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[Fic] A Mother Found

Sean Cassidy

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July 20, 2005

It was getting close to closing time, and Sapphire Rose, the newest headliner at Centerfolds, felt a welcome soreness in her legs and hands from a long night of dancing and working the pole. She smiled, coming close to the end of her set, dancing to Britney’s ‘Oops! I did it again’, her deep blue hair in pig tails, dressed in high heeled Mary Janes, knit knee-socks, and nothing else.

It had been a good night. The clients had been well behaved, and there hadn’t been too many complete perverts. Some had even been quite pleasant to talk to. Men were willing to talk about anything when they could spend the time with a perfect pair of tits, and a sexy smile. Hell, I think I made more tips talkin’ to the guys tonight than giving them lapdances. Hope Bob goes through with the plan for his wife; they’ll both be the happier for. Wish there’d been more girls here tonight though.

And the tips had been excellent. She’d only been dancing for five months, and already she was headlining, much to the silicone enhanced Destiny’s envy. Sapphire’s smile turned wicked as she spiralled around the brass pole. I’ll make it up to her at the apartment later. Matt and Ben had been especially generous, but then again, they could afford to be. They had even asked her to go party with them after close, but she had class tomorrow, and she had skipped enough already, so she had to decline. Besides, as fun as they were, she didn’t swing that way, and Destiny was waiting.

Not that innocent.

Britney finished with Sapphire’s legs in the splits and her bountiful breasts pressed to the stage, blue, blue eyes shining and her breathing deep. Even with the club mostly empty, she never gave less than a full performance, and the few remaining patrons reciprocated liberally. She had been gathering her catholic schoolgirl outfit and the loose bills on stage when her attention was pulled to a dark booth in the corner.

The lighting near the booth hid the occupants in shadows, save for a beckoning hand. Sapphire’s eyes were riveted by the pale, graceful hand, the single finger gesturing, reeling her in like a fish on a hook. She swayed to the booth, pulled by an unknown desire. She was unaware that the rest of the strip club seemed oblivious to the presence in the shadowed booth.

Sapphire stopped in front of the booth, and the shadows seemed to peel away to reveal two women who completely took her breath away. Without being vain, Sapphire knew she was an extremely attractive woman; she may have been no match for the Tribe of Ishtar in size or strength, but she was in every way their equal in physical appeal, and she had never felt less than another woman before.

These two woman made her feel drab and dirty in comparison, as well driving a deep spike of overwhelming lust through her. One was a blonde in a dark skirt-suit, the other, raven-haired in a skirt-suit of white. She couldn’t place there ages; both possessed lush figures that any twenty year old would kill for, yet the looks in their arresting eyes held a maturity and self-possession that could only come from hundreds of years of life. The blonde wore a rich, if tasteful, amount of golden jewellery, while the black-tressed woman wore only an intricate triple-chain of platinum about the slender neck.

The blonde woman spoke, and Sapphire shivered as the rich tones struck unseen chords on her soul.

“Well, daughter, you certainly are a beautiful child, but hardly the warrior I was hoping for,” Golden Aphrodite said the Sapphire Rose.

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