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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Issue Previews


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The following story ideas will be soon found only on "M&M: Legacy"!


The region Djane will shine most strongly in, is anything to do with magic, due to a high arcana score and (I think) a low number of mages in the game.

A complication's pretty obvious: someone else gets control over her zippo lighter, someone who might be malicious, or might just be apathetic.

Time travel, of course, is a comics staple. We already can go anywhere in the galaxy - time travel adds anywhen to that too. It can open up a whole new game of worms, of course...


Okay story ideas... I can do this. I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.

Queen of the Ring

Megagirl gets captured Mojo/That guy who made Superman fight in the ring by threatening to blow up Earth/Whoever and is force to fight in a gladiatorial arena. Maybe the villain wants this for entertainment, looking for a worthy foe, or even looking for a worthy mate. Megagirl is surprisingly handling this all quite well, while the others have to find out where she is, why she is there, and how to free her.

Steal and adapt to your hearts content.

Rise of the Magelords

Some of the Magelords of Shytar want revenge/control and go collect themselves a strong warrior to serve their cause. They know Megagirl's weakness, and would have no problem exploiting it.

Unlucky In Love

I would find it amusing, sorta maybe, if Megagirl just has rotten luck in love: Boyfriends are too small, can't deal with a girl that much stronger than them, or able to survive it, one is actually a minion of the Magelords, one she's actually really liking ditches her for Serene, etc. Maybe the person running the Queen of the Ring would actually be a good mate for her.

Other Complications

If there is a situation involving small tunnels/passageways, say journey to the center of the earth/asteroid/whathaveyou, Megagirl would be cramped, miserable, and unable to bash herself a bigger path without collapsing the place.

Celestial Centurion


- Power Loss: Somebody figures out how to cut Centurion off from the source of his cosmic power, alternately he does something to have his powers revoked and must earn them back

- Distant Need: By accessing the Stellar Conduits Centurion can travel to nearly any place in the universe, but he can't take reinforcements with him, can he handle the problem alone?

- Somethings You Can't Beat by Beating them: An enemy immune to his cosmic power or simply beyond his ability to inflict lasting damage to shows up, Centurion must learn to apply a different set of skills to the problem.


Accepting Failure- Tessa's parents are leading members of the League, therfore she's expected (at least in her mind) to be as close to perfect a hero as possible. She finds herself in a situation where none of her abilities get the job done, and must deal with the consequences of not winning.

Lost control- Tessa(or anyone else) comes into contact with a substance that causes their powers to work at either random levels, or nothing but their maximum level for some length of time.

Mind-switch- The team is hit with a strange ray that switches around the personalities of the various team members

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