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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Mech stats

Justin OOC

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Assault Class mechs

Battlemaster, Mauler, Atlas, Daishi, Warhawk Templar

HP 2000(Mauler)- 2400 (atlas)

Height 18m

Weight 85-100 tons

Armor 40

Heavy Mechs

Crusader, Warhammer, Marauder, MadCat, Thor

HP (Thor) 1500- (Mad Cat) 1900

Armor 30

Medium Mechs

Shadow Hawk, Black Hawk, Griffin, Shadow Cat

HP (Shadow Cat) 1100- 1450 (Shadow Hawk)

Armor 20

Light Mechs

Dasher, Stinger, Wasp, Uller, Raven

HP Stinger 600- Raven 1000

Armor 10


Autocannon 80(Light)-200(Heavy) damage Range 3

Gauss Rifle 200 damage Range 3

LRM's 60 damage each Range 3

SRM's 70 damage each Range 2

Medium laser 80 damage Range 3 Accurate 2

Large laser 120 damage Range 3 Accurate 2

particle Cannon 175 damage Range 3

Machine guns 50 damage autofire Accurate +3 range 2

You may choose to target independant locations (leg or arm or torso) Any single attack or round of attacks on that location which do at least 1/4 total actual damage to the mech destroys that location. (Torso requires half total HP damage to destroy but fully kills the mech.) Head shots are possible agains Mechs.

Scout class Mecha "Ravager"

150 hp

armor 5

Lasers 75 damage

Claws 40 damage penetrating 3

Fangs 40 damage Penetrating 3

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