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1a/b - 2

2a/b/c/d - 3

3a/b - 5

Home Again - 2

4 - 3

Pulling it Together - 5
-Ravi and Ryan get 2 each for partial participation
Tearing it Apart - 3

5 - 5

6 - 10

7 - 7

8a/b/c/d - 5
a - 3

9 - 7

10 - 7


11 - 5


12 - 5

Unexplained Mysteries - 1
The Sitting - 1
Angels and Devils - 1 (?)
Missing Person - inc
Reach Out and Touch Someone - 1
Meeting Goals - 1
Suspicions at Work - inc
Artistic Intrigue - 1
Stylistic Preferences - inc, PC gone
Martial Cuisine - 2
Uneasy in Slumber - inc
Dining on Baked Awkward - 1
Tearing Apart - 3
Pulling It Together - 5
-Ravi and Ryan get 2 each for partial participation
Off to Mother's We Go - 1
If You Want It Done Right… - inc
Hot Gate - inc
How do you work this crazy thing? - inc
Walking - 2
Last Down And A Lifetime To Go - 1
Catching Up - inc
Enter the Grind - inc
[Open Fic] Summer at Dalton - 1

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Here are the current housing assignments:

Mars - Wietz (NPC)

204 - Sean and Micah

107 - Everett

109 - Ryan

Lancaster (girls) - Dorn

102 - Emily

103 - Frida

208 - Renata and Blaize

Lancaster (boys) - Burke

105 - Deacon

106 - Ravi

107 - Zack

Jupiter - Bracks

206 - Chester

Juno - Morning

104 - Lorelei

209 - Lucia and Rosa

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Known Names of Earth NPCs

Hudley Rogers, Dalton Headmaster


Constance Pritchard, member of the Dalton Academy Council and Witch


Dr. Giles Reaver, ??


Amos Boxter, Music Teacher


Robin Spencer, ??


Members of the Adventurer's Club

Wilbur Dalton, Faculty Advisor

Alex Hunter

Dean Cassidy

Rod Racker

Sherry Bolling

Harvey Scherff

Elias Beckett

Amos Boxter

Roger Morton

Jeremiah Hodges

Vanessa Devine


Ahvia - unknown friend of Lucia's

Brihn and Brahn - Lhesk twins

Oreili - Chideran Pimszt of the DoorHold Clan

Quixa - Chideran

Vena - Sean's mother, Chideran

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Dalton Glossary

Information in brackets has been forgotten in the memory loss.

Caramine: The people who demand tribute from everyone else. The Caramine are led by a Council of Nine, yet have a ruling class as well. The entirety of their social structure if unknown.

Chiderans: The people of Chidera, a race of warrior women. They reproduce asexually and only produce girls. They rarely have respect for men. (see Pimszt)

Daltonites: The term that those from beyond the Door use for the people who live at Dalton Academy.

Door, the: the entrance into other worlds; [Dalton's Door is located in Lancaster, in the attic. (see Ways, the; Keys)]

Keys: The means by which one chooses which door to take.

Lhesk: A race of gray-skinned psychic vampires. They claim to be allies of the Daltonites. [A singular member is a Lhesi. They have a non-agression pact with the Caramine.]

Lowell Whiteman School: Trevor Dalton Academy's chief rival.

[Neri: A friendly race of short-lived, agrarian people.]

[Pimszt: The leader of a clan of Chiderans.]

[Shadows: Ferocious hound-men who guard important Caramine.]

[Shovat: A Caramine title, translates roughly to Prince.]

[Travat: A Caramine title, translates roughly to King.]

Ways, the: The Ways are places where the barriers between worlds are weakest. They are dangerous to stumble into; some go to places that are not easy to return from, such as the Underworld. By putting a door there, some kind of barrier, one can control where one goes, and hopefully stop people from accidently wandering into them. One can blockade them, but that takes effort. All of the worlds are riddled with Ways.

Chideran Lines (as named so far)

Midnight Ice: Black hair, deep, ice-blue eyes, pale skin

Summer Shadow: Blond hair, dark eyes, tanned skin

Emerald Fire: Red hair, green eyes, pale skin, often freckles

Burning Embers: Fiery red hair, pale green eyes, ebony skin

Sunset Sands: Auburn hair, dark eyes, dusky skin

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Ryan to English Translation wink

Bran – Brahn (also, Branflake, Branmuffin and Brancrunch)

Bitchard – Pritchard

Caramel – Caramine

Cimmerian – Chideran

Corpse Boy – Reaver

Girl’s Name – Robin

Lesk – Lhesk

Morgan Freeman – Boxter

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