her tight. Then Violet started to sob quietly. She was really sorry for everything and felt guilty for her selfish behaviour. James did so much for her and this was the way she thanked him?

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