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[Vampire] Dolore Nera Colonna

Clara Lys Wright

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Dolore Nera Colonna

Player: Malachite Nature: Pedagogue Clan: Lasombra
Chronical: Millenium Demeanor: Caretaker Concept: Sadist daughter of the Colonna family
Generation: 7th Haven: A sizable estate inside Venice


Strength ●● Charisma ●●● Perception ●●●
Dexterity ●● Manipulation ●●●● Intelligence ●●
Stamina ●● Appearance ●●● Wits ●●●


Alertness ●●● Animal Ken Academics Quadrivium
Athletics Archery Hearth Wisdom
Brawl Commerce Investigation
Dodge Crafts Law
Empathy ●●● Etiquette ●● Linguistics Latin
Expression Melee Medicine ●●●
Intimidation Perfomance Singing Occult
Leadership ●● Ride Polotics
Legerdemain Stealth Seneschal
Subterfuge ●● Survival Theology ●●



Dominate ●● Obtenabration ●● Conviction ●●● Observe the Spoken Word Shadow Play Self-Control ●●● Murmur of the False Will Nocturne Courage ●●●●



Allies ●●● Generation ●●●●● Mentor ●● Flaws
Contacts ●● Herd ●●● Resources ●●●● Grip of the Damned ●●●●
Domain ●●● Influence ●● Retainers ●● Addiction adrenaline/endorphins ●●●


Road: 6, Via Consuasor Path of Kings, The Viziers

Aura: Command

Willpower: 4

Blood Pool: 20 4/turn

Health: [] []-1 [] -1 [] -2 [] -2 [] -5 [] Incapacitated

Weakness: No reflection & light sensitivity +1 agg from light exposure

Character Tracking

Bonus Points - 15, all spent on Backgrounds

Flaw Points - 7, all spent on Backgrounds

Experience: 0 xp



History (will be fleshed out more when I feel more inspiration):

Delores Nera Colonna was born to the Colonna family in 1223 and from a young age showed a facility for manipulation and cruelty that sent her mother to early grave and saw her packed off to a back-country nunnery at the age of 10. The strict discipline and austerity of the abbey gave Delores focus in her life, but she still earned the nickname of Dolore (Italian for pain) both for her independent streak and for her sadistic tendencies. Rumor of her nature passed through the gossip lines of the Church and caught the attention of a Roman Lasombra whom manipulated the abbey to have the 12 year old girl moved back to Rome and placed indirectly under his authority; he ensured that she received proper education and was allowed to indulge in her darker impulses. He watched her grow and tested the strength of her will and her attachment to the mortal world for eight years before embracing her. She took well to Kindred existence and after only six years as a childe he decided to test her again, this time by instructing her to establish a power base in Venice despite the entrenched Lasombra already in the city. If she could hold her own and even make a name for herself in such an environment, then she would have proved herself ready to walk the halls of the damned in the Holy City.

She's been in Venice a little over year, having taken control of the Colonna estate there and claiming that she was sent away from her family because she has suffered from a sensitivity to light since she was very young that her father thinks is a mark of disfavor by God. She spent her first few months using this story to garner the pity and esteem of one of the local Bishop, as well as her excuse for never attending Mass but still donating generously to the Church. She has also gained the friendship of two minor merchant princes in Venice that appreciate the more selective social engagements that she hosts. She's retained the services of one of the younger sons of her father's seneschal to be her own seneschal, and most of the past year has been spent building a network of reliable vessels to feed from. This has earned her a quiet reputation as a woman that can provide certain....releases....that would be frowned upon in polite society, as well as discrete medical services. Now that her blood supply is secured, she is turning a more active eye on the powerful and influential of Venice, both mortal and Kindred.

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