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[OOC] Scion Movie! Who plays your character?

Makaela "Mako" Kelly

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The title says it all! This stems from a conversation Dave and I had recently, in which we tried to cast the various gods and canon characters from the game. This is mostly just a fun little time-waster, and if you think of any celebrities who would fit your character, or the gods, or your followers/NPCs, feel free to post them here! (If you suggest something like Michael Clarke Duncan for Baron Samedi, though, be prepared to defend your casting! wink )

I'll start.

Kayleigh: Kate Bosworth from Blue Crush.


Loki: James Woods. Apparently, these people agree with me!


Poseidon: Sean Connery. Accent aside, I can't think of anyone else who looks the part more than the former 007!


Hades: Michael Ironside.


EDIT: Oops! Almost forgot.



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I had the person in mind from the beginning, but haven't been able to get a decent picture - a younger version of the Restaurant owner whose gir;friend gets kidnapped in Big Trouble in Little China

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