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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - [Teragen-Pandaimonion] Not a number, a nova

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Mother, my mentor, and many others:

Do not be alarmed, but feel thankful that, at the tender age of 18, I have finally put my foot down and embarked on actually engaging life as best I can on it's own terms. I am one of the One Race, after all, and I should have the world eating out of my hand in a very short time. It is, after all, what I was reared and groomed for, was it not?

I have headed for the Los Angeles area, for I feel that there are still sparks there that may be fanned again into flames, and I think they will be properly grateful for my efforts, considering how Mumbai is eating LA's lunch at the moment.

I dream, finally, of singing my songs in front of an audience not exclusively of handlers and prepared hangers-on. I will assure you, that dream will not go unfulfilled. I tire of this suffocating veil of secrecy over me, over these petty political concerns and this unwarranted paranoia of the baselines. In fact, every baseline I have met since leaving the compound has been more than helpful, and I do not see any reason why this should not continue.

I do not divorce myself from the Pandaimonion, nor from the Teragen proper. I see no need to, unless I feel that my hand is forced, and it is either slavery and confinement or a final break from those I have known and loved. In fact, going into the world is a necessary part of what I was prepared to do, and it is as well I do it now rather than delay any longer. Perhaps I will be able to transcend the rifts between nova and baseline where others have tried and failed.

If you need to speak to me, then please come to Los Angeles. It would be good to see familiar faces. But please be advised that it would be both undiplomatic and futile to persuade me to return to my dreary former existence. There is an openness to the sky that feels so warm and necessary after so many years under a gloomy shield of secrecy. If you do not wish to support my efforts, perhaps we will meet again in Ibizia, or whatever spot on the globe we deem worthy of our notice.

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