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Aberrant: Wild Card - Assignment #1 - Inquiring Minds Would Like To Know


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This is the first in what will be semi-frequent optional assignments. Basically a question or idea for a fic, they can be collaborative or not. They will usually have a word count requirement, but that is not required necessarily, content wins over numbers. Completing these assignments will not garner you xp however, you will instead merit some other reward that will be named with the assignment so as to not penalize the players that do not complete them.

Please submit them into your profile thread as a reply, headed with what assignment they are for. Questions about the particular assignment should be done in the assignment thread please.

For your first assignment, choose a magazine that would have a theoretical interest in you and write out an interview with your character. From "Wired" to "Cosmo", it doesn't matter. The interview doesn't need to have really happened, it can be fictitious or a dream or whatever. Choose any format you would like, from the finished article, to what was on their recorder. Would like to see at least 500 words.

Upon my big fat thumb of approval, you can turn any botch or failed roll into an automatic success, though only by 1.

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