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[Fic] Dogs of War


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June 18, 2009

10:15 AM

Travis sighed for a moment. It was good to get out of bed, but ever since the fight at Venus, the urge to find and deal with the activities of the Titans' forces had grown on him. At the moment, he merely was checking the Internet, looking for anything that would appear to be Titan-related work in the local region.

Then, the ubiquitous e-mail beep sounded, and Travis dully opened the mail. Then, his eyes widened in shock, and a relative 'eureka' sounded in his head!

It was Nancy, the girl he had known from college, who wanted badly to be at the top ranks of PETA. What she had to say was interesting. According to her, this business, the Gaia Breeders, was a puppy mill at the outskirts of southern Boston, but that wasn't the least of her worries. She had posed as a consumer there, and claimed that the adorable canines had been 'transformed into tiny wolves hunting prey', behavior-wise.

Also, supposedly, she had smelled 'something like chemicals' in the food being given to the dogs. This a message of alarm for Nancy, but for Travis, this was a message of suspicious activity. Could the spawn of the Titans be creating a canine army? This demanded some research and investigation. But first, Travis walked to his closet, and put on his Peacock Vest.

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