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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Zeke Ryder

Zeke Ryder

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Name: Zeke (not Ezekiel) Ryder

Concept: drifter, with a mission

Eruption: Fight with a few zombies

Nature: Jester

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Strength: 5(Wiry)/1(Crush)

Dexterity: 5(Coordinated)/1(Accuracy)

Stamina: 5(Tenacious)/1(Regeneration)

Perception: 5(Attentive)

Intelligence: 5(Practical)

Wits: 5(Level-Headed)/1(Quickness)

Charisma: 5(Cool)

Manipulation: 5(Authoritative)

Appearance: 5(Bad Boy)

Brawl 2, Might 2, Athletics 1, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Melee 2, Stealth 2, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 2, Investigation 1, Academics 1, Rapport 3, Intimidation 3, Subterfuge 2, Survival 4


Attunement: 1

Cipher 2 (Gerald Muntz)

Node: 2

Resources: 2

Quantum 2

QP: 24

Taint: 1

Willpower: 7



Initiative: +12

Soak: 6/3

W/R/S: 7/18/38

Merits/Flaws: Lusty, Overconfident, Dark Secret (3), Ambidextrous, High Pain Tolerance, Internal Compass

Physical Stats: Caucasian, 5'11" 164 lbs. Long, black hair and beard. Black eyes. Built like a weightlifting heroin addict, scrawny but muscular. Baggy black clothes, work gloves, biker boots. Looks about mid-20's, actual age 21.

Got barb-wire tattoos on his arms, up to his elbows.

Personality: A bit distant, but easy to get rolling if you've got a good sense of humor. His own humor is kinda dry, and a bit on the gallows side. Does not like it when people try to bullshit him or get one over on him. Likes to be straightforward with others. Changes the subject when asked about his past.

What he'll tell people is that he, in the middle of getting chewed on by a handful of zombies during a scavenging run gone awry, got a surge of strength and skill, not to mention that he doesn't get injured as easily as he used to. He put down the zombies with a few well-placed shots and some elbow grease. (One of them he smashed in the face with a floor safe. Another one he put through a wall, literally.) Then he had a headache and a vision, a vision of an angel of sorts, dressed up as the man he always wanted to be. That angel told him it was time to make his balls drop and be a real man, a hero, because the way he was going he was never going to see the world get better. He's been roaming since then, helping out people who needed it, and putting down 'zaks'(zombies) and 'asshats' (people taking advantage of the zombie invasion.)

Gear: Backpack, binoculars, some canned stuff, big flat-bladed shovel, handgun with one box of ammo, some spare clothes, canteen. Black, warm winter jacket.

Current Goals: Having grown weary of playing the Lone Ranger to the occasional group of zombie survivors, he has heard rumors of Fox's Enclave. Heard something about it from people who came from the Lost Bridge Village. Wants to go there for a bit, get cleaned up, then settle down. After he recharges, he feels obligated to go back out and help put the dead back to rest.

He also hopes to find others who've had a "visitation" like him, so that maybe they can put their heads together and figure out what the hell's going on.

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His past:

Real Name: Gerald Muntz

Gerald Muntz was a low-class sociopath who loved fighting and lying to people. He had nothing but contempt for them. He bullied the wrong people and got his ass kicked. He get revenge a few nights later, and beat some kid to death with a flat-blade shovel. He ran away, and was drifting. He went from one seedy under-the-table job to another.

The zombies hit, and he didn't have anyone he could trust. It was during a battle with a handful of aggressive corpses that he popped. His newfound skills allowed him to fight and win.

He became the badass he always wanted to be. But in the process of expanding his social skills, the node healed the defective part of his empathy abilities, and unmade his sociopathy. He experienced this as a vision, with a leather-clad biker as an "angel" telling him he had to be a Real Man now, because the world needed a hero. So, he became a not-quite Paragon, more of a Jester really, and decided to help people when they needed help. He became Zeke Ryder that night, and decided to banish Gerald Muntz to the dark basement in his head.

It's worked more often than not.

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