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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Prelude


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right about now…

Watchman checked the scanners of his ship and gave Dawnstar an ‘ok’ sign through the canopy of his cockpit. She stopped her flight and helped the rest of the team to pinpoint the trajectory of their target.

Suddenly a beeping noise alarmed Watchman of an unknown object that had just jumped into orbit of Pluto. It came directly from the asteroid belt that was no mans land and not cartographed. He cursed himself silently for having too little time to prepare for this mission, his gut feeling had him warned from the very beginning that something was wrong about this distress call – but they had to investigate.

The unknown object wasn’t really large, maybe the size of a fighter and it was questionable that it was capable of FTL-flight given its size. No ship that small could generate enough energy to make a FTL-jump.

The rest of the League just arrived when the small fighter went on collision course with the Delta-Class prison on Pluto – the highest security prison known to mankind which held the most feared superpowered villains.

“It’s a distraction, they’re trying to break out!”, Watchman barked into the radio and fired his thrusters to intercept the fighter. “Dawnstar, Colossus, try to intercept that fighter!”

Everything went into fast forward suddenly. Dawnstar and Colossus almost reached the fighter when a blinding flash from the asteroid belt hit the surface of Pluto sending bolts of lightning over its entire surface. Momentarily blinded and stunned Dawnstar and Colossus were to late to prevent the fighter to crash right into the core of the prison building. A huge explosion hit the whole Legacy League and then time stood still.


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