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Aberrant: Wild Card - Jadzia Donata Gryczon

Nadya Lunălescu

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Jadzia Donata Gryczon

Nick Names: Jade, Donna, PixelPixi (Online gamertag)
Concept: Digital Artist and Gaming Goddess
Nature: Somewhere between Architect and Hedonist
Major: Computing and Software Systems (BA)
Year: 3rd (Junior)
Place of Birth: Katowice, Poland
Age: 21 (DOB 03/13/1988)
Height: 5' 2''
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair: Black, with vivid streaks of varying colour
Eyes: Grey
Relatives: Czcibor (father), Alicja (mother), Dariusz (older brother), Ireneusz (older brother), Ewa (older Sister), Zuzanna (younger sister), Marek (younger brother)
Room-mate: Alexa Holmes

A little shorter than average, a little overweight (never managed to lose the freshman fifteen), not really pretty in a convention sense, she makes up for it with a vivacious personality and an incredibly sultry contralto tinted with her sexy slavic accent. She has been called punk-geek chic, though she has no clue what that means, and manages to be part of both the geek/gamer crowd and the popular crowd, mostly because video games are so mainstream nowadays.

She loves having a good time, is willing to try nearly anything once, is a virtuoso digital artist, sings karaoke only while a little or a lot drunk, and proudly wears the title of Gamer Queen of Seattle. Also a big fan of RPGs, and makes a fair bit off of commissions for drawing gamers' characters.

She is a little disappointed that she can't seem to get into a romantic relationship with any of the hot/popular guys on campus; she always ends up being the friend who's a girl, but seems like one of the guys. She doesn't fully realize that there is a legion of gamers and geeks who'd love to have her as a girlfriend.

Click to reveal.. (Somewhat Private)
She also wished that she was half a foot taller and had a few more inches added to her bust-line like the rest of the women in her family. Looking a little (or a lot) like the superheroines or fantasy women she draws for the gamers would be great, and probably let her nab a boyfriend of her choosing. She's been considering getting breast implants, but keeps managing to put it off, or convincing herself that she's being silly... so far.

Her family immigrated to Canada from Poland when she was seven, which was okay, though she missed her friends. Then she realized that Bassano, Albert, population less than 1400, which she affectionately dubbed Moosefuck, Nowhere, was the suck. Farm life was definitely not her thing. As soon as she graduated from high school, she was out of there, and hasn't looked back. She loves her family, but really hates the farm.

She lived a year in Vancouver, before transfering to UW-Tacoma, after recieving a very generous scholarship to attend. She plans on transfering to the DXARTS program at UW-Seattle once she completes her degree in Computing and Software Systems.

She managed a great balance between an active social life and her passions for art, video games, and computers, often blending the two. During her last academic semester she got involved in a lesbian relationship. Certainly not what she had expected, but hey, it's college right, time to experiment. The first month was heaven, the second one hell. She had to move out of the dorms, otherwise there would have been a murder-suicide (mostly joking).

So now she has a off campus apartment, and is looking for a room-mate, just to keep costs down, cause she'll be damned before she ever goes into debt.

Souped-up, top-of-the-line laptop with just about every art program you can think off, and somehow manages not to seem to be too big even though it really is; Cintiq.21ux tablet; High-end digital camera; Iphone; Ipod Nano; PSP; Her trusty Jetta;

A reasonably spacious, off-campus apartment that she shares with Alexa Holmes.
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