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Aberrant: Wild Card - Alexandria Holmes


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Real Name: Alexandria Emilia Holmes

Nicknames: Alexa

Occupations: Current UW Tecoma freshman.

Legal Status: American Citizen.

Aliases: None.

Place of birth: Seattle, WA.

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single.

Known Relatives: Mother (estranged), Father (dead), younger brother (Dmitri Augustus Holmes)

Group Affiliation: UW Tecoma, Seattle PD


Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 136lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Small scar running up the left side of her chin, very faint.

Strength Level: Average baseline.

Known Powers:

Abilities/Special Skills:

Weapons Used: Non-combatant, usually. Otherwise fists, mace, or as a last resort a pocket knife she keeps in her purse with the mace.

Personality: Determined and friendly.

Personal Interests: Criminal justice, current news, recent anime releases.


Alexandria's mother disappeared from Seattle one night when Alexa was nine and her little brother was 3, leaving only a brief note that said "I want to be more than a cop's wife." Her father looked for her for over a year; he gave up only because Alexa asked him to as her 10 birthday gift from him. With all the wisdom of her now two-digit years and the practicality of a police officer's child, she figured if her mother didn't want them then they didn't need her.

At 17 Alexa's father was killed in the line of duty while chasing down a runner from a drug bust. Alexa had graduated early and took the free semester she had off to go check out colleges to attend; she hadn't decided on her major yet (though her father was pushing for business or medicine under the theory that "everyone needs money and health") and with his death college was out of the question. Dmitri was still only 11, so Alexa filed for emancipation and custody instead of financial aid. She picked up a job working at the bakery that her father's partner's wife owned and made enough between that and the life insurance to keep the two of them going.

Dmitri turned 18 last year, and with the savings Alexa had put aside and the help they got from the Seattle PD, both started scouting colleges and planning for brighter futures. He went to the east coast, landing a scholarship at MIT for computer engineering; Alexa didn't have quite so many Ivy Leaguers clambering for her patron and instead opted to stay close to her old stomping grounds and give them both some breathing room. She started at UW Tecoma in the fall of 2008 and is currently wrapping up her first year of her criminal justice major.

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