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Aberrant: 200X - Havok in Havana! [Open Fic][Complete]


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Jason stretched tall, arms above her head, as she left the plane, a soft groan passing her lips. She tried to ignore the tell-tale shifting of the guys gawking at her - she had been dealing with that for a while now - and almost succeeded. The trip to Havana from Ottawa had been tiring, more from a pile of annoyances than any physical trial, and Jason was ready to just spend some time in her hotel room.

"Well, guess you`re right again Kat, I shoulda shelled out for the first class tickets. That just sucked," Jason said in her slightly accented, mellifluous soprano, lush lips almost pouting at her short friend.

"Da! That's right superstar. You might be built like Knockout now," Katya said in an accent thicker than Jason's faint one, poking her in one of her spectacular boobs, "but I have been a woman longer than you. You and Knockout together, so you should listen to my vast experience, new girl."

Katya arched a brow, blatantly eyeing the incredibly curvaceous, preternatural beauty of Jason's 6'2'' figure up and down, an impish smile on her lips. She was dressed in black, sprayed-on denim short-shorts that revealed her unbelievably long legs and the bands of her thong, running shoes, and a very tight, baby blue, spaghetti strap tank top that showed off a bit of flat, toned midriff. The top had a black arrow pointing up, and writing distorted by the very buxom torso restrained inside. With a careful glance it could be seen to say: My eyes are up here...

Jason looked back at Kat, a blush creeping into her stunning features. Despite her own feelings and Kat's playfulness, Kat only saw her as a friend now, albeit one that was fair game to tease, hence the outfit. Yesterday, Kat had made her a bet based on the stupidity of guys around pretty girls and big boobs. Jason had backed her former gender, and lost, giving Kat the right to dress her up for the trip as she chose. She was greatfully thankful; it could have been much worst.

Jason sniffed, then tossed her head to shake a tendril of silvery hair out of her face. "This is the last time I'm gonna play Barbie for you Kat. Com'on, let's get our luggage and get to the hotel. I thought you wanted to do some sight seeing before my fight tomorrow night?"

Jason hitched her carry-on on her shoulder, then turned on her heel, her lengthy, wild, silvery pony-tail flaring before brushing across her heart-shaped ass with each long stide she took towards the luggage carousel. Katya gave a low chuckle as she hurried to catch up to her overly beautiful, former boyfriend. "<It won't be the last time you play Barbie, Jase>," She said softly in Russian.

Jason's path through José Marti International was very easy to follow. Even in a cosmopolitan tourist trap like Havana, full of Elites, Celebrities, and tourists, Nova and baseline alike, Jason stood out. Everything about her proclaimed her Homo Sapiens Novus, from her sheer good looks, rarely matched and even more rarely exceeded, to her impossibly smooth, swaying strut. She was completely unconscious of the innate, intensely captivating presence she possessed, that managed to be both wholesome and stimulating.

Heading to the luggage carousel, Jason thought back on the trip to Havana, letting out a long, soft sigh. It had started with Katya laying out her outfit for the day with a bright smile. Then at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, they were trying out a new Facial Recognition Security System, and she had been flagged because, according to their files, her face didn't match the name on her passport. They had believed she was a certain Danielle Waters, not Jason Bellefleur. After the problem had been sorted out, they had been properly apologetic, especially the guard who had insisted on a body search, but it had still nettled her. Not only had she lost her own gender when she had erupted, to some, she had also lost her own unique identity.

At the ticket booth, the woman had just assumed that she would upgrade her ticket to first class, Katya said that she should, and when Jason had declined, the look she gave her was almost condescending, as if to say, What type of cheap-ass Nova are you? How Jason wished she had taken the upgrade.

The seats had been too close together for comfort, thanks to her very long legs. Steve-from-Winnipeg had actually known who she was, and wouldn't stop talking to her tits about the hockey draft and the last minute trades. There was the one kid, fifteen or so, who keep passing up and down the aisle, trying to be sneaky taking pictures of her with his cellphone; she had felt very satisfied when on one trip, she had leaned over and taken a deep breath, giving him a full view, and the kid had tripped and landed on his boner. She hadn't seen him for the rest of the flight. Then there was the old man in the window seat with a bladder the size of a raisin. With her legs pressed against the seat in front of her, it was always tricky letting him pass. She had never figured out if the guy had been trying to cop a feel, or really just had a bladder the size of a raisin.

Here in Havana, passing through customs was easy, taking no more time then letting the official read her shirt, then stamp her passport. She picked up all of her and Katya's bags with effortless ease, then, making sure Katya was still with her, headed outside.

At least having Quantum-filled tits was good for something. She threw back her shoulders and waved a hand, and in less than twenty seconds she had three taxis racing for her. She pounded on the trunk of the first taxi to reach her, and packed in her and Katya's luggage. She slid into the back, with Katya sliding in next to her.

"Ok, dude, can you take-" Jason was caught off by the ebullience of the driver.

"Miss Knockout! I see you fight, see the fight for real! You are the most beautiful woman in the world-"

"Whoa! I'm not Knock-"

"-with the most beautiful gazongas in the world. You fight again? You come to great Havana for Havok, to fight again, Miss Knockout? Tickets-"

"I'm not Knock-"

"-you can get extra, yes? Miss Knockout, no man can beat such beauty. I take you where you want go, and we talk. Where do you go, Miss Knockout?"

"... Sigh. Hotel Saratoga."

You can do anything in Havana right? For a price? How much would it cost to kick his fuckin' chair through his fuckin' windshield, with him fuckin' in it?

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"We shoulda flown coach."

Conrad was staring out the window, waving to to the people below. "Why's that, Danno?"

"It's cheaper, is all." Danielle readjusted her glasses. She was in disguise, her usual superhuman proportions tamped down into the form of an average-looking mousy blonde. This prompted a few Clark Kent jokes until she managed to fool even Conrad, and then he'd shut up.

Danielle was still female, though. That was one hurdle uncleared. She didn't want to call it a problem, since really, it wasn't a problem... it wasn't as if half the world didn't have to go through being female, many of which is much less tolerant societies than Canada, most of which without the ability to lift a car.

Danielle hated it when she shortcircuited her ability to feel sorry for herself.

"Cheaper? Aren't they paying you big bank?"

"Yeah, but - " But I have to pay for all those drinks you're inhaling. "I dunno, I'm not super-rich or anything. I just paid off the student loan." And yours.

"Put it on credit! Or hell, do something that pulls in the cash, like that thing I talked about - "


"Suit yourself. Huge market out there for it."

"I'm sure." Danielle sighed, and tore open a packet of peanuts. She popped a couple into her mouth. "Maybe you should tell this Bellefleur about it."

"I totally should! I bet I turned him into a hot chick too."

Danielle felt the beginnings of a headache. "I... really don't think it was you."

"Oh, so he erupted and spontaneously wanted to look like you?"

"Eh. It happens. Weird things go through your head when you erupt."

"Yeah, I dunno what I was thinking when I got super-ottoman powers. Must have been a one-time deal."

"Anyways, I'm gonna see if I can run into her before the show. Let her know that if she wants to call herself Knockout, that's fine by me."

"But that's an awesome name! I came up with it!"

"C'mon. I mean... c'mooooon. 'Knockout?'"

"You knock people out and you look hot. I dunno what else to say."

"How about, 'If you want people to call you by your real name that's fine by me?'"

"Okay, Daniel." Conrad put emphasis on the end of the word.

"That's not what I - I mean - pfwuh." Danielle sat back. She flagged the waiter. "Now I need a drink."

* * *

"Danno? Don't look now, but I think I see your better half."

"Michelle? She's here?" Danielle looked around the airport, holding a luggage bag with one hand.

"No, not her."


"No, that other Canadian transexual super-bombshell."

"Oh." Danielle looked around, and spotted her. "Oh my."

"Oh yeah."

"Oh holy - hot - " Danielle blushed deeply. "Oh sweet Jesus does my butt do that?"

"A little."

"Do my, you know, bounce like that?"

"You told me not to stare."

"But you did anyways."

"In that case, yeah, they do. Uh - Danno - " Conrad tugged on Danielle's sleeve. "You're slipping. And floating."

Danielle blinked, and looked down. She was indeed slipping - looking normal took near-constant concentration and she could see her clothing filling out. More than that, she could wiggle her feet and not touch the ground, a bad habit she'd picked up when distracted. "Shit, shit. Uh... hoo. Dead babies, uh, Brian Mulroney, the Beachcombers on a cold day..."

Danielle came back down to Earth, the disguise slipping back into place. "Jesus, she's hot."

"You realize you're looking at yourself?"

"Yeah. She's still hot."

"Uh." Conrad arched an eyebrow. "Danno, do you ever... you know... look at yourself?"

"What? No!"

"Danno - it's me."

"... a little. But just a little! Just at first. God. Wonder where she's staying."

"We're booked at Sarah's Toga, right? The Greek place?"

"Saratoga, and it's not Greek, and they'll break a plate over your head if you say it is. Car rental's over there."

"You see that with your x-ray vision?"

"No, I rented it through Hertz." She pointed at the Hertz rental car logo. "If she's not there at the hotel, I'll see her later, and if she is, well... we'll see."

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Ryusei appeared at the entrance to the Saratoga in a flash of light carrying a small suitcase, dressed in a light khaki ensemble and tennis shoes. He went into the desk and smiled as he greeted the receptionist who if fazed by his looks didn't really show it. She must have been here some time.

"I have a reservation for Hideyoshi, First Name Ryusei." The attendant looked up the name and then her eyes did grow large when she saw that the client had reserved an entire floor of the Saratoga.

"Ah Mister Hideyoshi.."

"Ryusei will be fine."

"I think my manager would like to speak with you."

"Then by all means go and get him. I have time."

She left and came back with an older gentelmen dressed in a fine suit. "Mister Hideyoshi, We are so glad you chose us for lodgings while in Havanna."

"I've heard good things in my travels, and decided to see them myself." The young nova smilesand the Older man nods.

"If I or the staff can be of any service to you while you are here, please do not hesitate to ask."

Ryusei nods. "I'll let you know. If you would, I'd like to be shown to my room now."

The Manager nods once and as opposed to caling a bellhop takes Ryusei's suitcase and turns to show him to the Private Elevator granted to higher paying guests.

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The bright, yellow sun washed the gleaming buildings of post-Castro Havana with a sepia tone, the golden glare obfuscating the dereliction and neglect of the previous decades. It's so different from when I was here for vacation ten years ago. Everywhere that Jsaon looked, she saw structures that looked like they had been absconded from Las Vegas and transplanted to a version of Miami. She kept expecting to hear The Who blaring at any moment.

Jason sat in the back of the taxi, her arms folded beneath her impressive bust, her lips tight, teeth gritted. She hated cars, even since she had been severely injured in an accident several years ago, and she felt a trace of phantom pain trace a path up her spine. Kat kept looking at her out of the corner of her eye, an grin threatening to break on her face at any moment. Bitch! Somehow, she knew this was gonna happen.

Jason marvelled at the driver's ability to split his focus between the road and her rack, maybe 30/70, and still hit every bump and pothole on the road. Without a bra, her gravity-defying breasts were jiggling and bouncing quite noticeably, in a not unpleasant fashion she was forced to admit, if only to herself.

"You're a bitch, you know that Kat?"

"Bah! You like it," Kat said with a pointed look. "And next time, you will not boast about your breasts, you. Because of me, you get to enjoy those wonderful breasts. You should be thanking me."

"Enjoy them?! Like it?! I do not! And I wasn't boasting, I was just sayin-"

"Look down."

"Down? Why... Fuck." Jason said, looking at her slightly protruding nipples tenting her tank top. "You did this on purpose."

"Me?" Katya said with sugary sweet innocence, a hand pressed to her chest. "How could I know what the roads are like, or how well our driver could find every... Enjoyable... Bump." She chuckled at Jason's embarrassed discomfiture.

"I don't know, but you did. Somehow. Bitch."

"It could have been worst Jason."



Jason lapsed into cowed silence for the rest of the trip to the Hotel Saratoga.

The two women made it to their hotel without anymore trouble than a few more bumps and jiggles. No sooner had Jason gotten out of the taxi, then a bellhop was there to take her bags, a look on his face that she was growing accustomed to seeing all too frequently. Putting up only a token protest, she let him take them all, save for her carry-on and one of the larger suitcases, then turned and leaned over to pay the driver.

She rolled her fainting glowing, indigo eyes when she saw where his gaze was locked and asked, "How much?"

"You pay enough Miss Knockout, you pay too much!" His grin was huge. "You can get tickets, Miss Knockout?"

"Sigh. Tell you what bud, call the hotel Saratoga tomorrow and ask for Danielle Waters, and you'll get your tickets, 'kay?"

"Yes, yes! I will do that. Thank you a thousand times Miss Knockout," the cabbie babbled in lust-filled thanks, then peeled off, his driving somewhat eractic. But it already had been.

"Jason, that was mean. What if Danielle is staying here?"

"As if. Why would she be here anyway? Come on, let's get our rooms, I want to get out of public for a while."

With that, she headed to the front doors of the elegant Saratoga, her stride long, hips swinging, her long silvery pony-tail lashing like the tail of an affronted cat. Katya and the awe-stricken bellhop had to step quickly to catch up. She gave the doorman a nod, as he shifted awkwardly and held the door for her; annoying, but it was another thing she was growing used to.

Jason could feel every eye turning her way as she entered the classically furnished lobby. She glided with preternatural smoothness to the front desk, noticing in passing a very handsome, Asian man, who she assumed was a nova, near the bank of private elevators.

"Good day, senorita, welcome to the Saratoga. Do you have a reservation with us?" The receptionist was an attractive young woman with long black hair, a delightfully husky voice, and a nametag that said Catalina. She had a nice smile and bright eyes, and if she was impressed by her overly attractive guest, she kept it in check.

"I should, two rooms. It should be under the name Bellefleur."

She checked her name in the computer, and a moment later, a look of distress appeared on her face. "I am terribly sorry Miss Bellefleur. There seems to have been a mistake made when another guess reserved an entire floor, and some rooms had to be shuffled. We seem to only have you listed for one room. Can you give me a moment, and I'll see if I can find something else to accommodate your needs?" Catalina looked genuinely distraught.

A wild thought crossed Jason's mind and she asked in her silkiest voice, "You don't happen to have a reservation for a Danielle Waters, do you."

A blushed deepened her dark skin, and Catalina looked down, focusing on the computer in front of her. "I - I really cannot give out that information, but maybe - "

"Nevermind," Jason said, feeling a little sorry for asking the receptionist to do something that she would get in trouble for. "I'll wait to see if you can find me something else."

Jason moved off to the side and turned around, propping her firm behind on the edge of the desk, arms folded beneath her breasts, the stretched tank top exposing more bare midriff. Hopefully this would be resolved soon, and she could go hide out in her room for a while. Like, till her XWF match tomorrow.

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Ryusei's keen hearing picks up the conversation and nods to the manager. "A moment please."

He walks over to the very attractive obvious nova female, doing his best to keep his face neutral but unable to keep a smile from his face. This had to be Jason, nobody looked quite so close to Knockout, or had the silver grey hair.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance miss. I have an entire floor to myself here and I hear it's cost you your reservation allow me to offer you rooms from my floor."

He looks to the Manaager who just nodded, about ten seconds after he realized the wealthy young patron was actually looking at him and that he'd been caught staring at the beautiful female nova.

After a moment Ryusei's smile widens as he starts to chuckle. "Damn you really do look like Knockout."

Finally he introduces himself. "My name's Ryusei Hideyoshi, I presume you're Ms. Bellefleur?"

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Jason stood up straight as the handsome, unknown nova headed her way, pusing off the desk with an effortless grace, her tight waist rippling subtly. She raised an eyebrow at his reserved smile, impressed and disgustingly pleased, that after a simple appraisal of her figure, his eyes stayed focused on her face. Well, that's somethin' at least.

As she listened to him make his offer and comparison, Jason's full lips bent into a wry, inadvertently sexy, smile. "Yeah, I get compared to Knockout a lot. Personally, I don't see it. I mean, com'on, she's a golden blonde, and I'm a silver blonde. You can't get much more different than that, now can you?" Jason's melodious soprano, tinted with a hint of a Russian accent, was just as wry and inadvertently sexy as her smile.

"Ms. Bellefleur," Jason continued, with a deep sigh that strained the fabric of her baby-blue tank top, "yup, I guess that's me now, but call me Jason. Unless callin' someone who looks like me Jason creeps you out, then you can call me Ms. Bellefleur. Or Jason." Her faintly luminous indigo eyes glowed slightly brighter, though mockingly or humourously, it was hard to tell. "Ryusei - am I saying it right? - I'm guessin' you're the one I was chatting with the other night on the opnet?"

At his offer of a room, Jason shifted self-consciously, her hips cocking from side to side. "Well, I - thanks for the offer, Ryusei, but I'm sure Catalina will-"

"What Jason means to say, is that she could not possibly refuse such a gracious offer from such a gracious man as yourself Ryusei Hideyoshi." Kat said, her accent noticeably more pronouced than Jason's.

A tiny, cute, grey-eyed, raven-haired woman still shy of twenty stepped beside Jason, the contrast between the two women severe. Her wide grin was mischevous, her obvious admiration for the incredibly handsome Ryusei not deterring her in the least.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ryusei Hideyoshi, I am Katya Skovskaya, since someone with no manners-"

"What? I was-" Jason tried to interrupt, unsuccessfully.

"forgot to introduce me. Someone who should listen to her friend who has much more experience living as a woman-"

"Hey now! You-"

"and who should take her advice, always. Remember the bet? And the plane?" The last two questions were posed to her ex-boyfriend, who she smiled wickedly up at.

"... "

"... "

"...So, Ryusei, about those rooms?" Jason asked with as much dignity and composure as she could, though her cheeks were red and her smile crooked.

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Ryusei marveled at the entire scene. The way Kat came in and saved the day was flawless, virtually exactly what he'd have done were the situations reversed. He smiled warmly and nodded to both women. "Ryusei is sufficient between friends, my last name is a mouthful even for some of my family." He looks at Jason, his own grin widening. "And yes I'm that Ryusei. It's a pleasure to meet you face to face."

He nods once as the real meat of the discussion resurfaced. Of course, Jason, please follow me. Because If I follow you I'm likely to run into something. The Manager was just about to show me to the rooms, you can choose which ones you'd like." Multiple baths, large soft beds, and at least one hottub. Oh God perhaps this wasn't one of my better ideas.... He walks over to the Manager who is already calling for bellmen to get the ladies' bags.

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The Manager went back behind the front desk to collect several more magnetic keycards, then led his guests to the bank of private elevators. Jason could feel Katya's hand tighten in hers, as they followed their generous host and benefactor.

Jason saw that Katya was rivetted by something, then smirked when she followed Katya's gaze and found it locked on Ryusei's ass. Well, it's nice that I'm not the only one who gets gawked at. Her smirk withered a moment later as she heard the heavy panting of the bellmen following behind her with their luggage.

Jason felt her embarrassment rise even further when she saw her reflection in the mirrored surface of the elevator, and her nipples stiffened, rather noticeably, in her thin shirt. Everyone in the elevator had the decency not to comment. I am so putting on a fuckin' bra when I get to my room, Jason thought, as she surreptitiously tried to preserve the remnants of her modesty.

"So, anyone have plans for later, or we just bummin' in our rooms?" Jason's tone left no doubt to which option she'd prefer.

"Oh, I am thinking we should do some sight seeing, maybe some shopping, then go to the beach. What say you, Ryusei?" Katya's grinned with amusement at Jason, while at the same time, giving Ryusei a covert look-over.

When the elevator pinged, and the doors opened, Jason almost ran out, saying over her shoulder that she would just take a corner room. She turned back just to grab the keycard that the Manager had instinctively held up, then was off again. Every eye was drawn to the marvellous flexing of her impeccable rear. Into the silence, Katya mentioned that she would take the connecting room, and followed Jason at a more sedate place.

Jason entered her room, and stopped, stunned. It was by far the most luxurious room she had ever been in. The floor to ceiling windows on two walls let in a nice breeze and a nice view, and led to a broad balcony. All the furniture was elegant and tasteful, not ostentatious, as were the carpets on marble floor, and the double-height ceilings gave the room an open, airy feel. Her eyes widened at the raised hot tub bubbling in the middle of the room, and she caught her flushed appearance in another mirror. That looks nice, I should have time for a quick dip.

She threw her carry-on and suitcase on the bed, then reached for the hem of the tank top, when something occured to her. She hurried over the connecting door, and made sure it was locked. On the way back to the hot tub, she stopped by her suitcase, to look for a bra, and a swimsuit, just incase. She grunted when she saw what was in the suitcase.

The shiny, sexy, bluish-purple one-piece bathing suit didn't really bother her, since she had picked it out, but all her simple sport bras had been replaced with the sexiest underwear she owned. Hell, half of these she didn't even recognize, and she wasn't even sure how to put that one on. The pair of sandals and shoes were also new, both with heels. Kat!. She set aside the bathing suit and a reddish-purple - Sorry, magenta! - bra that she knew kept her titties in place nearly as well as her heavy-duty sports bras, despite it delicate appearance - and it should, considering what the damn thing cost - and eyed the hot tub again.

She sashayed back to the hot tub, and looking around one more time to make sure she was truly alone, ogled herself in mirror as she began to give herself a private striptease, her hands caressing her improbable breasts. Her hips began to sway to the soft latin beats being emitted by the radio, and as she really got into the spirit, Jason's whole body undulated with far more sex-appeal and graceful rhythm then a baseline was capable of, or that she herself was even aware of.

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Danielle whistled as she looked around the luxurious hotel room. "Nice. Nice." For what I'm paying it better be.

She dumped the bags and her handbag (not a purse, never a purse, and if you called it a purse she might take your car and throw it at your house) on the bed, flexed a bit, then turned to Conrad, who was standing out in the hall. "Can you believe Ryusei bought out a floor? I have half a mind to take one of those rooms."

"Why don't you?" Conrad shrugged.

"Eh, I just feel like a mooch, taking other people's money. I can pay my own way. Yours too."

"You laugh, but once my book on the history of war from the perspective of hookers is finished, my bank account will beat up yours."

"Uh huh."

"So, uh." Conrad tugged on his doorknob. "Oops."

"What? Don't say oops."


"Whoops as in..."

"As in, 'whoops, I locked myself out of the hotel room.' I will have to stay with you."

Danielle rubbed her forehead. Somehow, she knew something like this was going to happen. "I'm not sleeping in the same room as you, or your camera."

"Come on. We can play Rock Band - well, you'd have to go out and buy it first - "

"Uh huh."

"We could just, you know, hang out."

Danielle sighed. "Conrad - you're my best friend, man? But I need my own space. If I bunk with a guy he'll check me out. If I bunk with a girl I'll be checking them out. Just go down to the manager and say you lost your card."

"I hate doing that."

"You hate sleeping in the street more? What is it with guys and inability to admit failure? Just go! Go talk to the manager. We're paying a shitting fuckton for the rooms, he'll remember your face."

"Fine." Conrad was unusually abrupt. He stomped down the hall towards the elevator.

Danielle let him go, replaying her words in her head. 'What is it with guys?' I said that like 'guys' fell into the Them slot...

She turned around, and stared. The door had shut behind her.

She tried the knob. It didn't turn. She looked up and down the hall, which was empty, and relaxed her disguise, her proportions filling out her clothing. She narrowed her eyes, looking through the door, and, yep, right next to her handbag was her keycard.

"I'm locked out of my hotel room," she said blandly.

After a moment, she said it again. "I am locked out of my hotel room. I am an idiot. Okay. Rip the door off?"

Yeah, I'm sure I'll have no problems being who I am, in a room with a door that won't close.

"Go see the manager?"

And hear about it from Conrad for-EVER. Yeah - no.

"All right, all right... lateral thinking up in dis... hmm." She peered through the door with a penetrating glance, and looked at the window. "Unlocked..."

Just fly up, open it all the way, go in, grab your key, bingo. Easy peasy. What could go wrong?

She took the stairs, five at a time, putting her disguise back in place. She reached the ground floor, went out the front doors, ducked around the side into an alleyway, and floated upwards.

A problem with her disguise was that she couldn't really exert herself and maintain it, so she didn't try. No one would be looking up. She counted out floors.

Danielle wasn't dumb. She was, however, not always swift on the uptake, and she was rather sheltered, and it just didn't occur to her that the hotel might not have a 13th floor. So she miscounted by one, and coasted to a stop in front of precisely the wrong window.

Okay, now where's... my... hand... bag...

Danielle stared into a hotel room that was vaguely familiar - much like hers. And she stared at a figure that was very, very familiar. Much like hers.

Oh my God. My GOD.

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He nodded. "Shopping, sight-seeing, and the beach all sound great. I promised my siblings souveniers, and this is my first time in Cuba." He chuckles. "Going to the beach with such company as you two lovely ladies would be a true pleasure."

Ryusei smiled and made sure to tip both the bellmen and the manager well and being told that if there was anything they needed to simply call, After they'd selected their rooms and the girls had gone in. He looked around the room he'd chosen, overlooking the beach and smiled. it was roomy, clean and well furnished. The kingsize bed was soft and the bath was enormous. He had his own private hottub and a full kitchen should he decide to cook.

He stripped and took a good shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist as he got out. It was a good day to relax, he certainly needed to.

He'd noticed the way Kat had eyed him and that made him smile. She was attractive, for a baseline. Going to the beach would be an adventure in its own right, simply for them having to keep the guys away from Jason.

"Whateve happens, one thing's for sure, this little excursion won't be boring."

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Jason bounced and gyrated to the music, grinning at herself in the mirror, her bare feet gliding on the coping of the hot tub, her long, silvery hair loose and wild. She would be damned if she would admit to anyone, especially to Kat-and-her-fourteen-years-of-dance, but in the privacy of her own room, she could admit to herself that dancing was pretty fun. Particularly if she could get a good view of herself doing it. Fuck! I'm so vain...

"I'm so vain-" Jason began to sing in her lovely soprano. She had already removed her tank top and was starting on her skin-tight short shorts, when she froze, becoming aware of another face reflected in the mirror. Another face that was her face.

Jason whirled, confronting the woman who floated outside her hotel room, yelling in a voice much higher and shriller than she could have wanted, "Holy fuck! You're Knock - Yeep!" Thud! Splash!

Preternatural speed overcame preternatural agility, and Jason slipped on the coping, cracking the back of her head solidly on the edge of the hot tub before sliding into the bubbling water. In seconds, she stood back up, water streaming from her glistening contours as she shook soaked strands of silvery hair from her face. Her radiant, indigo eyes grew wide as she stared at her doppelganger (or maybe she was her doppelganger).

Oh! My! God! She's gorgeous!

"Um, that really wasn't what it looked like, 'kay?"

Jesus-Fucking-Christ, her tits are huge! Mine aren't really that big, are they?

"Okay, maybe it was exactly what it looked like, but it's my body, I can do what I want."

Why is she just starin' at me and not sayin' anything? Jason peeled her eyes off of Danielle's chest and followed her gaze to her own chest. Oh, right, the twins. Jason dropped back into the hot tub, concealing herself up to the neck. The two women, who looked like they had stepped out of the same page of a comic book, just stared at each for several long moments. Say something cool and suave, Jase, make her laugh.

"Well, this is damned awkward, I had always been more of an Ausrine fan myself..." Idiot! Shut up and introduce yourself. "... er, let's try to start this off on the right foot, eh? Hi, I'm Knockout," Crapfuck! "I mean Jason Bellefleur, and you must be Danielle Waters. You wanna come in before you fall outta the sky?"



"...ummmm, care to join me in the hot tub? You got to see me naked, I think it's only fair that I get to see you naked in turn."

I'm a fuckin' retard. But at least I don't have to feel guilty for being turned on by a bod like that!

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Ryusei heard Jason's scream and without really thinking, he let quantum flow over him attuneing his towel and vanished from his own room and reappeared in hers. He was truly not prepared for what was going on. "What's wrong?"

In her hot tub was Jason, who argueably had less clothing than him on, and outside the window was Knockout, looking in.

Oh my God they're both here. This is totally insane! He chanced looking back towards Jason and confirmed her relative lack of clothing, clamped his eyes shut and turned to face the window. Only then did he open them, looking at Danielle floating there. Almost imperceptible was the faint reflection of Jason crouching in the tub behind him.

Please don't ask for my towel..... I am about to die, I just know it.

"I heard you scream and thought...nevermind... I'm sorry, I'll be going now." Either straight to hell for the thoughts in my mind or probably through said windowas her reaction.

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Danielle, to her credit, didn't stay slackjawed outside the window for long. As soon as Jason fell she gasped. "Oh God oh God I'm coming hang on I know CPR - "

By the time Danielle was through the window, Jason was standing back up, and Danielle was gobsmacked again. She's prettier than I am. Holy God.

"Uh. Hi. Uh. Uh, I wasn't - I was - I locked myself out of my room, and I think I miscounted because this isn't my room and they all look the same, and - and I wasn't snooping, I'm sorry, and - "

She invited me into a hot tub.

"And... maybe? Maybe later, uh, in terms of tub-related activities, and is your head okay? I know how to check for fractures and stuff..."

Maybe? Maybe? You met her five seconds ago and 'get naked in a tub' is up to 'maybe?' You -

It was that moment that Ryusei blipped into the room. Danielle felt the rush of displaced air, and blinked. "Uh. She fell."

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Jason stared at her golden haired double floating just ahead of her, the tops of her expansive assets emerging from the water with every heavy breath she took. Her lips bent into a crooked grin, and she had to choke back the near hysterical giggles that threatened to escape.

"Er, I've had dreams like this - only you were the one in the tub - I was - well - you know, not a -"

Is this what every guy feels when he is around me? Holy Hell, she's built like Power Girl, and I've never wanted to fly so badly till now. I just want to kiss her... Aw, damn! Had I pretended to drown, she'd be giving me mouth-to-mouth by now.

"Nah, my head's fine. I'm pretty tough... I guess it's too late to pretend I really do need CPR, huh?" Dammit Jason, stop thinking with your... Well, not that, but with whatever it is that does all the horny thinking in girls - Wait! "Wait! Locked yourself out? Why wouldn't just go to the front de-"

Jason was interrupted by Ryusei's sudden arrival, and she twisted around in surprise, revealing a dangerous amount of her chest.

"Ryusei?!" I sound like such a fuckin' girl. "What are you - How - I just fell - and she was - I mean - gah!" Jason's face turned bright red, the obvious bulge in Ryusei's towel stopping her in mid mangled sentence. It was one thing to know you had a certain effect, it was another to actually see the effect you caused. "Get outta here!"

"Jason, what is going on in here? The connecting door was - OhMyFuckingGod! You're Danielle Waters," Katya said, entering the room from the front door, dressed in a shimmering black, one-piece swimsuit that emphasized her great legs and enhanced her modest bustline.

Then she burst out into peals of hilarity.


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Ryusei's face flushed as well as he realized what Jason was looking at. Yes, you both look so good that we who are about to die salute you.

"I'm so sorry I thought ... I'll be going back to room now.

Where I can die of shame and embarrasment alone, and take a VERY cold shower.

He vanished just as quickly as he came in and sighed as he reappeared in his room. "Ok, God now that that is out of your system I'd appreciate a slightly less interesting day."

With that he turned on the cold water and climbed into the shower.

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"Uh. Hi? Bye." Danielle caught herself waving to both Katya and Ryusei, for different reasons.

"Yeah. Yeah, s'me. Danielle Waters. Uh, I didn't - we weren't up to - I was locked out of my apartment and I miscounted or something and they all look the same and - I should maybe go? I mean, if you're going, you know. Swimming."

Danielle eyed the tub. I will not look. I will not look. I looked. Shit.

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Katya was sorry to see incredibly handsome, still wet, towel clad Rysusei blip out of view, but seeing the red-faced look of shock still on Jason's face made her break out into fresh giggles of amusement. Katya turned her attention to Danielle, her impish grin widening, grey eyes sparkling as she boldly eyed the near impossible figure of the blonde up and down.

"I'm Katya, I cannot believe you are here," Kat said excitedly, the occasional snicker still slipping out as she slowly circled Knockout. "You say that you came here by accident after locking yourself out? What are the odds? God, he has a very fine sense of humour." Kat shook her head in awe, and the tiniest bit of envy. "This is beyond incredible, you two, you could be twins, the same figure, the same face. I did not mean for this to happen." She let out a snort that could have meant anything.

"Go? I do not know-" Kat followed Danielle's eyes to the hot tub. Snicker. "Ah! Go join her if you like, don't be fooled by Jason's red face, she's not really that shy. Otherwise, she'd duck lower in the water instead of showing off her chest."

Jason immediately ducked until only her eyes and nose were above water level. "Way too late, Jase. Come on Danielle, don't be so modest, it's only us girls here." Hee, Hee. "There's nothing here that any of us, especially you two, haven't seen before." Fresh laughter bubbled from Katya's throat.

"Kat! What the hell are you do-" Jason cried, the water bubbling around her mouth.

"Hush, you." Katya made her way over to the bed and dangled Jason's indigo swimsuit from her fingers. "If you prefer Danielle, you can wear Jason's one-piece. I assure, it'll be a good fit."

Katya tossed the swimsuit to Danielle, and continued, amusement still strong in her voice. "At any rate, we, and Rysusei, are going out in a while for some sight-seeing, shopping, then the beach. Danielle, you should totally come with."

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Danielle stared blankly at the swimsuit. She wants me to wear something Jay wore.

She wants me to wear a swimsuit.

Oh, God. I'm living in a Penthouse letter. "I never thought it would happen to me, but then one day..."

"It... looks like it'd fit... yeah." Danielle turned it around. She has a swimsuit. She wears outfits like that. She's handling it great. What's wrong with me?

"I - I wouldn't mind going out with you. And Jason. And Ryusei." Safety in numbers. "Uh, I just came to Havanna to talk to Jay... uh, let her - him - let you know - " She said, turning to Jay and making a successful effort to make eye contact. "You can have my nickname if you want. I'm not married to it. My friend gave it to me."

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I can't believe Kat tossed my swimsuit to Danielle. Jason could feel her heart beating faster at the thoght of seeing the blonde knockout Knockout dressed in the racy number. Is she actually gonna put it on? <pant!> I may have picked it out, but I had no intention of letting anyone but myself see me wear it.

Jason gaze started drifting, eyeing Danielle up and down, her mind picturing her wearing her skimpy one-piece, when what Danielle was saying finally penetrated her fantasy.

"Gah! Don't do that - just call me Jason, Jase, or Jay - refer to me by her or she - flipping genders makes my stomach twist." Jason sounded a little perturbed by Danielle's bumbling of pronouns, but continued in good grace. "I'm flattered - really - that you came to Havana just to see me, it's awesome that I got a chance to see - to meet you too - huh?"

Jason's eyes snapped from Danielle's prominent protuberances, and met her blue eyes with luminous indigo ones, a flash of irritation crossing her stunning face. "You think I want your name? Look Dani, she's the one that wanted to look like you, not me!" Jason pointed an accusatory finger at Katya, for a brief moment showcasing an indecent amount flesh. "I wanted to play hockey in the NHL. I get mistaken for you all the time. The XWF tried to shove every variant of 'Knockout' down my throat. Actually being Knockout would get confusing for everyone, not the least everyone thinking that's it me on that damn YouTube video. I plan on still being called Jason, and I already got make my own Nova name, thanks!"

"Look, sorry for going off like that, it's been a long day - the airport - " Jason let out a long sigh, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose. After a deep, calming breath, she opened her eyes and looked at Danielle again. "Dani, I think we've been in here long enough. I'm sure Ryusei is having all sorts of nasty thoughts." Jason's cheeks turned flaming red as she muttered under her breath, "I know I am."

Returning to a normal tone of voice, she continued, "How 'bout we all get dressed, collect Rysusei, and go out for a bit of sight-seeing and then the beach, eh? If you don't have a swimsuit Dani, you can have that one, I have another." A much more modest one too.

Abruptly, Jason stood up in the hot tub, her hands doing a poor job of concealing her astounding assets, her wet short-shorts looking ready to explode off her firm behind.

"Umm... girls, mind turnin' around?"

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"Hnnnfffwuh." Danielle blinked at the sudden change in scenery. She turned abruptly, still looking at the swimsuit.

It's like string. Just like string. "Uh, I can - I didn't bring one but I can buy my own - "

Good luck getting one that'll fit, though. "Uh, but... if you two want me to wear it... She wanted him to look this way? And he erupted to match that? Oh, she has to be gay. I'm in a room with two hot gay girls. Play it cool, Danielle, you might finally lose it tonight...

"Listen, uhm. Sorry about the thing with the name, it's okay. I just - I heard you were having, er, branding issues, people calling you a knockoff Knockout and I figured, uh, if you kept getting called it then..." She trailed off. "I know. Dumb of me."

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Kat gave a low chuckle as she headed for the connecting door. "I'm going to get ready, then going to see if Ryusei is ready too. He's in room 1603." As she unlocked the door, she made one last comment before disappearing from sight, "Try not to get distracted you two."

Jason scampered, though she'd deny it, to her suitcase, grumbling, "This would be so much easier if Kat was actually gay, instead of just being a co- a tease." My God! After having a steady girlfriend for the last three years, going three months without is really frying your brain. Play it cool, Jase, you might finally get some tonight...

Jason kept one arm across her chest as she searched her suitcase for her other, more modest, swimsuit, and a replacement shirt and shorts. "About the name thing, Dani, really, don't worry about it - I mean, I can't even fly, what kind of Knockout would I be? And they suit, well, I never intended - I mean I never meant - It would be a shame - I have another," And I want to see you in that one, "and finding a one-piece that fits... us isn't easy, yah? Waste not, want not and all that."

Aha! Jason finally found the other swimsuit, noticing, but not really caring, that it seemed somehow a little different than she remembered. She grabbed a pair of capris and a loose shirt, and dashed to the bathroom with preternatural smoothness and swiftness. "I won't be a minute."

Less than a minute after the bathroom door swung shut, Danielle could hear the loudest, most melodious cursing she had ever heard. She couldn't help but turn around as the bathroon door opened.

Jason stood there, in a grey one-piece swimsuit that indeed did cover her fully from high-cut legs to neck. On the other hand, the near mirror-like sheen of the fabric emphasized and highlighted every incredible curve of her body.

"That Kat can be such a bitch sometimes."

Jason quickly slipped on the off-white capris and black shirt, which had a small, slightly stretched maple leaf on it and proclaimed that 'Canadian Girls Kick Ass'. As she pulled her long silvery hair back, and tied it up in a high ponytail with a scrunchy, she looked at Danielle with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I'm about ready to go," Jason said, picking up her smallish backpack. "You changing in the bathroom, or out here...?"

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Ryusei for his part had finished his second shower and dried off. He picked out te dark Navy swimtrunks and put on a white t-shirt and a somewhat ostentatious blue Hawaian buttondown over it. He grabbed his phone and his camera, perhaps the thing he need most aside from sunglasses. His shoulder length black hair was allowed to casually fall where it would, and of course his blue eyes were set off by the clothing he'd chosen to wear. He knew that Danielle and Jason would garner the lion's share of attention today, but that was no reason for him to not look good as well.

When Kat knocked on his door he smiled and went and opened the door. "ready to go?" He gave her one of his award winning smiled.

"How are those two getting along?"

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"Uh, just... just turn around."

When Jay did this, Danielle looked at the swimsuit, and blew out through her teeth. An idea came to her, and she drew the blinds of the window first, then began to disrobe.

So Katya isn't gay? Why did Jay said she did this to her, then? ... oh, God, I have to keep her away from Conrad. If he tells her about his pills...

Danielle donned the stringy bikini, and looked at herself in the mirror. After a long moment, she grabbed a towel from beside the hot tub and wrapped it around her waist. After another long moment, she grabbed her jacket off the floor and donned it.

"Okay, ready."

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Kayta's heart skipped a beat, and she nearly swooned seeing Ryusei's smile. She felt a small prickle of guilt, but it quickly faded. She didn't have any romantic feelings for Jason anymore, she very much prefered men, and here was an exemplary example of a man, smiling just at her.

"Just about ready to go, we're just waiting on the twins," Katya giggled, adjusting the sarong and undoing a few buttons on the shirt she had thrown over her black swimsuit.

"Those two... it's sooo amusing to watch them together. Both of them are one of the most beautiful woman in the world, and clearly embarrassed and yet turned on by the other. Either they will make the most attractive couple ever, or this will turn out to be the biggest, most beautiful train wreck ever. And I just... can't... look way."


It took every ounce of effort on Jason's part not to turn around while Danielle was changing; she was proud that she did not even try to catch a glimpse of the disrobing blonde in a reflection off something, anything.

At Danielle's okay, Jason spun around and froze, mouth agape. Huunnngh! That suit looks even skimpier on her than it did on me. I can't believe she's actually gonna wear that outside. Well... she has been a girl a year longer than me, maybe she's gotten used to it?

"You look - Wow! Let's go, I got everything we need in my backpack." Jason eyed Danielle up and down one more time, gaze maybe lingering a little long on the cleavage exposed by her gaping jacket. "You might want to put your shirt and pants back on over the swimsuit though, or stop by your room on the way out. Even I think wearing a jacket and towel over a swimsuit looks dumb."

"Now, where are my runners?" Jason looked around, finally spotting them bobbing in the hot tub. Well... fuck! "Well... fuck!" She stalked back to her suitcase open on the bed, and pulled out the sandals with the two-inch, wedge heels. She slipped them on, then took a few brisk strides to check her balance; any runway model would envy Jason's graceful strut while wearing heels.

"Just so you know, I in no way like the fact that I'm wearing heels. I just hate wet shoes since I caught pneumonia a while back. Come'on."

Jason strode out the door, and headed for the other end of the T-section hallway, where room 1603 was. She rapped on the door then opened it without waiting for an answer.

"We're just about ready to go, Dani might - What?" Jason narrowed her gleaming indigo eyes in suspicion, seeing the small smiles on Ryusei's and Katya's faces.

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Ryusei nodded. "I can't say that I blame them, being that I'm a straight man who's watching "two beautiful women he knows to be straight men on the inside which is best termed as they're now lesbian women" go through all this. Or something along those lines. Though I will warrant this, this will be a most memorable occassion to be sure." He gave her an appraising look and nodded she was a beautiful woman in her own right, but it was hard to look anywhere else when Knockout and Jason were around.

He looks to the door to see Jason Emerge and smiles. "Nothing at all, just speaking of how fun today is going to be."

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Danielle quickly redressed, putting her normal clothes over the stringy thingy, and followed Jay out.

She's into me. This is so weird. This is so, so, so, so, so weird. Danielle couldn't quite stop fantasizing about feeling Jay's body pressed against hers, and felt tingling in her skin. If we actually did it that's be about the most screwy way to lose it that's humanly possible.

"Fun? Okay. Uh, what's 'fun' entail? Obviously the beach is on the menu, uh, shopping and I guess Jay's gotta get ready for her big fight, and, uh, anything else?"

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As the group of women and one man headed to the elevators, Jason tried to ignore Kat smirking at seeing her in heels, all the while sneakng glances at Dani from the corner of her eye.

It should feel wierd being attracted to a woman who I look almost exactly like and just met, but it doesn't. I just want to run my hand through her hair and start kissing her from... Jason could feel her skin grow warm, and hoped it wasn't too obvious. I know how I ended up this way, I think. I wonder how or why she ended up busting out like that, or if she knows.

Huunnh! I never noticed while staring at her, but I think I'm a few inches taller than her, these damned heels aren't that high. Jason's look was a little more blatant as she eyed Dani, trying to spot the differences between them. The suit fit fine. I think my legs are a little longer - thanks Kat! - not that there is anything wrong with her legs - I can just imagine them wrapped around me as we...

Jason stepped briskly forward and jabbed the button to call the elevator. "The fight is only tomorrow night, so we have all day - and all night - to do whatever we want, I just have to pop in to the arena to check in and to make sure my outfit... fits. I haven't seen it yet. I'd also like to take stroll down the Malecón, the seafront boardwalk. You get a great view of the city, and the city's changed a lot since I was here ten years ago. There's the casinos too, though I'm not sure I'm willing to trust my luck. Who knows what will happen?"

"Some would say you have amazing luck, Jase," Kat said with a grin.

"I sure some would," Jason said with a trace of bitterness tainting her sweet soprano. As the elevator door opened, Jason and Danielle both tried to enter at the same time, and the thoughts running through Jason's head at the moment of close contact caused her to take a deep breath that stretched the writing on her shirt to illegibility.

"Er - Um, Dani, you need to stop by your room for your wallet or somethin'?"

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"Well yeah, the beach, shopping, and some sight-seeing. This is my first time in Havanna, hell in Cuba at all. I never had time on my last few trips across the pond."

He smiles. I know one thing no one is going to argue with. I don't know about the luck of all of you, but speaking for myself I get to spend the day with the three most beautiful ladies on the Island. I am definitely the luckiest man around."

He smiles sincerely, meaning every word. He knew this would be a good day.

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"Oh! Yeah! My wallet. Gimmie a sec, I, uh - got distracted." Danielle bolted from the elevator. "Meet you downstairs!"

She took the stairs down a level, and then groaned, realizing she was still locked out. Okay, let's try this again.

A few minutes later she was flying up the side of the building, counting floors and winding up in front of Jay's hotel room for the second time that day. She grunted. "How did - wait - "

She remembered the inside of the elevator, the row of numbers, one missing. "Christing fuckity shit. All this fuss because of triskaidekaphobia."

She readjusted, coasting downwards, and nodded, opening the window and grabbing her handbag and her keycard. She looked at herself in the mirror, and impulsively blew a raspberry.

Yeah - I'd be sleeping with myself. I dunno. Imagine looking in the mirror every day forever and thinking 'I tapped that.' I dunno. I thought it'd be Flicky and then Carver and now... I dunno.

She flew back down, and walked towards the hotel lobby.

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Kat could feeling the heat rising in her cheeks as Ryusei refered to three beautiful ladies, biting her lip to stifle a giggle. She was thrilled that Ryusei could even remember that she was present around the two too tall, too busty, too beautiful men-turned-women.

"You certainly are having lucky day Ryusei. Hopefully, the rest of us will get as lucky, hmmm?" Katya's voice was amused, and the petite woman smiled up at the much taller, more-than-humanly handsome man, promises in her eyes.

Jason felt somehow both annoyed and amused by Ryusei's attention and comments, as she watched Dani's ass as she hustled towards the stairs before the elevator doors closed. As the elevator descended for the lobby she unconsciously stood up straighter, her shoulders thrown back, her figure emphasized to best effect.

Do I really have a chance with her? I don't really know how to pick up women, I've been with Kat since I was sixteen, and now... Jason glanced at Katya making eyes at Ryusei, and she sighed. She's moved on... and I have too, I guess. I still love her, just, not like before - we tried to make it work - and it just didn't. Dani's been a woman a year longer than me, the least she could do is maybe give me some advice on how to deal. The most she could do... Don't go there Jase, otherwise you gonna have to go back to you room and take a cold shower.

Jason cut her musings short as the elevator stopped moving and the doors opened. Not sooner had they exited, then the receptionist Catalina was there, asking them if there was anything she could do to help them. When they mentioned their plans for sight-seeing, shopping, and the beach, she offered them a limo, completely complimentary, since she couldn't resolve Jason's room trouble. She wouldn't accept no for an answer, and the limo would be brought around to the front in less than two minutes.

Jason reached for the front doors of the lobby just as Danielle did, both super-strong beauties slightly bending the steel handles of the door before they noticed.

"Oops!" Jay and Dani said simultaneously.

"Er, outside Dani, hotel offered us a limo to drive us around."

Jason looked at Danielle through the tinted glass door, speculative. The more I see her, the more I don't see a woman that looks nearly like me, but rather the most insanely gorgeous woman I have ever seen in real life. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

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To his credit he didn't bat an eye at the thinly veiled offer/ promise Katya leveled on him. He smiled. "Good fortune to all, Everyone deserves to be happy. if It's within my means today, we all will be."

Ryusei was a bit suprised with the Limo but nodded graciously. "Always best to travel in style." The fact it was free was nice too, he'd make sure the tips were handled tonight.

"Everything is on me today my friends. Now, let's go have some fun."

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"That is a very gracious offer Ryusei," Katya said with a smile as Ryusei helped her into the gleaming white limosine. "And us being three gracious ladies, we can do no less than accept, right?" She shot the two superhuman beauties a glance that said they would accept the offer as she directed both of them to one of the side bench seats. When Ryusei entered, Kat pulled him to sit close to her side on the seat at the end. "I'm sure Jase and Danielle will pay you back in some fashion when they can."


Jason sprawled out on the seat in a most unlady-like fashion, slouched and legs spread out wide and long. Kat would have given Jason a very disapproving look had she been paying attention to someone other than Ryusei. Jason gave Ryusei a nod that was both grateful and a little pressured. "Yeah - er, thanks for this Ryusei. Seriously, I'll pay you back when I can. I'll be getting a big check after my XWF match."

When the driver asked them where they wanted to go, Katya told him their plans, and he suggested the Plaza de la Catedral. It was one of the only remaining historical sights in Havana, very well maintained, and the Feria de los Artesanos was right nearby, full of open-air stalls and great shopping. That seemed to meet with everyone's approval, and the driver started them on their way. The ride was amazingly smooth, especially considering the jiggle-fest that Jason had endured on the way to the Hotel Saratoga.

Jason was distinctly aware of Dani's presence during the drive, the way their legs touched as they sat next to each other on the bench seat. She had to find something to do to occupy her hands, she kept wanting to lay a hand on Dani's thigh, or put an arm around her shoulders. Sighting the wet bar, she leaned over to reach for it, looking to see what they had.

She made herself a rum-and-coke, her preternatural coordination keeping her hands and the bottles rock-steady despite the movement of the vehicle.

"Anybody else want somethin'? No mixed drinks that take more than two ingredients please."

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Jason peers over her shoulder, her gorgeous indigo eyes narrow as she studies Danielle. "That's more than two ingredients... Sigh, okay fine, what's in it?"

As Danielle lists the ingredients, Jason nods along, "Okay, uh-huh, yup, got it," and adds them with a fluid grace. Soon, she is holding a multicoloured, predominently pink drink. She looks at it for a moment, then inserts a straw and takes a sip.

"Hmmm, thats actually... not bad, Dani," Jason says, passing the cocktail to the breathtaking woman. Jason shifts so she's facing Katya and Ryusei at the back of the limo. "Fine, mixed drinks are available, if you tell me how to make them. Katya?"

"I'll have what Dani is having, that looks pretty good," Katya said with a smile.

Jason quickly makes another Pinkmelon Rainbow Starburst, and hands it to her ex-girlfriend. She then picks up her Rum-and-Coke, and takes a long sip, for some reason vaguely dissatisfied by it's simplicity.

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Ryusei nods. "Crown and Coke's fine to start. It isn't like alcohol affects me." When passed his drink he smiles, sipping casually.

"Four months ago, I'd have said something about being underage... But hell it's Havanna, I can loosen up abit."

"So a little Sightseeing and then we take a stroll through an open air market?"

As long as I can get some decent shades somewhere, If I have to avert my eyes the entire time today it's gonna be a rough day.

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"That sounds about right, Ryusei," Katya says, smiling up at the dark-haired nova, then taking another sip of her pink drink. "The Plaza de la Catedral has several very well maintained buildings from the seventeen-hundreds that I really want to see, especially the Catedral de San Cristobel and the Museo de Arte Colonial." Her Russian accent mingled intriguingly with the Spanish wording.

Katya's grin is impish as she looks at the two overwhelmingly stunning women sitting side-by-side, nursing their drinks. As she turns back to Ryusei, her grey eyes sparkle and she flashes her straight, white teeth. "And I'm sure we'll each find something we like at the Feria de los Artesanos."

Katya and Ryusei keep the conversation lively as Jason and Danielle sit next to each other, comfortably uncomfortable (or maybe uncomfortably comfortable) with the closeness. Before too long, the driver pulls to a stop. He steps out of the car and opens the door for his passengers.

As he gives them a hand out, he announces, "Señoritas y señore, welcome to La Habana Vieja. The Plaza de la Catedral is just a short walk that way. Take as much time as you are needing, here, I will be waiting." His voice is mildly strained, and he can't keep his eyes from straying over Jason's and Danielle's nearly impossible curves.

He's not the only one. Even in a cosmopolitan city that sees as much nova-traffic as Havana, two women as spectacularly gorgeous as Jay and Dani are a rare sight indeed. Heads turn, mouths drop, tires screech as vehicles come to sudden stops, pants are circumspectly adjusted, phones and cameras are pointed in their direction. Ryusei is not neglected either, as the gaze of more than one señora lingers on him over the shoulder of their manfolk.

Jason leans in close to Danielle, almost whispering in her ear. "Please tell me you get use to this."

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Ryusei nods. "I'm certain that we shall."

Once they're out of the limo he smiles, happy that The senoritas are looking towards him. He watched Jason and Danielle like all the other males, but managed to break his gaze to look where he was going and to Kat, who he was effectively escorting.

It was kinda funny watching the two female novas, Both impossibly attractive dance around the attraction they looked to feel towards each other. He talks to Kat while they walk on. "So how long have you danced? My Father always spoke highly of Western Dancing. I never got to accompany him on trips when I was younger, so I've never seen a live performance, but from what video I've seen it looks to take years of practice and alot of natural talent."

He was sincere, and it actually seemd he genuinely wanted to talk to her, and not to avoid focusing in on the two goddesses of Feminine beauty walking in front of him.

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Katya watches the two fantastic beauties ahead of her with amusement and a little - maybe more than a little - envy for the looks she at one time wished she possessed. Ryusei's smooth baritone pulls her attention, and she easily changes her focus to the astonishingly handsome man, extremely flattered that he's paying attention to her with a pair of women like them just ahead.

"Da, to be one of the best, it takes both a lot of natural talent and a lot of hard work. Mostly hard work - talent is wasted on the lazy and indolent. I started dancing when I was four, so I have been dancing for almost fifteen years. I've focused mainly on contemporary dance, and ballet of course. I am Russian afterall," Katya said, embellishingly her already noticeably accent. "But I have also deeply studied ballroom and latin dance, some swing and folk dances, even hip-hop and tap."

"My grandmother trained at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, you know, where the Bolshoi Ballet recieves the majority of its dancers. At one time, my greatest dream was to dance there... but something else... entered my life." Katya's grey gaze slid back to Jason for a moment, a sadness etching the lines of her mobile features.

"I thought about trying out for So You Think You Can Dance, but no one sees the Canadian version. If Jason had signed with an American team in the NHL, I was going to see if I could get a visa, and try out for their version. Now, though..." Katya's lips turn into a speculative frown before returning to her normal puckish grin.

"Had I been thinking about it, I would have gotten tickets for the Great Theatre of Havana. The Ballet Nacional de Cuba is one of the very best on the world. Alicia Alonso, who founded the company in 1948, and stills runs it at 88, was absolutely amazing during her time," Katya gives a regretful sigh. "I would have dearly loved to have seen her portrayal of Giselle when she first became a star."

"It must far too late to get tickets for tonight, if they even have a performance today." Briefly, her smile turns into a pout of disappointment.

"But what of you, Ryusei, what are your interests or unknown skills." Katya's grey eyes a coyly bright.

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Ryusei smiles. "Never underestimate the power of money. If not tonight, then after Jason's fight. I'd enjoying going with someone who could explain things to me as I asked. That is if you're planning on staying around a few days."

"As for myself, I have tended the Family shrine since I was able to hold a broom, along with my grandfather. My mother died when I was eight, and for the las ten years I've done everything I could to help my Father raise my four siblings."

"I was taught and excelled at Kenjutsu, or Kendo if you prefer, and was Captain f my school team until I errupted. Then due to my unfair advantage I was forced to stop competeing." There's still a trace of bitterness in his voice, even now.

"Aside from that, I like to think I'm a pretty good cook. I kinda had to be growing up." Inwardly he winced as he knew too well that most seemed to view it as week that he cooked and cleaned and basically raised his siblings, but it was the truth and he saw no reason to lie.

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Katya's smile is warm. "I too am adept at cooking. When we left Russia, when I was eleven, it was only my mother and I. As a lawyer, she worked very long hours, so I had to help wherever I could."

She raises an eyebrow, wry and amused. "In Japan, they really teach martial arts and swordmanship in high school? I thought that was only in movies and anime. Or did you attend a special school, like the equivalent of a school for the performing arts?"

"Jason had booked us rooms till three dsys after her fight. I - I would very much like to go to the ballet with you Ryusei. I doubt I could get Jason to go, she never found it intersting."

Katya looks back at her ex-boyfriend striding ahead of her, and gives out a titter of entertainment. Jason turns back and gives Katya a narrowed eye look, wondering if she should be concerned about what Kat has been saying. Kat waves away her concern, and Jason turns back with a delicate snort.

Katya leans in close to Ryusei, speaking quietly enough to make sure the quantum-blessed beauties can't overhear. "I'd be really curious to see Jason on stage. Other than her greatly enhanced agility, I can tell just by the way she moves that she has trememdous innate skill at dancing... I'd say she was exaggerating the sexiness of her movements if it wasn't so instinctual or if she wasn't so completely unaware of it."

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