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we've got our forum.

I am not taking any further requests. This game is in exchange for my BSG game that unfortunately died. I offered my players an alternative and this is it.

More game details will follow over the next days.

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Present ideas are:

Literal Genie: In the past, the team was helped by a benevolent spirit that lived in a magical lamp - specifically, a circa 20th century zippo lighter. The spirit is no more. The zippo lighter was stored under lock and key, until a young thief broke onto the artifact stronghold and attempted to steal it. The zippo didn't like that, and now the thief is the zippo's new resident genie, and the zippo being owned by the head of the galactic justice force means that this thief/genie is now essentially drafted onto the new team, much to her consternation. Powers include the Empowerment suite, trnasformation, and create object.

Pros: Instant friction with other PCs; possibility of redemptive arc; humor possibilities

Cons: Overlaps a bit with a couple of other PCs I control in other games; maybe too over-specific a concept; won't be too connected with the other PCs

Mermagician Supreme: The former Archmagus of Earth had a child in a parallel world covered entirely in water; the people of this world have a strong magical tradition, since no fire means very limited technology. They have visited this world throughout history, and were known to sailors as mermaids. His child, being a magical hybrid (because magic's about the only way to solve the Mermaid Problem) is equally at home on land and in the sea; now, with her father's death, she travels into a new world she's unfamiliar with to assume the mantle of Earth's Archmagus. Her spells will be heavily water-themed.

Pros: An alien take on magic that is still familiar; the prodigal child returning to take up their parent's tasks is a well-oiled story engine; familiar with other characters but not with world itself

Cons: A bit unfocused, being both an Aquaman archtype and a Zatanna archtype; water-based powers may not ome in handy that often

Mister Normal: His father was one of the most powerful beings in the solar system; he, however, is perfectly normal. But in his eyes, his father's greatest strength was never his ability to fight for what was right but his willingness to do so, and when his father disappears the non-super-powered son intends to do right by him, substituting training and technology for inborne power.

Pros: Strong ties to heroic legacy; ties to other PCs yet being unpowered means he has some distance from them

Cons: I like the magician ideas a bit more; what exactly does 'unpowered' mean in the future where there are force fields and laser guns?

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ok - one more thing.

I will up the game to PL 12. That's about the Range I was looking for. I had to tinker a bit with the NPCs and found out that you guys should be PL 12.

So that's set now. PL 12 - enjoy.

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Heya, Asarasa here:

Character Role: Paragon/Tank

Concept 1: Eight Foot Power Girl: A member of the Shytari race (females granted powers [similar to Ms. Marvel-strong, tough, fly, energy absorption/expulsion] in the pass by wizard overlords, who then broke free of their bonds, when their power grew stronger than the wizards had expected), the genetic interaction between her mother's and father's race resulted in MegaGirl lacking any of the energy powers of the Shytari, but she is much stronger and taller than the typical seven foot Shytari. MegaGirl's mother left the planet the normally reclusive Shytari stayed on to explore the galaxy, in the process becoming a great hero. MegaGirl had always been expected to follow her mother's example, and even just turning 18, she is already intergalatically famed for her strength and beauty.

Concept 2: TK-Goddess: A spoiled-rotten party girl, with devastatingly powerful telekinetically abilities. She loves being a hero, though mostly for the fame and the chance to show-off how powerful and awesome she is, rather than actually helping people.

Note: Both concepts results in a super-strong, super-tough character who flies, and can survive in outer-space. Other powers and feats/skills are different.

I like both ideas, and details can be changed to fit what is needed or already in the campaign setting, or to tie some characters together.

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My todo list for monday:

Get you the stats for the "flight ring"

Basic background setting info about Earth in the 31st century, the supers and political map.

The latter may take more than one day but I provide you with bits and pieces which are finished.

In the meantime - keep exchanging thoughts and ideas and help each other out if you're not sure how to do certain themes.

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OK SO here's what I got for powers:

basic flight and life support


Cosmic Array: (Basically right out of the Core Book)

Blasts (different types)

Create Object




Ranged Stun?

Space Travel

I plan on having a very high toughness and a low (ish) Defense. My attacks will likewise be stronger but less accurate.

Skills: I plan to have a "law enforcement" package.

Feats: most will be learned during play as the character is effective a rookie

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Real Name: Echo

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Size: Medium

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 124lbs



Ethnicity: Caucasian



It wasn't widely publicized, but the android superhero Matrix and technopath gadgeteer Wire had had...a relationship. Of sorts. Matrix was not designed for romance, either psychologically or physically, but adapted itself to the task at hand in all ways save one; there was no way for a machine...however advanced...to bear a child with a human being. Then disaster struck, and Wire was killed. Following the aftermath of these events, Matrix's core was transferred to a supercomputer network hub where it would administer an entire city. As he did this though, he used the much greater computing resources available to him to solve the puzzle at last.

Wire's geonome was on file, and she had tissue samples frozen to clone transplant organs. Matrix used this information to start an entire human clone growing. But as it was developing, he introduced a new element. A batch of stem cells modified with nanotechnology that would integrate themselves with the growing embryo and influence her development. In this way, Matrix sought to develop a true hybrid of organic and machine life, not simply a few systems grafted into flesh as an afterthought...nor a machine with a few organic parts to make it look lifelike. Echo, as he named her, would be something entirely new. Right down to her cells, she was technology and biology melded in perfect symbiosis.

Matrix arranged for a robot avatar to assist a human nanny in raising the girl. She was ferociously intelligent, and became steadily more so as the nanocyte system learned how her nerves worked, then began to systematically improve them. And while she had little but disdain for other children at first, Matrix was adamant that she learn to respect and appreciate other people for their strengths, even if those strengths weren't the same as her own. He even insisted she attend school to foster social development, though her 'real' academic lessons took place at home.

It's still a lesson Echo has trouble with from time to time, but she's the first to admit she has a lot still to learn.

Click to reveal..


Power Level: 10

Power Points: 150

Experience Points:

Hero Points: 1


STR 10 +0 (0 PP)

DEX 10 +0 (0 PP)

CON 14 +2 (4 PP)

INT 24 +7 (14 PP)

WIS 14 +2 (4 PP)

CHA 10 +0 (0 PP)

SAVES (17pp)

TOUG +11 (2 Con + 9 Power)

FORT +7 (5 Base + 2 Con) (5 PP)

REF +7 (7 Base + 0 Dex) (7 PP)

WILL +7 (5 Base + 2 Wis) (5 PP)

COMBAT (22pp)


BASE DEF +4 (8 PP)

DEF 18 (10 + 4 Base + 4 Feat)


BASE ATT +7 (14 PP)

TRADEOFFS: -1 Def, +1 Tough


Melee: Attack +7 (DC 18 Fort + DC 23 Toughness, Nano-Dissassembly)

Ranged: Attack +7 (DC 25, 100', autofire)


Computers +10 (3 rank +7 Int)

Craft Mechanics +12 (5 ranks + 7 Int)

Craft Electronics +12 (5 ranks + 7 Int)

Craft Structural +12 (5 ranks + 7 Int)

Craft Chemical +10 (3 ranks + 7 Int)

Disable Device +10 (3 ranks + 7 Int)




Ground: 30' (or per Vehicle)


Attractive 1

Dodge Focus 4

Inventor 1

Eidetic Memory 1


Nanocyte Array 20pp

Nano-Disassembly - Corrosion +8 (2pp/rnk) 16pp

AP Repair - Shape Matter +8 (Touch, Restorative; 2pp/rnk) 1pp

AP Reshape - Shape Matter +5 (Touch, Limited - Solids, Continuous, PF - Precise; 3pp/rnk +1) 1pp

AP Assembly - Transform +4 (Raw Materials into Finished Objects, Touch, Continuous; 4pp/rnk) 1pp

AP Regenerate - Regeneration +16

DRUID Array 52pp

Utility pool 48pp

* Comm Unity - Communication +10 (Radio, Area 10k feet, PF Subtle, PF Selective; 2pp/rnk+2) 22pp

* Datalink +3 (Radio, 50 feet; 1pp/rnk) 3pp

* Nanotools - Enhanced Skills +4 (+4 to each Craft skill) 4pp

* Improvised Tools 1pp

* EWF Array - Obscure +5 (Radio, Selective Attack, Touch, PF Subtle; 1pp/rnk +1) 6pp

* Sensors - Super Senses +12 (5 rnks Radio scanner (Acute Ranged Extended x100 Radio Sense), 4 rnks Radar (Accurate Ranged Radius Radio Sense), 3 rnks Microscopic Vision; 1pp/rnk) 12pp

AP HERF Gun - Nullify +10 (All "Technological" at once, Alt Save (Reflex); 3pp/rnk) 1pp

AP Active Denial System - Nauseate +10 (Cone Area; 3pp/rnk) 1pp

AP Dazzle Laser - Dazzle +10 (Visual, Cone Area, Selctive Attack, Range: Touch; 3pp/rnk) 1pp

AP Focused Laser - Blast +10 (Autofire; 3pp/rnk) 1pp

Innate 28pp

Protection +11 (PF Innate; 1pp/rnk +1) 12pp

Immunity +6 (Age, Disease, Poison, Sleep, Suffocation, PF Innate) 7pp

Quickness +6 (Mental Only, PF Innate; .5pp/rnk) 4pp

Comprehension +2 (Speak & Understand all languages, PF Innate) 5pp


Vulnerable to Electrical Attacks (Minor, Uncommon) -1

Weakness to EMP (Minor, Uncommon, Instant) -1


Abilities [22]

Combat [22]

Saves [17]

Skills [6]

Feats [7]

Powers [100]

Drawbacks [-2]

Total [172]

Unspent [8]

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I couldn't find any official ruling and therefore we go with the following.

The Legacy Rings (Device) stack with your other powers up to the game's Powerlimit.

Please remember, that the Rings may be taken away again or "run out of power" as I see fit, since they're not part of your built.

You will not start the game with the rings but you'll probably get them in the first chapter.

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I want you guys to take your time when building your PCs. I'm not rushing things and I prefer having a good and thoroughly worked out background from which I can draw much inspiration to mesh it with my story-ideas.

For instance - the Members of the Legacy League will be your parents - I will post them as I approve PCs and remember - the Sky is the limit. Be creative and "freaky" as you want - I can handle most stuff.

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Remember to provide Descriptors to your powers. Descriptors are very important to determine how the powers/effects actually work and by which means they can be countered, enhanced or affected.

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I've been asked if approved PCs can start fictions. I'm ok with it as long as you don't take it too far and make game start more complicated than wanted.

Game will start on a relatively normal day at the Legacy HQ where you all have been invited to (out of several reasons which I will give you later).

If things run smoothly we may get started coming monday.

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Alright - two more submission to go (I got the sheets, approval is pending once I get some time on checking it).

Aside from that I want you all to give me some ideas/stories you like to see happen in this game. You can PM me or make it public here at OOC. I'd like to see one story idea where your PC shines and one which will cause some kind of complication. My intent is to have each one of you stand in the spotlight for a whole 'issue' just like they do it in the comics. Feel free to go through all aspects, no matter if it's going to be romantic, dramatic, dark and moody or funny and comedian in nature.

I got the first 2 issues covered which should give you guys time to forge bonds as a team... after that I could start with the more personal 'issues' focussing on each member throughout a whole chapter.

I hope you like this idea and expect your feedback.

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The region Djane will shine most strongly in, is anything to do with magic, due to a high arcana score and (I think) a low number of mages in the game.

A complication's pretty obvious: someone else gets control over her zippo lighter, someone who might be malicious, or might just be apathetic.

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Okay story ideas... I can do this. I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and gosh darn it, people like me. grin

Queen of the Ring

Megagirl gets captured Mojo/That guy who made Superman fight in the ring by threatening to blow up Earth/Whoever and is force to fight in a gladiatorial arena. Maybe the villain wants this for entertainment, looking for a worthy foe, or even looking for a worthy mate. Megagirl is surprisingly handling this all quite well, while the others have to find out where she is, why she is there, and how to free her.

Steal and adapt to your hearts content.

Rise of the Magelords

Some of the Magelords of Shytar want revenge/control and go collect themselves a strong warrior to serve their cause. They know Megagirl's weakness, and would have no problem exploiting it.

Unlucky In Love

I would find it amusing, sorta maybe, if Megagirl just has rotten luck in love: Boyfriends are too small, can't deal with a girl that much stronger than them, or able to survive it, one is actually a minion of the Magelords, one she's actually really liking ditches her for Serene, etc. Maybe the person running the Queen of the Ring would actually be a good mate for her. grin

Other Complications

If there is a situation involving small tunnels/passageways, say journey to the center of the earth/asteroid/whathaveyou, Megagirl would be cramped, miserable, and unable to bash herself a bigger path without collapsing the place.

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- Power Loss: Somebody figures out how to cut Centurion off from the source of his cosmic power, alternately he does something to have his powers revoked and must earn them back

- Distant Need: By accessing the Stellar Conduits Centurion can travel to nearly any place in the universe, but he can't take reinforcements with him, can he handle the problem alone?

- Somethings You Can't Beat by Beating them: An enemy immune to his cosmic power or simply beyond his ability to inflict lasting damage to shows up, Centurion must learn to apply a different set of skills to the problem.

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Accepting Failure- Tessa's parents are leading members of the League, therfore she's expected (at least in her mind) to be as close to perfect a hero as possible. She finds herself in a situation where none of her abilities get the job done, and must deal with the consequences of not winning.

Lost control- Tessa(or anyone else) comes into contact with a substance that causes their powers to work at either random levels, or nothing but their maximum level for some length of time.

Mind-switch- The team is hit with a strange ray that switches around the personalities of the various team members

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I will put your story ideas in a its thread and mark those off we've done wink

Keep em coming and please make sure to think about stories you'd have fun playing and not necessarily the obvious mixed pickles that are likely to happen.

I may mix one or two ideas into one story which would then put the focus on two of you but I think that should work out fine.

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I'll be very careful with Time Travel since that practically busted my first game "No Fate". If I do a Time Travel story it will be in a very specific way and setting which should avoid most of the paradox juju.

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The only existing Warpgate has been constructed halfway between Earth and Mars and is humanities only gate to distant worlds outside the solar system.

Could you elaborate on this? Do ships not have built in FTL capability or is this like Babylon 5 where only capital ships can generate their own FTL jump field and others rely on the gates to move between stars.
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It's like you said - only the large capital ships have FTL of their own (mostly Military vessels). Smaller ships need the Gates to travel the greater distances (i. e. between stars).

There are aliens rumored to be able to do that without the need of Warpgates...

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Ok - Rorx is the last one to be approved (still pending). I think I'll have it done by monday.

Depending on how busy I'll be on monday I try to get the game started sometime during the week.

If you still got questions that need to be answered or if some points are unclear then please tell me so I can take care of it and hopefully eliminate all open questions.

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Thanks Zeke - I'll keep you on the list but I can't promise anything. If no one drops out I won't add more people to the game.

Rorx' PC has been approved. I will try to get the game launched by Wednesday. If you have any last requests, now is the time!

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