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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - The Legacy League


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Legacy Ring (updated version)

This Device is handed to every member of the Legacy League. It will be attuned to the wearer and can be only used by it's wearer or a member of the Legacy League:


Device 8 (hard to lose, restricted use (Only Legacy League Members))

Cloaking Device (Concealment 4) (all visual senses)

Mental Link (Communication 5) (sense type: mental)

Mental Link (Datalink 1) (sense type: mental)

Flight 6 (Speed: 500 mph, 4400 ft./rnd)

Force Field 5 (+5 Toughness)

Immunity 9 (life support)

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The Justice Society

The Justice Society was founded as response to an increase in criminal activity and extraterrestrial threats (Supervillains in most cases).

The supers decided it was time to pool their resources and help defend earth from all inner and outer threats. The Justice Society is not only a superhero group with international character they also help all nations of the world prosper and improve research and development of new technologies with their own superior abilities and resources/knowledge.

Soon the Legacy League was founded - a specialised subdivision of the Justice Society which is lead by the most powerful and most renowned supers of the world. Their prime mission was to fend off the really large threats and keep a watch on the "Superprison" located on Jupiter and act as emergency response team for any immediate danger that cannot be handled by the Justice Society.

The Legacy League also supervises all jumpgates that enable interstellar travel and thus are responsible for the only "window" humanity has to far away civilisations.

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Members of the Legacy League

The Watchman - Leader of the Legacy League

Colossus - first Lieutenant





Matrix (AI transferred to the Justice Society Mainframe)

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Rough equivalents of the members to Comicbook characters: Watchman = Batman, Colussus = Superman, Dawnstar = Ms Marvel Thoughtwave = Jean Grey, Hyperion = The Flash, Twister = Storm
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Living in the 31st century

The 31st Century is pretty close to what we know from the Star Trek universe (Next Gen, DS9). Technological standards are pretty close to what we know from those shows. From Anti-gravity units for all kinds of vehicles to replicators, Holo-decks and Warp-drives.

Generally, if you've seen it on TV you can assume it is possible in this game, same goes to any reference to the JSA comic. The crazier stuff should maybe be posted at OOC first so I can keep an eye on it and say it's ok.

The Solar System is colonized with habitations on Mars and Venus. The Gas-Giants of the system have huge Space-Stations as habitats instead of direct colonies on the planets surface. The only existing Warpgate has been constructed halfway between Earth and Mars and is humanities only gate to distant worlds outside the solar system.

A supervillain highsecurity prison has been constructed on Pluto. The Legacy League regularly checks on security protocols and make sure no one breaches the defenses. So far no one has ever managed to escape the prison alive.

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Galactic Civilisations

Earth is part of a large trading alliance which makes use of the Warpgates to establish tradelines to distant stars and civilisations.

The Justice Society controls the traffic of the Warpgate since it’s the most valuable asset of humanity – it’s only gate to reach other worlds except for military ships and the very few independent companies who can affort FTL drives.

The trade alliance is very colourful in terms of cultures and societies and prospers by the general need for uncommon resources and the fascination for the extraterrestrial. The Justice Society is one of the very few bodies that is capable of providing some degree of protection along the trade lines. That’s where the Legacy League comes into play. They are the emergency team for any distress call or any other incident that gives reason for action. The Legacy League is as close as being an intergalactic police force as you can imagine.

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I try to get you a list of stars that are part of the trade alliance – since it’s huge and spans the whole galaxy this could take a while and be some kind of work in progress, if you don’t mind
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