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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Villains of the 31st Century


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Villains of the 31st Century

The following Supercriminals are sentenced for live at the Delta Prison on Pluto:

Nexus – Nexus is one of if not the most feared villain known to mankind. His origins are unknown except that he is an alien from a very very distant galaxy. Nexus is responsible for many deaths of former Legacy League members and has ‘retired’ a handful of other heroes by draining their powers permanently. His most feared power is the ability to drain any other superpower and given enough time make the loss permanent beyond repair. His latest victim was Samson, former powerhouse of the Legacy League.


Amore – Amore can be easily described as the most beautiful woman in the known galaxy. No one really knows what she is capable of but her abilities and powers are rumoured to kill men on sight and control them as she pleases. Then again it wouldn’t take much ‘power’ to control men given Amore’s beauty. Amore has been seen with several of the high and mighty of the supervillian circle and had joint ventures with Mr. Smiles and Xelena the Witch. Amore could never be convicted of murder, still she is held in the Delta Prison although that place is reserved for the most dangerous of all villains.

Mr. Smiles – Mr. Smiles is a cunning and somewhat megalomaniac businessman always on the search how to deal most damage to society. His crimes are too numerous to be mentioned here but he has had more than one incident directly involving the Legacy League. His most successful coup was during his time with Amore who helped him to almost cripple Earths economy. He seems to know quiet a lot about Amore but has not disclosed anything about her to this day. Mr. Smiles should never be underestimated his cunning mind is capable of conceiving the most heinous acts and ways to escape justice. His capture was mere coincidence which lead to the assumption that he wanted to get caught…


Shift – Very little is known about the entity called Shift. Before it’s capture it was assumed that Shift had no ‘real’ body and was just a parasite that possessed both organic organisms and machines. Shift is the only prisoner in the Delta Prison on Pluto that is held in stasis. There is no other way to contain the creature without risking breach of security. Shift has been rumoured to have possessed former Presidents of the Justice Society and other members of the League in high positions. His capture cost Wire’s life and it is said that Matrix holds a personal grudge against Shift for this crime.


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