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Fic: Public Servants [Complete]


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April 4th

The Captain showed up a few minutes after the bullets stopped flying. Nick didn't remember him being at the hostage taking earlier so he must have been en route. In the back of his mind Nick wondered if this was Fate or just chance, and whether he'd ever be able to tell the difference. Presented with the information that a dozen of his officers had executed a dangerous animal he decided to congratulate everyone.

It would appear that questions about where it came from or how it got there would be hand waved away. Nick didn't hear any investigations being launched on how it appeared, none of his fellow officers stepped forward to mention that it could talk or that it was a summoned spirit, and when animal control eventually showed up they didn't have anything enlightening to say.

Boston was a lot more 'pro-animal rights' than most places, but the people still thought the execution of a man eating bear was a good thing and it got written up that way in the papers.

April 5th

Before his shift started Nick visited a bank ATM and foiled a bank robbery as it was getting started. It was all clear cut, Nick KO'ed the felon as he was putting on his mask and the perp had a shotgun in his bag. He also had a warrant out for his arrest for, go figure, bank robbery. The guy in the getaway car got away thought. Nick missed the start of his shift and with the paperwork and commotion wasn't able to put on his uniform until after lunch.

Two hours after lunch Nick showed up to direct traffic while a traffic accident was cleaned up and by happenstance spotted and then arrested the getaway driver.

April 6th

During lunch Nick over heard a conversation in Arabic, took down some license plates, and had to speak to his Captain about breaking up a terrorism cell. Nick had to lie about what 'he' heard them say. To overhear the really interesting parts you would have had to have been sitting right next to them, which of course Moe was. Apparently they were a big deal, or at least far enough up the terrorism food chain that promotions could be had. A few hours later Homeland Security swooped in and confiscated everything and everyone. The press reported 'their' victory without mentioning the police involvement at all.

April 7th

On his day off Nick went out into the woods for some hiking... and got sucked into a search for a lost child. Leaving the general group, Nick played blood hound and followed the kid's trail and a half hour later found him. Ironically from this incident he got written up in the popular press somewhat glowingly. It felt good.

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April 8th

In the morning on the 8th Nick made a traffic stop that turned into an arrest of a "famous" cop killer. During lunch his partner John and two other officers asked, "What the hell is going on?"

Nick said, "Why ask me?"

One of them said, "Because you act like you know what's going on and this is the seventh time this week you've had excitement. Once can be happenstance, twice a coincidence, seven times? That's beyond absurd... and that's even before we talk about talking bears."

Nick nodded slowly and said, "How serious are you about knowing this? Red pill or Blue pill time guys. I can tell you, but be sure you want to know."

One of the officers said, "Bugger that man. We're already involved and shooting things. We need to know."

Nick said, "I don't have all the answers and some of what I think I know is probably wrong, but in a sentence, magic is back."

John said, "Magic?"

Nick said, "Yeah, magic. Real old school. Usually it's subtle, sometimes it's not."

Someone laughed again and said, "OK, seriously, how do you know this? What makes you special?"

Nick said dead pan seriously, "In older times I would have been a shaman or hero. Sometimes spirits tell me things. Like today. Officer Washington was filled with rage after he was murdered and couldn't rest until his killer was caught. He followed the guy around and told me where to find him."

A mummer of disbelief came up and Nick added sharply, "And the rest of you see talking bears. You asked. And if we check we'll find that Washington was a bald black guy about 30 with a seriously strong will. His wife's name was Nancy. His kid's name was Tom. There's no reason for me to know this unless I'd meet him or known I was going to meet his killer."

One of them said, "What are you saying? So you see dead people? Ah... are there any around right now?"

Nick said, "Unlike what the movies imply they're not everywhere. Most pass on pretty quick after they die. It's pretty hit or miss. And spirits aren't all knowing either. Magic has rules, I don't get to make them, this is just a tool."

Nick had a room filling presence which screamed "in charge" and not "rookie" and he spoke with assurance. It was scary how believable this was and how world shaking it wasn't.

John asked, "OK, so that's Washington. What about the bear?"

Nick replied, "I knew where the bear was by asking around. One of the people it killed was my brother, who by the way, was like me."

John asked, "No, I'm not asking where or how, I'm asking, how the fuck did it talk? What was it?" The other mortal officers nodded. That was the important question.

Nick said, "It was a magic bear. Smart, tough, and thousands of years ago it would have been pretty near unstoppable with a spear or bow. It would have run around eating people until the tribe got seriously organized and after an epic battle, managed to end it's menace. Now days? Tough and strong isn't the same as bullet proof. The reason why these things are rare is because eating people isn't a survival advantage. Me being around kept the body count down but that's all.

Some one asked, "If spirits exist, where do they go after they die? Heaven?"

Nick said, "I'm not sure. I think you have to die to know that one. Also I'm not Jesus or one of the big names. I've got an extra edge, but I don't have the weight to start my own religion or answer the big questions. Seriously, I'm just a guy."

There was a period of silence after Nick said that, this statement was less believable than some of his others.

Nick stated with some force, "I'm a public servant, this is what I do. I maintain order..." *and part of that is to keep a lid on the supernatural community. But saying 'supernatural community' would be a step further than they need to hear at this point.*

Everyone went back to work.

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