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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Jamie "Correspondence" Paradisi

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Jamie Paradisi was born November 16, 1998 to two doting parents in a lower middle-class suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. Both her parents were (semi) devout Catholics and she grew up with a keen appreciation and passion for the faith. As a result she's been campaigning on and off for the rights of women to become deacons for several years.

Jamie was one of the few people she knew who actually married their high school sweetheart, though as far as she can see it's nothing to brag about; the massive sucking black hole that was Evan Donner's emotional needs left her exhausted, and she soon began to regret her decision to stay at home instead of going on to college. When she was 19 she got pregnant, when she was twenty she miscarried, and 6 months later tension had built up to the point where they seperated. The divorce is still in the papers, largely because Jamie hasn't felt the energy needed to finally reopen that can of worms, even for the purpose of closing it.

About two months ago two teenagers broke into her small house, stole some electronics and accidentally started a fire before fleeing. The night the kids chose couldn't have been any worse; Jamie had been experiencing crippling headaches lately, possibly due to the fumes of the copy shop at which she worked. So she'd taken half a sleeping pill and taken refuge in bed, curtains drawn and head buried beneath the pillows. She didn't wake until the house was burning merrily around her, and the smoke nearly choked her back into unconsciousness. But it only takes a moment to erupt, and in that moment she wished as hard as she could to be somewhere far, far away...somewhere isolated, and somewhere cold. And in front of her a silvery-blue path materialized. She stepped onto it and vanished.

Jamie still isn't sure what happened after that, except that she walked on the path for a very long time without tiring, darkness around her, half-concealing surreal, hazy shapes. When the path ended she got her wish: somewhere isolated, and somewhere cold.

She walked out into the Kuiper Belt, on Haumea. And she was alone.

Character Sheet

Name: Jamie Paradisi

Age: 28

Allegiance: Independent

Nature: Caregiver

Nova de guerre: Correspondence

Intelligence: 4 Wits: 4 Perception: 5

Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 3

Appearance: 4 Charisma: 3 Manipulation: 3

Mega-Stamina 1 (Tireless, Adaptability), Mega-Dexterity 1 (Enh. Movement), Mega-Perception 5 (Holographic Awareness)

Awareness 3, Style 3, Athletics 2, Drive 1, Stealth 1, Academics 3, Seduction 2, Arts 2 (Poetry), Perform (Guitar) 3, Resistance 3, Endurance 4, Linguistics 2 (English, Italian, Latin)

Warp: 5

Willpower: 6

Quantum: 5

Taint: 4

Aberrations: Delusions


Resources 2

Node 2

Dorm 3

Log (Bonus Points):

7 BP to Quantum

2 BP to Specialties

6 BP to Willpower

Total: 15

Log (Nova Points):

21 NP to Warp (2 levels Tainted)

2 NP to attributes

15 NP to Mega-Perception

13 NP to Quantum (1 level Tainted)

3 NP to Mega-Stamina

3 NP to Adaptability

3 NP to Mega-Dexterity

Total: 60

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