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The Exp System - New and Improved (hopefully)


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The current Exp system is going to go away and be replaced by the following. This is done in part to minimize the need for the Mods to act as accountants and to help maintain parity between all the characters over time.


  • Every month at the end of the month you earn 9 experience. Flat.
  • In addition at the end of the month you will gain +1 exp for each story completed that month (regardless of IC or Fiction). Up to a maximum of +9 exp every Quarter.
    • Q1 - Jan, Feb, March
    • Q2 - April, May, June
    • Q3 - July, August, Sept
    • Q4 - Oct, Nov, Dec
  • A new PC coming into the game late will get a Flat Exp bonus equal to the base Experience of the game thus far (if you join after 10 months you start with 90 exp)
  • Plot threads will count double toward the bonus limit (2 exp)

This will allow for people to have some light months and make up for it with a busier month while not falling behind for the quarter.

For the month of June I am going to do the following: 9 exp flat is awarded and all Stories completed will count towards Q3 for 2009. That should result in an overall increase for all players without invalidating anybody's effort.

The Mods will still maintain the Go/No-go on approval of new characters and we will still be available to run NPC monsters for people if they like. I will continue to run plot threads if people wish. When raising legend please speak to us Mods, we'll determine if your PCs activity warrants an increase or not (at a flat 9 exp per month you could have enough exp to raise legend easily without actually earning a legend increase).

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