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[Mage] Antonius Pelagius

Antonius Pelagius

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Concept: black sheep of a noble family

Essence: Dynamic

Tradition: Order of Hermes

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Child

Perception: 3

Intelligent: 4 (learned)

Wits: 3

Charisma: 3


Appearance: 2

Strength: 1

Dexterity: 2

Stamina: 3


Alertness: 2, Awareness: 1, Dodge: 1, Subterfuge: 1


Crafts (Bookbinding) 3, Herbalism 3, Melee 2, Ride 1


Academics (Quadrivium) 3, Cosmology 1, Enigmas 2, Linguistics 1(Latin), Medicine 2, Occult 3, Theology 1


Arcane 1, Avatar 2, Library 1, Mentor 2, Resources 2, Sanctum 1

Merit: Unaging

Arete: 2



Correspondence: 1

Entropy: 1

Forces: 1

Life: 1

Matter: 1

Mind: 1

Prime: 1



Date of Birth: June 13th, 1232

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Past: As Antonio Pelaggio, he was a seventh son of a minor noble household, who never seemed to focus on anything except that which might be forbidden. His mother, Lucrezia Centiamini, was held accountable for that, as she was rumored to dabble in dark arts, and performed a particularly egregious ritual to celebrate young Antonio's birth. She defended herself by saying she was using a herbal remedy to relieve the stress of Antonio's birth.

He was formally invited to leave on his twelfth birthday, and was surprised when a wealthy merchant (of mysterious origin) quickly scooped the young man up into an apprenticeship.

He was overjoyed to discover the merchant's true calling, and the wealth of information that his newfound mentor had. Finally, he could focus on what mattered to him: the art of understanding and power.

However, of late his mentor tires of him crawling from revelation to revelation, and wishes Antonius to show some results (advanced Sphere understanding). Antonius is firm in his belief that that which he ignores is that which will be his undoing one day. In truth, he hungers to understand everything, and cannot shake the mindset that he has all the time in the world.

Clothes: Simple robes and rucksack, with a walking staff.

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