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[Scion] Narinder Kapoor

Narinder Kapoor

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General Information:

Birth Name: Narinder Kapoor

Nick Names: Nari


Calling: Foreign Relations Student

Known Immediate Relatives:

Dr. Abhaya Kapoor-Anderson M.D. (Mom), Dr. Ryan Anderson M.D. (Stepfather),

Indrani Ganesh (Aunt), Mohandas Ganesh (Uncle by Marriage), Anjali/Talat Ganesh (cousins)

Nature: Libertine

Pantheon: Dodekatheon (Greek)

Patron: Hermes

Rivals: Apollo, Poseidon; Huitzilopochtli, Izanagi, Kalfu, Legba, Odin, Tlaloc, Thoth

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Half Indian, Half Greek

Nationality: American

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Approx. 150 lbs.

Eye Color: Very dark brown

Hair Color: Black/Curly

Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks:

Hermes Associated Powers and Abilities (for my reference):

Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Intelligence,

Epic Wits, Arete, Magic, Psychopomp

Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Larceny, Occult, Stealth,



Strength: **

Dexterity: ***

Stamina: **

Epic-Physicals: Epic Dexterity *


Perception: **

Intelligence: ****

Wits: ***

Epic-Mentals: Epic Intelligence **

Epic Wits *


Charisma: ****

Manipulation: ***

Appearance: ****

Epic-Socials: Epic Appearance *

Epic Charisma **


Lightening Sprinter (E. Dex)

Benefit of the Doubt (E. Cha)

Charmer (E. Cha)

Serpent's Gaze (E. App)

Know-it-All (E. Int)

Perfect Memory (E. Int)

Social Chameleon (E. Wit)


Academics: *

*Athletics: **

*Awareness: ***


Control: ** (Motorcycle)

Empathy: ***


Integrity: ***

Investigation: ***

*Larceny: *

Melee: ***

*Occult: *

Politics: **

Presence: ***

Science: *

*Stealth: **


Talaria (Relic * - Sky Purview)

Compass (Relic * - Psychopomp Purview)

Staff of Hermes ***

Relic Details, from p.151 Scion Companion Complete:

**Collapsible Staff (Item may alter its basic shape, length, color, etc.)

*Add wearer’s Legend to any single (Dex+Melee) roll.


Wind's Freedom (Sky 2)

Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp 1)

Where are You? (Psychopomp 2)


Expression: **

Intellect: **

Valor: *

Vengence: ****

Join Battle: [1]6


Unarmed, Heavy - Acc 2[1], Dmg 6B, Parry DV 1, Spd 5 (+2 Diff, no brawl)

Unarmed, Light - Acc 4[1], Dmg 3B, Parry DV 2, Spd 4 (+2 Diff, no brawl)

Staff of Hermes - Acc 8[1], Dmg 6B, Parry DV 5, Spd 6


Stamina: 2B / 1L / 0A

Epic-Stamina: None

Armor: 0B / 0L / 0A

Total: 2B / 1L / 0A

Health Levels: IIIII II

Dodge DV: 5

Willpower: ******

Legend: ***

Legend Points:


Misc. Equipment: Motorcycle, Apartment near Campus, Car, Sailboat - all paid for by his mother and stepfather, along with a spending allowance as long as he's pursuing his degree.


Event         (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned)
June 2009                          +9 /  9 /  9
A Drink Between Freinds (Q3)       +1 / 10 / 10

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Narinder is a very handsome young man. He mostly takes his appearance from his mother's Indian heritage, although his features are a little softer and smoother than some Indian men, giving him a touch of Meditteranian flair, and his hair, unlike his mother and most of her kin, is very curly. He is average height but lanky, though once you get his clothes off the lanky quickly turns into very defined, muscular sort of lanky.


Narinder is very laid back, easygoing, all around fun kind of guy. He does his best to get along with everyone, and even seems to disagree with people in an agreeable type of way. He's a ladies' man (and a man's man too, or so the rumors say). But he's never been the type to string them along.. he's just in it for a night, or a week, or whenever he's in town - and he makes sure they know it. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy themselves in the process.

Narinder has his serious side too, but it's so often masked by his jovial personality that most people don't realize what a peacemaker he can be. Nari has a very diverse social circle, from the artists to the politicians to the rockers to the jocks, and he gets along with them all. But people don't get into arguments around Narinder, they always seem to diffuse into intelligent conversations or agreements to disagree, no matter how worked up the parties may be to begin with.


Narinder has a focused interest in politics and diplomacy, as well as cultural studies. He finds different civilizations and cultures deeply fascinating, and enjoys immersing himself into different social eschlons of society in order to experience them all. He has as much respect for a woman in a burka as a woman without one, and doesn't think any less of a man who honors his wife by caring for her than he does a man who honors his wife by being proud of her achievements.

On a purely daily level, Narinder seems to be interested in.. well.. everything. He follows sports, music, art, politics, and about any other pulse he can put his finger on. He seems to know a little bit of everyone, have fun doing anything, and never forgets a name. He goes on frequent runs and rides a bicycle quite often, although he does own a car.. and a motorcycle. And a fairly nice sailboat, too. It was a gift from his mother when he graduated with his BS, and went on to get his MS. She was thrilled.


Abhaya was a beautiful young Indian woman from a traditional family. Unfortunately for that traditional family, their daughter managed to fall in love with a man from the West, and ended up running off and marrying the American before they could find out a way to stop her. (More details on this in a fic or something, not all that important right now). When her husband died three years later from a car accident, Abhaya was heartbroken and contemplated going back to India to live with her parents, even though at his encouragement she had started pursuing a degree in medicine. She had always dreamed of helping people, and the love of her life had wholeheartedly encouraged it - it was one of the reasons she had married him, and followed him to the states. However, her beauty and zeal for life had drawn the attention of Hermes, who was posing as a young Greek transfer student seeking a degree at the University of Boston in computer science, just for the fun of it. After all, this was the eighties, and computers (and the Internet) were the newest and most revolutionary form of communication, and he wanted to be in the middle of it all. When he found out about her husband's death, and that she was subsequently considering moving back to her native home in India, he managed to talk her out of it. In fact, for a while, he took her husband's place as first a friend and a confidant, supporting her dreams.. and finally, one night, as a lover. Shortly after that he said his goodbyes to her, claiming it was time to go back to his home in Greece, and wishing her farewell. He knew he had left her with enough resolve to see her through.. though he didn't realize at the time just what else he had left her with.

Once she realized she was pregnant, Abhaya knew she couldn't go back to India. Her husband had been dead long enough where they knew that a child born when this one would be couldn't be her husband's.. and more than that, she didn't really feel any desire to. The father of her child was gone, and though she tried she was unable to locate him. But she put her mind to it, and finished her education, even with the challenges of raising a baby on her own. The only person she confided in was her sister, who immediately left India and came to live with her, and help her raise her baby son.

Narinder flourished under his mother and aunt's attentions. He was their sole purpose for being here, their main reason they were alone together in this different world. His aunt found work and helped support them while his mother worked a few hours a week and dedicated herself to schoolwork. After his mother finally graduated and began practicing medicine, his aunt was able to quit her job and look after him while his mother kept the odd hours of a woman practicing medicine. Narinder was encouraged in all things intellectual, and because of his charming personality and peacemaking ways, he was a popular boy from the very beginning. He has always had dozens of friends, and participated in everything from debate team to track squad during his high school years.

By the time he was almost a young man, his aunt had met a man that she had fallen in love with at the local Hindu temple. He was well-educated and respectful, a teacher at a local high school, and his aunt married and shortly thereafter gave birth to his two cousins within a year of each other. They are thirteen and eleven now, and he acts more like a doting uncle than a cousin to them. His mother, however, grew lonely once her sister had moved out of the house, and eventually Narinder encouraged her to date, and meet another man. Finally she did, a fellow doctor at the hospital where she practiced pediatric surgery, and when Narinder was seventeen, they married. Narinder is very close to his step-father, although they have a very friendly relationship, and not much of a father-son relationship. After all, Narinder was nearly a man when they married.

Narinder graduated valedictorian of his class in high school, and went on to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Once, his mother asked him what on earth he was going to do with it, and he replied that he intended to get another degree in International Relations, and become a diplomat. His mother and stepfather were thrilled at his ambition, and have supported his education whole-heartedly. Of course, a year before graduating with his B.S., he received a very.. very surprising visit.. one that would change his life forever. He continues with his degree because it was convenient, and not at all contradictory with his father's wishes or duties. In fact, the International Politics degree was Hermes' idea, and would prove quite useful for his travels.

Since then, he has begun serving a role for the Scions not unlike Hermes' own role for the gods. While he has, once or twice, delivered messages to an actual diety on behalf of one of the Scions, most of his interactions thus far have been amongst fellow children of the gods, with whom he has built quite the reputation for behind reliable, friendly, easygoing, and quite the ladies' man.. or man's man, for that matter.

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