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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - Combat Tracker #1: "It's Your Funeral"


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NPC Status Post (will be edited as needed):

Outside Thug 1: Pinned, Prone, Shaken (-2 to attacks, defense, and saves)

Outside Thug 2: Unconscious

Outside Thug 3: Unconscious

Outside Team Leader: Unconscious

Upstairs Thug 1: Unconscious

Upstairs Thug 2: Unconscious

Upstairs Team Leader: Fleeing, Stunned, Staggered, Paralyzed

Main Floor Thug 1: Grappled, Unconscious

Main Floor Thug 2: Unconscious

Main Floor Thug 3: Unconscious

Main Floor Thug 4: Unconscious

Main Floor Team Leader: Blinded, Grappled, Bruised -1, Stunned, Disarmed

Notes: Upstairs hostages are now outside.

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