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Character Creation


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Okay Character Creation! As I’ve stated before, all players are to create a Magus and a Companion. The don’t have to know or be associated with each other but Companions should have a history of working for/with the Order of Hermes in their background somewhere.

The Character creation rules are basically unchanged but I’d like to highlight/clarify a few things.

1. All Magi are fresh out of Apprenticeship and the max starting age is 25, which means Magi get no more than 75 Experience from the Later Life category.

2. Magic may not have more than 1 Major Hermetic Virtue.

3. Magi must have at least 1 Hermetic Flaw.

4. Magi must take the Hermetic Magus Social Status Virtue but it’s free so no biggie

5. Companions max starting age is 30, although aging roll begin at 35 so starting younger may help prolong the playing life of the character.

6. Companions must have either 1 Social Status Virtue or 1 Social Status Flaw.

7. No character can take more than 1 Story Flaw.

8. No Character may take more than 2 Personality Flaws and only 1 for those Flaws may be Major.

9. There is nothing in the Core Book that is off limits, however any rules you'd like to use from supplemental material must be reviewed and approved by the ST.

I think that is it from a mechanics standpoint. From a background perspective there are some things I’d like to see. When it comes to the Magi, I’d like a description of the Magus that trained your character and your relationship with him/her. I’d also like a bit of description on the Covenant where you where trained. It doesn’t have to be a vast or detailed description, but a name, a location and a rough description will do fine. Note there are 11 other Covenants in the Stonehenge Tribunal and while you don't have to be from England, it wouldn't hurt.

From companions I’d like to know why the character associates with magi in general and why the character would agree to move to this new Covenant forming.

If there is anything I've missed, let me know.

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I will need all characters to be PMed to me for approval. Please put a [Magus] or [Companion] tag in the title for the PM when you post and use the character’s name as the title for the PM.

While you don’t have to use the following format when you sent in your Character, it will make things easy for me to read.



Characteristics: Int , Per , Pre , Com , Str , Sta , Dex , Qik



Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0

Confidence Score: 1 (3)



Personality Traits:



Arts: Cr , In , Mu , Pe , Re , An , Aq , Au , Co , He , Ig , Im , Me , Te , Vi

Twilight Scars:



Spells Known:

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A note for everyone. I've noticed in the characters so far submitted that people are forgetting to define their ability specialties.

In Ars Magica every ability (skill) you have should have a specialty and this specialty has a definite mechanical effect.

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