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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Nothing like a little work to put a body right

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Whistling while he walked down the corridor, Cam was very pleased with the last few days. He had been given command of SG1 with the ability to pull his team together from any of the available SG team members depending on what he needed for the mission. He also had the discretion to set his own missions. That had been more than he could have expected, but he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. It probably had more to do with Command not having a good idea with what to do with him than anything else, but that didn't matter as long as it lasted Cam would make use of it. It wasn't often in the military that you got to set your own adgenda and it was a hell of a luxury.

And that was why he had set today's schedule as work on the Goa'uld data terminal. His ulterior motive was to get access to every gate address currently known and start to compile his own database of addresses. To that end he walked into the infirmary where Olivia was convalescing after her run in with the alien bomb. She would be invaluable in processing the info and cataloging what worlds had been visited and what hadn't. She was much further along in plowing through the SG mission reports than he was.

She was looking restless and grumpy when he entered and seemed to be arguing with Dr. Frasier about not staying in the infirmary any longer.

"Please, Dr. Frasier, I'm fine really. Your tests even say so. Once the link was broken I started to regain strength immediately. Well, as soon as I was revived anyway."

Frasier was pursing her lips in typical I don't want to hear it fashion, but Cam thought this might be a good time to intervene.

"Doctor, maybe I can help. I have need of Specialist I-J's brain. I promise not to let her exert herself if you will release her into my custody for the afternoon."

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Olivia really wanted to get out of the infirmary. She hadn't yet told anyone that she remembered what had happened to her under the pentagon's sway; she was a little afraid to say anything. It wasn't that she expected to be marginalized or treated poorly for it. She just didn't want to think about the dozens of painful deaths. She was still sorting through them and working to keep them from overwhelming her. The memories were fresh and new, and yet distant, separated by a veneer of surreal unbelievability.

And yet, she felt good, too. The misery and draggy feeling that had plagued her over the last few weeks was gone, and she felt incredible in comparison. That might have been the physical prowess she borrowed from Declan, though.

If she was physically wound, she was emotionally exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to go to the pool and swim until she was too tired to think, then go to bed. To do that, she had to escape the infirmary, which was looking less and less likely. And then salvation showed up. Sure it was for the afternoon, but Olivia was sure she could stretch that freedom out further.

"Sure, Cam!" she said eagerly, before Janet could even speak. "I'd love to help out. And I'm ready to go, really!"

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Dr. Frasier's pursed lips morphed into an amused smile. "Fine, I know when I'm defeated. I do want you back here this evening for a final physical, but if you experience any unusual symptoms at all I want you to come back immediately. Do I make myself clear?" She gave Olivia the stern mother look then motioned with her hand dismissively. "Go on then before I change my mind."

Olivia tried not to laugh as she hurried to get out of bed and make her way to the door. On their way to the elevator Cam explained what they had found so far on the data terminal. "I know you are going to have a field day with the historical information about the state of the Goa'uld at the time of Earth's discovery, but what I would like your help with right now is compiling the list of gate addresses that we found on it and comparing them with our other known addresses. How's that sound?"

As he finished the explanation he arrived at the door to his quarters and opened it moving inside. After having Yseult, Gwyn and Steve there for hours and hours the day they had worked on the device it didn't occur to him that Olivia hadn't been there and that she might have an issue with entering a man's quarters.

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Olivia hesitated at the door. Last week, she would have been unconcerned to be alone with Cam, but the memories of the pentagon were still fresh in her mind. Due to the personal touches they had applied to her memories, various rape scenarios were fresh in her mind.

"Cam," she said softly, "don't take this the wrong way, but can I have Damien join us?" He paused and looked back at her, a question in her eyes, and Livy struggled for an explanation. "It had... an experience while dead, and restored-" She shivered. "It returned some pre-Artifact memories. They weren't good; it was a simulation scenario, repeating over and over. Some of them were personal, and..." she faltered, tired. "Some where about..." She swallowed and forced herself to say the word. "Rape. This doesn't mean that I think you'd be like that, but I'd feel better if Damien were here. Or Gwyn or Declan. I can call right now." Her team was still wearing radios all the time, and were ready to come to her aid.

"Uh," he looked uncertain; then his expression changed to one of sympathetic understanding. "Whatever you need to feel comfortable."

"Thanks," she said and put out the call for Damien. As always, he was willing, but he seemed excited to be included in this particular exploration. She told Cam he was coming, and settled in to wait.

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Caine came to Cam's quarters after a near-detour to Dr. Fraiser's care facility. He hadn't expected Olivia to be up and around so soon. Actually, he knew she was most likely to be fighting to be up and around, but unsure to how rapidly she was healing in her current state.

She was up. She was at Cam's. That could only mean a project tied to the device that had nearly killed her. For someone who didn't believe in herself in crucial matters, she faced her fears on a daily basis well enough. She was tough. He had come to expect nothing less in SG-21.

"Major Damien Caine reporting," he told the doors communication's consule. He was buzzed in rapidly. What he saw was a bit disturbing. Olivia's body language was tied up in knots and Cameron was on edge. Socially they needed some lubricant and Caine figured that is where he came in. He immediately moved to Olivia's side then saluted the Colonel.

Might as well get off running,

"What's the project and what have I missed?"

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Cam had never met a woman as messed up as Olivia before. He knew from the week before that she wasn't always like this. She had been fine at Area 51, had even gone in with him on an issue that could have gotten her in real serious trouble with the military and she'd been plenty brave about that. Her near death experience had really shaken her up it seemed. Scratch that, she had died for several minutes. It was only some Alien tech that had prevented her from being too far gone to be revived without damage. He hoped she would be ok, now that Caine was present.

"Well, I was telling Olivia that with the help of Specialists Courier, Jones and Yseult we unlocked the data on that data terminal that SG21 brought back from your last mission. Some very interesting stuff on there, but for the moment I want to retrieve Ra's database of gate addresses and compare them to our other known addresses."

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"I can do that," Olivia offered. "I've memorized the SGC's list of gate addresses."

Caine spoke up, "That's fantastic. What does it have to do with the device that nearly killed Olivia?"

Cam blinked in surprise. "Nothing. This is about the data terminal you guys brought back from that temple."

Olivia tensed. "It doesn't," she said. "This is about the storage device we found on our last mission."


With a firm nod Caine said, "Understood. I'm glad it was salvageable. Does it correspond with the data we got from Abidos?"

"We'll know as soon as I can compare." Olivia said with confidence.

At the same time Caine added, "Show Olivia the information."

"Sounds good." Cam opened the door to what for anyone else would be the bedroom of the quarters. Inside was a sleek modern furnished office/lab space. On one wall was a 50 inch LCD television hooked up to his rack mounted gaming system. In the center of the room was a massage chair in stainless steel and leather. Cam plopped himself down in it and gestured to

the seeting on the other wall which was home theater seats

Olivia stared. "Wow."

Caine nodded impressed, "Not shabby"

Olivia blinked at Caine. "Not shabby? I hope you're trying for super-casual."

Damien grins back, "Of course."

"I'm trying for super comfortable." Cam grins at the two. After a moment he hooked up the data terminal to his system and projected the data on the big screen. First thing he accessed was the Gate address database. It didn't take long for Cam to pull the list of other addresses from the base computer. "So lets see what we can find."

Olivia leaned forward and began to study each one. She was quickly able to point out which was new and which the SGC already had. "Does it give any information on the different worlds?"

Understanding what Olivia was asking Cam said, "No, just the addresses. Or at least nothing to correlate to the addresses directly" Cam spent a few minutes building a quick program to match addresses in Ra's database to those of the SGC.

Caine whispers to Cam, "What are we looking for here? Some unknown?"

The first and most obvious thing to note is that the Abydos cartuche address list is several dozen addressess more than Ra's database.

Cam nodded to Caine. "Yeah, looking for things that don't match up. That would mean new worlds."

Speculatively Olivia said, "This was Ra's data device, but the priest formerly in his service had more. I wonder if he out and out stole them rather than copied them, and if so, if there were things on those worlds that he was hiding from Ra."

After a bit longer the two list were side by side in a one for one comparison. The abydos list would be the newer larger list.

Caine asked, "Are there any worlds on the device that weren't on Abydos?"

Cam didn't look up, "Checking. Yeah, looks like there are 3 that aren't duplicated."

"I wonder why those three. Maybe SGC should look at them first." Olivia suggested.

Cam pulled up the addresses on the screen. "Let me run them against all known worlds." It took nearly a full minute to run, but only one match came back. Cimmeria, designated P3X-974

Caine added, "Two worlds unaccounted for. That means one for SG-1 and one for SG-21. We go to Cimmeria first?"

Olivia shook her head, "P3X-974 is a protected planet - one of the ones the Asgard avowed for. Jaffa aren't allowed there - the Asgard pull them into a laybrinth." She paused a second then added, "Teal'c destroyed that protective defense, but at the time of the prietst, it was a death trap. The world is well-known to us, and SG-1 has already been there."

Cam was satisfied, "That means that we'll send probes through to both and see if the other two are inhabitable. Then General

O'Neill will divvy up the missions."

Olivia looked at Caine, and her look said it all - he should request one of the missions.

Cam was definitely content, "Nice work there for only a few minutes effort." He added, "Well, no need to fight it out to see who gets the mission either."

Straigthening his shoulders Caine said, "That is SG-21 sir. We always get the job done, no matter how dangerous or tricky. We like to outhink our problems."

"Who's fighting?" Olivia asked innocently.

"I defer to the Colonel. We will gladly take his second choice," Caine says with a winning confident smile.

Cam chuckled. "Well, the General told me yesterday that I'll be heading out with 21 on your next mission anyway. Breaking

me in I guess.

"We'll be gentle." Olivia grinned playfully.

With a little pride in his voice Cam added, "Oh, and I've been given command of SG1. It's an empty team right now with Teal'c off playing Jaffa games, Daniel on temporary assignment at Atlantis and Carter heading to Area 51 for some research time. The bright side is that I have the authority to pull in anyone I want from any of the SG teams onto SG1 for missions depending

on what the mission parameters are. Cam grinned back at Olivia, that was more like the old Olivia he'd met last week. "I'll hold you to that Specialist."

Caine responded, "Well Cam, you will get to see how the Specialists do it. I'm sure anyone you chose would be honored, both of us included."

Cam grinned back at the two of them, "You know technically you are both on loan to SG1 this afternoon." He chuckled at their


"Uhm, I didn't know I was on the SGC's flagship team," Olivia said teasingly. "I thought it'd feel... bigger."

In the same teasing way Caine added, "Why, that's the second highest honor I've ever gotten."


"I also thought I'd get to leave the base while on the team," she added with a mutter.

Cam ignored the teasing not minding at all and finished, "The general also gave me the temporary authority to cherry pick missions, but don't worry Major, which ever one of these addresses is most promising will be 21's next mission and I'll be going with you."

Olivia smiled, "That'd be neat. I know I wouldn't have picked the last two worlds we were on. Sand and swamps."

"Calm down Olivia. No one said this mission was over yet." Caine teased.

Cam chuckled again then said more seriously, "Well, unfortuanately I still have to submit a mission plan to the General, so we

can't just go for an afternoon jaunt through the gate. But I will be sure to put this down as my recommendation for 21's immediate attention. Something that was in Ra's personal database but didn't make it onto the Abydos cartuche has to be interesting."


"I'm ready," Olivia said cheerfully, "no matter what Janet said."

Caine responded, "Waiting gives you more time for training ... and side projects."

Cam cocked his head in thought for a second then added, "I think we'll be going in the next couple days."

Caine nodded at the assessment, "Yeah, I was a little surprised Janet let you go. Honest assessment Livy, are you at 100%?

Olivia was clearly pleased. She paused, and Caine can see her thinking. "I need to sleep some more, real sleep. Honestly, I'll be good. Two days is more than enough time for me to be ready."

Caine grinned, "You heard her, Cam. Two days and we will be ready. I hope you don't mind taking over my #2 spot. My current is running some tests for the next few days."

Chuckling Cam said, "You're looking pretty healthy for a dead woman." Nodding to Caine he added, "Sure thing."

"I bet you say that to all the recently revived woman," Olivia quipped back, then looked awkward.

"Well, I think if Olivia wants some sleep she'd better get back to the infirmary and past Dr. Frasier's tests." Cam turned to Caine, "Major would you care to escort her or shall I?"

Wisely Caine replied, "I think we should give the lady the choice."

Cam smiled and made a playful bow to Olivia.

"Cam sprung me from confinement, so he'd better return me," Olivia grinned. "Teach him to put things back where he found


Cam chuckled and got up from his comfy chair. "As the lady wishes. Major, thanks for joining us, it was appreciated."

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