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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - Chapter 4 Session 2: What Remains...

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The group of chapions had gone back to the Shrine without incident, once there the white Serpent vanished. The Old Man met them at the door.

"I am proud of you all. A bargain with snakes is still a bargain with snakes, and Even if they must keep their word, they could have done so in their own time."

He smiles looking at them. "We have much to discuss."

He ushered them all inside and laid out a bold and daring plan.

"I cannot directly intervene in this conflict, but I have done something to aid you while I was away."

"I researched the texts concerning the return of Orochi and discovered two things. First, All eight heads don't have to be sealed to stop the return of Orochi. Killing or sealing either of the first 3 heads will buy a minimum of fifty years. They cannot incarnate thier power as quickly as the others. Second, Killing and sealing one of the four Spawning Lords will immediately kill all their spawn."

He lays out a map of the city. with eight Circles on it. "These are the locations for where each head of Orochi stays at night." Each circle was numbered one through Eight.

Click to reveal..
(First head- Ota Ward

second head- Shinjuku

Third Head- Edogawa

Fourth Head- Katsuhika

Fifth head- Shibuya

Sixth Head- Nakano

Seventh head- Nerima

Eighth Head- Itabashi

((Shrine and School are in Kita))


"I reccomend you six" indicating Kaori, Kenobi, Skye, Keiko, Kenichi, and Jim, "...go to Nerima and take down Seventh head, tonight if you can. That will take out one of the Spawning Demons." He looks to the other four Champions. "At the same time, I want you to go out towards the south on Patrol, go as far as you can, make as much of a ruckus as you can."

"It is not the best plan, but we must start shutting down the Lords. As aalways you are free do follow my advice, or to go on your own path. I will help as I am able."

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Jim smiles at the Old man as he examines the map, "Well, this is more like it. A target and a rough location sounds almost like the start of a plan. Just one question, which one is number Seven, and what creatures does he Spawn? In fact why not give us a run down of the number and creature type of each of the Spawning Lords?"

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"If what the snake is true, the spawning lords create Dogs, Tigers, Serpents and Ninjas. Personally seeing how the dogs and tigers are the most numerous, they should be the first ones to be destroyed." Kenichi walks up to the map.

"I figure the Old man here in all his wiseness, will give us the adress of one of those two?"

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"At least someone's been paying attention." Kaori spoke as she approached from behind Kenichi, giving Jim the look that was he was due, after all, the serpent demon had just got done telling them not long age the very answer to the question he just asked.

"Whatever the Old Man does, let him be quick about it." Her eyes narrowed as looked in the direction of one of he districts across the night sky. "We've little time to waste."

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"Are we ready to fight a demon lord directly?" Keiko worries. Then she looks at Kenichi. "I suppose we did manage to kill one once. And now that we have Skye, we can seal them."

The young priestess swallows her fear and tries to put on a brave face.

"All right. I'll do my best."

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Jim reddends at Kaori's comment, "Sorry, your bitching obscured it from my memory."

He turns to Kenichi and halfbows to him, "Thanks for reminding me. So hounds and tigers are created by the 7th and 8th heads. We should go for them first as I know we don't stand much chance against the 2nd Head from what she did to us and Lendhi last time we fought her. Hopefully if we take Seven and Eight down it will also weaken the others a bit so we stand more chance against them." He ends turn towards the Old Man for his opinion of the matter.

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"If we know where we're going, and Keiko and I can finish it for good, there's no reason to wait. Let's get started on Number Seven, just as... the priest recommends," Skye said, her young face so serious as she looked around at them. "The sooner started, the sooner finished."

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Seeing that everyone was ready, The Old Man Nodded. His eyes flashed and the world went white. When everything came back into focus, the group was in Nerima prefecture, near the center. It was about ten PM.

"I'll leave you to your search, the Lord is somewhere nearby, this is as close asi I can bring you. Call for me when you are finished." He vanished in a wisp of wind, leaving the champions and priestesses standing there.

((OOC You guys can split up and search or go as a group. Anyone who wishes too may make an Area Knowledge roll to find a Lord would be. Each roll takes an hour.

Area Knowledge roll consists of Mind Stat+ Area Knowledge Skill+2d6 post your rolls please, otherwise just begin your search.)

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She folded her arms looked to her 'companions'. After several moments (4 days real time) none of them seemed to have anything to offer in ways of a plan or where to start looking.

"Very, well." She said softly in that arrogant monotone she was so fond of. She spun on her heels, her hair whipping about in a wide arc as she did, and she set off down the street.

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Jim shrugs, "Well I don't know this area of town, and I guess no-one else does, so I guess we follow Kaori."

With that he follows Kaori down the street with sword drawn and looking around for signs of either the Demon Lord or any of his minions.

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Keiko runs after them both and says, "Wait, I've been here before! There's a whole block that's pretty much abandoned. It would be a good place for a demon to hide. We should start looking there."

(Area Knowledge roll = 2d6+6+1 = 17)

(06:46:09) ChatBot: (Max) rolls 2d6 and gets 5,5.

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Kenichi watches as Skye takes on the sky, Jim, Keiko and Kaori started on a path, and he figured he should follow them some distance behind them.

"Don't you kids go to far off to play, there are bad wolves on the forest."

Kenichi started a relaxed walk behind the team, they are waaaaaay too serious for him he realized.

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It wasn't that long before they ran into their first patrol of Lower level Tiger demons. They were a quick and easy fight for thegathered champions. They ran into and through two more patrols without incident. It was the fourth patrol where things got interesting, about three blocks from the warehouse in question.

Two beams of light reached out from an alley and narrowly missed Skye in the air, and from the shadows five large Tiger demons unlike any other the group had seen emerged. Each one was about four meters long and one high, Their eyes all blazed a brilliant gold, their fur was white with blood red stripes. Each paw was wreated in Flames, and their tails all ended in large spikes.

Click to reveal..
((OOC Everyone roll initiative. you may activate any defensive powers at this time.

Tiger Panzer stats

Body 10 Mind 3 Soul 6

Hp 225

EP 100

ACV 10

DCV 10

Eye laser Damage 30 range 3 Peircing 2 Penetrating 2

Claw strike Damage 40 penetrating 4

Tail spike Damage 30 penetrating 2

each gets 2 attacks 3 defenses

Full tracking array of applicable supeersenses

Tiger's initiative score will be 16)))

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Jim shifted his sword grip into one hand, in preparation for creating another weapon. "Remember folks, my created weapon will only affect them, not us, even if it looks like an explosion."

Click to reveal..

Init = +7

(16:59:19) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,3.+7 = 12

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Keiko did indeed scoot back a bit from the warriors, though she gripped the Eye firmly in her right hand and held it out.

"Amateratsu shelter us in your light!"

A shaft of golden radiance fell upon them from above, like a spotlight.

(Init: 10+5 = 15)

(13:39:09) ChatBot: (Max) rolls 2d6 and gets 6,4.

Activating force field.

(note on force field, as I understand it, it doesn't impede attacks going out, just going in. So if you like melee you can fight at the outer edge of it and get its protection)

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Kaori gripped her ancestral blade and set herself into a stnace that didn't look like much to the untrained eye. To those who knew well the martial arts her stance was dark and violent an aggressive stance that spoke nothing of combat for the sake of defense, only the pure passion to consume and destroy all opposition.

It was not how dragons fought.

With a slash of her blade in an 'X' pattern two perfectly shaped 'crescent blades' of grayish wind streaked towards her first victim. Both of the wind shears streaked towards her opponent and she quickly pursued them. As the demon braced itself to receive the attack it swatted aside the crescent blades only to find that in doing so it had revealed a flaw in its defenses. Seemingly from nowhere Kaori descended upon the demon.

Although it felt like she was going nowhere, and she questioned mentally why there were thousands of little speed lines all around her, she remained focused on her target... in a blackened 'slash' across the demons hide the heir to the greatest sword techniques ever devised had made the first strike in the battle.

"Fall beast," She whispered silently to it with a mocking taunt. "And feed my blade." She and the demon locked eyes... their gazes were not so dissimilar, both filled with malice and hatred.

Click to reveal..

(Kaori Attack 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 6,3 +9 = 18 (Hundred Razor Wind)

(Tiger Demon Defense 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,6 +10 = 20


(Kaori Attack 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,1 +9 = 13

(Tiger Demon Defense 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 5,4 +10 = 19 (Hundred Razor Wind)


(Kaori Attack 3) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,6 +9 = 19 (Leap Attack)

(Tiger Demon Defense 3) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,1 +10 = 12

Damage = 89 (10 x7 (+x1 for Leap Attack) = x8. 80+9=89, No Armor).

(Kaori Defense 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,1 +9 = 11

(Kaori Defense 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 5,3 +9 = 17

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"Wrath of the Northern Wind!" Skye cried as she snapped one fan at the the enemy. The tiger leapt easily aside, making Skye frown worriedly. They were harder to hit, and the silver-haired blond wondered if she'd offer anything in this battle other than a mild distraction.

Click to reveal..
Skye's attack: 5,1 + 8 = 14

Tiger's defense: 2,3 + 10 = 15


Next: The Tigers

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The Tigers all seem to lash out as one, each one choosing a different Target.

The first one actually lashes out at Kenichi with its claws and tail blades.

Click to reveal..
(2 defenses Claw DC 15, tail strike DC 17)

The second one Attacks Jim, It's First set of Eyebeams reaching out for him, and then lunging in to rake with it's claws, but it misjudges and lands beyond him.

Click to reveal..
(Laser DC 12 (don't botch and it misses, loses second action due to botch)

The Third attacks Kaori, Closing quickly, but Keiko's barrier blocks the strike of it's tail spikes. It's eyebeams blaze but Kaori manages to dodge it barely.

The Fourth Tiger launched at Keiko, it's eyes burning bright as it sent lasers her way, and spread its legs out as if it were beginning to charge up for an attack.

Click to reveal..
first action used to Fire lasers DC 17 to evade, second action to begin supercharging Panzer Flasher special move. (Super charged eye lasers)

The Final Tiger opened up on Kenobi, wh dodged the claw attack through the grace of God, but was caught in the leg by the laser attack, falling to the ground in pain.

next up, Keiko and Kenichi roll your defenses please, and post your actions. So long as you stay within 10 feet of Keiko, you are protected by her forcefield. I'm willing allow some leeway since this is my screwup. If a PC is within the field's protection and is successfully hit by the attack, the field takes it first, then the PC takes the remainder, if there is any. My apologies, this was an oversight on my part.

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When the tiger-demon's eyes light up as it stares at her, Keiko squeaks in terror and out of sheer instinct drops and rolls to one side. Laser beams sear through the air where she'd just been!

In response she concentrates on her amulet on the gold chain around her neck. The golden 'eye' opens, and a ray of blinding white light streams out at the demon!

Defense: 20 (used +7 on roll instead of correct mod of +9)


Attack: 17 (does 75 damage and has a Flare 1 effect, foes are at -1 to defend due to Spreading)


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Kenichi dodged instinctibly as one of the large tiger demons lunged at him, swaying his body back to avoid the massive claw coming his way, what he didn't knew was that such claw was nothing but a feint, as the massive demon cunningly used all the inertia from it's missed attack to lash out with it's bladed tail, lacerating Kenichi's chest from his right shoulder to his left flank.

Blood flowing from his wound, Kenichi could feel the beast trying to come out of him and had to use all of his willpower to contain it, letting it lose right now would only help the enemy instead of his friends.

But having the enemy so close and not do anything would be such a wasted Opportunity! Kenichi lunged at the enemy, the bulk of the enemy was not enough as Kenichi went for one of it's pivot legs, intent on raising it on the air and suplexing the beast into the concrete and asphalt floor.


First Defense:

2d6+10 → [3,3,10] = (16)


Second Defense:

2d6+8 → [1,6,8] = (15)


Grapple Attempt:

2d6+10 → [4,1,10] = (15)


Suplex Attempt:

2d6+10 → [4,5,10] = (19)


OOC" Sorry I took so long, and sorry if it's rather bizarre to Suplex a tiger, it's just how Kenichi rolls. :P

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Keiko's attack was Devastating, the wash of brilliant light burning away most of the Tiger's skin and iliciting a snarl of pain as it dropped to the ground shaking it's head, due to the blinding effects of the attack.

Kenichi having moved beyond Keiko's ability to protect managed a truly impressive feat of strength, grabbing the massive Panzer, and then actually completing a suplex on it. When he stood he noted the tiger seemed to be dazed, possibly stunned as it was barely moving.

Click to reveal..
5 Panzers remain, one is heavily damaged, one is lightly damaged and stunned as it's on its back not moving. There are 3 undamaged tigers. Jim you're up. You can roll their defenses if you want and post what happens.

Panzer 1 195/225

Panzer 2 136/225 Kaori

Panzer 3 125/225 Stunned Kenichi

Panzer 4 165/225

Panzer 5 75/225 Blind -3 penalties Keiko

After you post I will post something Short dealing with Kenobi, then Kaori will be up.

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Jim smiled grimly as a grenade launcher formed in his left hand while he dodged the Eye beams of the Tiger. Firing the Grenade into the ground to catch the most Tiger in it's area he prepared his sword to fend off further attacks.

Click to reveal..

Defence against Eye beam

(14:46:48) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,4.

Made it apparently since I didn't botch wink

Grenade Launcher at his feet -

(14:46:56) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,3.+5 = 11

65 damage to all 'demons' in a 30m radius

2nd Defence

(14:47:35) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,2.+5 = 9

Long - I don't know how many would be in the area nor what sort of defence roll they would get vs an area attack

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Jim's grenade catches all the demons though not full on as they scatter out, or jump into the air. The two that are down get burned badly adding to their suffering.

The brilliant Flash provides the opportunity two who had watched the show needed, as it cast a huge shadow. The two shinobi emerged from the building's shadow, dashed to Kenobi and then into another shadow, all before he could make a sound, or the others could react, if they saw at all, as he was at the back of the formation.

Click to reveal..
notice check (mind + notice) DC 16 to see the Shinobi abduct Kenobi for those who wish to try. they acted last in the round and are gone by the end of the round however.
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Kaori couldn't care less if she tried. For the most part Ken was useless, his spirit was useful, but he was a liability. Better to let the darkness take him then to worry about trying to keep him alive for the duration of this battle. (Not bothering with noticing the Shinobi. Had she known ahead of time she would have had him gift wrapped with a pretty bow.)

She continued to assault her enemy, swaying as the lasers seared past her and grinned evilly as the tail spikes 'clanged' against Keiko's barrier.

Jim's grenade lit up the battlefield and she grumbled silently to herself, for all his claim of wanting to be a great swordsman he lacked the courage to face his opponents before first dropping his magically made grenades. Coward, she thought. Just a fearful gaijin playing at being a swordsman.

Erasing the thoughts of the American coward from her mind she stood face to face with her opponent. "Everyone," she shouted. "They are just as powerful injured as they are refreshed. Dividing our attacks only works against us! Concentrate on a single opponent at a time and bring them down!"

Onimaru slashed forward and the Tiger Demon swayed to the side dodging her attack. She quickly compensated for its speed by spinning around in the opposite direction and meeting it half way where her ancestral blade stabbed through its shoulder only to be quickly withdrawn in a gush of demonic blood before she spun around again and slashed downward across its broad torso.

Her attacks were ferocious and with ever swing of the blade she grew more and more involved with the battle. Slowly and silently blackened wisps of shadow rose up of the blade she wielded and her eyes shown with a glimmering reddish hue...

She knew only vengeance now, for everything they took from her she would take it from them ten times over.

Click to reveal..

(Kaori Attack 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,3 +9 = 13 (Standard Attack)

(Tiger Demon Defense 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,6 +10 = 20


(Kaori Attack 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 6,1 +9 = 16

(Tiger Demon Defense 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,3 +10 = 15 (Standard Attack)

Damage = 79 (10 x7). 70+9=79, No Armor).

(Kaori Attack 3) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,5 +9 = 15 (Standard Attack)

(Tiger Demon Defense 3) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,1 +10 = 14

Damage = 79 (10 x7). 70+9=79, No Armor).

Total Damage dealt: 158

(Kaori Defense 1) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,3 +9 = 16

(Kaori Defense 2) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,5 +9 = 16

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Skye watched the Tiger that Kaori had attacked fall, and she turned her attention to the Tiger stumbled around blindly. Figuring it couldn't dodge what it couldn't see, she unleashed her Northern Wind attack at it. Even though her cry and the howling winds served as a warning, it wasn't enough, and her cruel, blasting winds tore into the demon.

Click to reveal..
Skye's Mind check: 4 + 3 = 7, fail

(16:23:14) ChatBot: (Skye) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,1.

Skye's attack: 10 + 6 = 16

(17:10:27) ChatBot: (Skye) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,2.

Tiger's defense (-3 for blindness): 7 + 6 = 13, HIT

(17:14:47) ChatBot: (Skye) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,3.

Damage: 74

Skye's Defense rolls: (17:21:36) ChatBot: (Skye) rolls 4d6 and gets 1,1,1,6.

Defense 1 - 9 + 2 = 11, bleh

Defense 2 - 9 + 7 = 16

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The Remaining Tigers each chose a target, and attacked.

Kaori Laser DC 15 miss

Claws DC 18 hit no damage aura of protection loses one rank of protection

Skye Lasers 16 Hit -16 from FF protection down to 4 +36 from aura 40 no damage Aura loses another level

Second attack (Charge for special attack)

Jim Claw Melee DC 17

Tail Melee DC 18

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The Tiger leaps for Jim, and his parry is well out of position so the claw rakes across his abdomen, luckily for Jim Keiko's aura thing absorbed the worst of the blow, so that it barely scratched him. He never works out whether it was the surprise at how little pain he felt or just not having his head around the idea of Tigers with scorpion-like tails, but he completely missed it as the tail spike piled in towards his chest. Once again the field saved him.

Click to reveal..

(00:01:01) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 2,6.+5=13

Hit for 2 damage

(00:01:09) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,1.+5 = 7 BOTCH

Hit for 8 damage

Forcefield loses two ranks and now only offers 24 protection.

Jim takes 10 hp of damage

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Keiko looks first one way, then the other, as the tiger attacks wrack and crumple the defenses she'd summoned. The tiger demons were too strong...once that defense was down, they'd lay waste to the team! Something had to be done.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the Eye of Amateratsu. The light shining down from above took on a new tone, a golden yellow ambiance, and grew as warm as a summer's day.

"I am the Solar Priestess,", Keiko said without opening her eyes. Her voice was eerily amplified, each word echoed by another voice speaking in unison with hers, but many times louder. "I am the Chosen of Amateratsu. Through my eyes, she sees."

Keiko opens her eyes, and both of them are blazing orbs of light.

"Through my voice she speaks. And through me, she works her Judgment." She raised her amulet high, and it burned like a tiny sun in her hand. "Wither and become dust, spawn of Orochi. Find the oblivion you have become the slaves of."

The flesh of the demons burns in that light, as their very essence evaporates under the stern gaze of a wrathful goddess.

(No damage, Psychic Drain Soul 3 combined with Flare 3, 10m radius, only affects creatures of Shadow, lasts 5 rounds without further activation)

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Kenichi looked at his comarades fighting, Kaori was right this things were just as strong injuried as fresh, they had to focus in one at a time to kill them or they would be overwhelmed quickly, looking around himself he figured what looked like a good action plan and grabbed the Tiger demon that he stunned by one of it{s forelegs, dragging it behind him he wielded it like a tremendous club, using the advatadge of remaining unfocused so far he jumped into the hood of a car dragging the demon and then jumped once again, pulling the tremendous demon above him for a second as he drove it down on top of the demon being attacked by Skye.



Perception Check

(4,3)+3 = 10, didnt notice.

Meele Attack

(6,4)+10 = 20 Melee Attack, rolling on an iPhone app here, sorry.

Melee Defense

(6,1)+10 = 17 Melee Defense

Sorry about my horrible posting rate, I forgot to tell you guys I would be traveling and didnt remember until I was up on the plane. Sorry. I will make up for it!

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Keiko's attack while not physically damaging to the Panzers got all their attention as their very essence was Burned away. They were all blinded by the attacks (-3 attack and defense next 3 rounds) and Then Kenichi siezed upon the stunned Panzer and smashed it into the frozen one, shattering it, and completely knocking his "weapon" unconscious.

(Jim you're up)

Click to reveal..
All at -3 attack and -3 defense

Panzer 1 195/225

Panzer 2 Dead

Panzer 3 75/225 Unconscious

Panzer 4 165/225

Panzer 5 Dead

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Jim makes two sword cuts at the Tiger who hit him, but his spirit was weak, distracted. Luckily for Jim the Tiger was in a worse condition and they both scored deeply into it.

Click to reveal..

(22:58:03) (Jim): tiger defence +10-3 = 7

(22:58:09) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 1,1. = BOTCH!

(22:58:14) ChatBot: (Jim) rolls 2d6 and gets 4,2. - Negated by Botch?

Damage = Holy Light = WL10 x6 +7 = 67 damage ignores defences

= 134.

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