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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Icon

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Name: Icon (just Icon, fucking hippy Pandaimonion parents!)

AKA: "The Show Pony" "The Little Angel" "GOD-DAYAMMM!"

Nationality: USA, Caucasian, slight tan complexion

Hair: Long, blond, wavy

Eyes: Intense blue-green

Weight: 176 lbs.

Height: 6' 0"

Age: 18

Parents: Narcosis (mother), father unknown

Languages: English (US)

Not much is known about the man-child Icon in the world outside the incestuous hothouse of the Pandaimonion. He has been sheltered quite a bit due to an unfortunate series of illnesses that only recently have been identified.

In an odd set of circumstances, he was actually born a True 2nd Gen, and in combination with his odd allergy, this has limited his ability to make inroads in the Teragen proper. His mother Narcosis, simply has little idea what to do with him, and almost abandons him to keep herself from overprotecting him.

Recently, he has decided to set out on his own. (Being threatened by a Harvester (Sin-Eater)with getting involuntary Taint dumped into him was a good goad.)He has decided to go to Los Angeles, pursuing half-baked schemes about show business, music careers, and to meet a nova who inspired him from afar, the nova known as Bastion. Maybe he too can one day be a public defender, and help further bridge the gap between baseline and nova interests. maybe he can just sing...

He is not helped by the fact that he has no idea how to blend in, and not a lot of experience with the world at large, except for the stranger aspects filtered through the Pandaimonion parade of parties and orgies. Thus, he is frighteningly streetwise and has no problems with manipulating anyone, but he abhors violence and is fundamentally innocent. He is, in short, the product of his very warped environment.

However, the baselines have been surprisingly friendly, and he has gained quite an entourage in his quest to get to California...

Eruption: 2nd Generation (True!)

Nature: Gallant

Allegiance: Pandaimonion (Teragen)


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 2

Stamina/Mega-: 5(energetic)/1 (Tireless)

Perception: 2

Intelligence: 2

Wits/Mega-: 5(Creative)/1 (Artistic Genius)

Charisma/Mega-: 6(Charming)/6 (Center of Attention, Dreadful Mien, Natural Agitator)

Manipulation/Mega-: 6(Witty)/6 (Persuader, The Voice)

Appearance/Mega-: 6(Angelic)/6 (Almost Live, Awe-Inspiring, Blind Bewitchment (Voice))


Academics: 2, Arts: 2, Endurance: 3, Etiquette: 5, Interrogation: 1, Intimidation: 5, Perform (singing): 5, Rapport: 2, Resistance: 3, Streetwise: 5, Subterfuge: 5, Style: 5


Cipher: 2, Contacts: 2, Eufiber: 3, Followers: 3, Status (Pandaimonion)2, Node: 3, Resources: 2,

Influences: Pandaimonion 2, Casablancas 2, Teragen groupies 1

Initiative: 8

Quantum: 6

QP: 32

Taint: 0

Willpower: 4 (sheltered and uncertain)

Merits/Flaws: Taint Resistant (free), Allergy-Severe (Novas with Taint 5+. Chrysalis produces the milder form of this allergy.)Costume Fetish, Overconfident.

Physical Appearance: Wow. Just...wow. Androgynously beautiful without producing Uncanny Valley reflex. Has a vague smell of honey and cinnamon. Always seems perfectly-lit. Eufiber costume always looks like something only a very daring male model would wear when not on a runway.

90 NP 2nd Gen newbie

15 Free: 2 Quantum, 1 Background

7 points from Flaws: 2 levels in academia, 1 WP, 1 specialty in Singing.

NP: 4 for 12 Atts, 2 for 12 abilities, 2 for 10 Backgrounds, 10 for +2 Quantum, 60 for 20 Mega-Atts, 15 for 5 Enhancements


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