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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - OOC: How Combat Works


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Okay: this is how I intend to run combat in The Unlikely Prophets. There will be a practical exam shortly.

1. Any of your attacks may be lethal or nonlethal as desired

I realize that it's not strictly realistic that a samurai sword that can cut through a tank* but a) this is not a strictly realistic game, and B) I want the choice of whether or not to out-and-out kill someone to be entirely in the player's hands. There may be situational consequences for killing and for keeping someone alive and a player shouldn't be pushed one way or the other because of decisions made at the game's start.

2. Each particular combat will have its lasting effects tracked in a separate "combat tracker" thread

This is to help minimize stat clutter in the main thread.

3. Rolls from me will be contained in spoiler boxes; their effects will be described in the thread proper

Again, more minimizing stat clutter. I want people who just want to read the effects to do so without seeing too much of the underlying causes. This doesn't mean you have to do this; this is just explaining my own reasoning.

4. Rolls are from Invisible Castle

But you already knew that.

5. To keep the pace up; I will be rolling 'reactive' rolls for the player characters when it's an NPC's turn, and also such things as initiative.

This'll be the most controversial standing rule, but after some thinking about how PBPs are structured and how I like to describe scenes, I think it's for the best. Rather than three posts - me rolling the attack and you rolling your defense and me describing success or failure - I'll only need to make one, if I roll your defense for you.

People may ask "well, how can I trust you, the GM, to do right by us? Can't you just reroll until you get the result you want?" I have no intention of doing so. If I want your PC to flub a roll to demonstrate something that serves the story, I'll offer you a hero point in exchange and it'll be your option whether or not to take it.

If you wish to use an ability that lets you reroll - for example, a hero point - then let me know, and you may roll the reroll if you wish. Once the reroll's confirmed I will edit it in. You may do this even for abilities that need you to declare intent before you roll, since I'm taking this shortcut. I don't anticipate having to do this too often, since hero points are a controlled resource.

As a general rule, I roll all NPC rolls as well as PC initiative and saves - anything that's reactive. Anything proactive - an attack roll, for example - is rolled by the player.

That should be it for now! Again, I expect to have to shake these down a bit depending on how the game turns out, so please bear with.

* but could it cut through a Japanese tank?

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