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Dawn OOC

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Setting: Dark Ages to start and we'll work our way to the modern era over time.

The year is 1250 A.D., the date is December 15. The Holy Roman Empire is in an uproar. King Frederick II, sovereign ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, is two days dead, and there is no clear heir. It is a tumultuous time; the Empire stands as the bulwark between the Christian nations and their enemies, the Byzantine Empire and the Saracens. Both empires push on either side of the Kingdom of Italy, with the Byzantines controlling the southernmost edges of the ‘boot’ and the Saracens claiming Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. While the Byzantines have lost some of their previous glory, they

Focus cities: Rome and Venice (which is its own city-state at this time). PCs are welcome to be from wherever they want to be, but things might be a bit lonely for them.

Reference Map:

europe_byzantine_empire.jpg (warning, huge)

Vampires Yes.

Werewolves: Yes.

Mages: Yes.

Wraiths: Yes (but why would you?).

Changelings: Yes (but why would you?).

Mummies: No.

Demons: No.

Open World Yes, with Storyteller interaction and player-run plot lines.

Who is gonna mod it? Dawn, OOC, Dave ST and Joani.

System: Ye Ole World ‘o Darkness, Revised (3rd Ed.)

Character Slots: Two, but cannot be of the same supernatural type.

Experience? Flat rate (to be determined). Maturation occurs between eras.

Who? Adrian, Joani, Rev, Dawn, Fox, Jas, Max, Forge, Alex, Justin, Brenna, Rorx, and Mala. (Thanks Vivi, for doing this for me!)

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