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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Pulling a Snake's Fangs

Yseult Sierra

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December 10th, 1998

Yseult straightened her glasses as she peered around the lab she was assigned. She was dismayed by it's condition. The computers didn't seem to be as powerful as she was hoping, and boxes of files lay scattered everywhere. This was going to be a lot of work, but very interesting work, years ahead of what was out there publicly.

She had just gone through the SGC orientation a week before, only a month after her maternity leave from CSIS had ended, and they had already assigned her an important project. Her specialty in pharmocology and degree in microbiology made her ideally suited for researching the problem of the goa'uld toxin, which made removal of the symbiote lethal. Yseult couldn't have been happier.

Yseult booted up the computers, and started going through the files.

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January 17, 1999

Lips tightened to a thin line, Yseult glared at the results from her latest simulation. Everything she tried to neutralize the toxin failed. No vaccine or antitoxin she had access too, which was just about any on Earth, so much as slowed it down. It was simply too fast acting, and the victim's own immune system was incapable of recognizing the antigen of the toxin, thus completely ignoring it.

Yseult removed her glasses, and stretched, rubbing the back of her neck. The only solution she could see would be to design a gene-therapy that would render the recipient immune to the toxin in the first place. That was going to take a long time, since she would have to analyze both human and goa'uld gene-markers, and she didn't have a ready source of goa'uld biomaterial to study.


"Hey, Dr. DL, you workin' on anything right now? We need you to study the tests results from Jackson, to see if Ma'chello's Mindswitching Device had any lingering side-effects."


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August 11th, 1999

Yseult was working on another simulation, trying to locate the gene marker for the mechanism that the goa'uld used to make the toxin. She had determined that the toxin was tailored to host using the host's own immune system. This made the toxin in many ways unique to each individual host, which of course made it harder to counter.

Yseult was softly grumbling a long string of French invectives, when Carter came in the lab with a smile.

"Morning Dr. Dionne-Langlois, how's the research coming? You have a few moments? You see, we... met the acquaintance of a bounty hunter named Aris Boch a few days ago. His people, the Ilempiri, are incapable of being used as hosts for the goa'uld symbiotes, but to control them, the System Lords have addicted the entire race to a substance called Roshnah. You think you can figure out how to replicate it? The Ilempiri could be valuable allies if we can free them from their dependence on the goa'uld."

Carter held out the vial of the drug to the petite Frenchwoman. Yseult just looked at it for several long moments before turning her gaze to the Major.

"Why didn't you get a fullbody scan of this person with a goa'uld healing device? Or even a blood sample?"

Carter's mouth dropped open, speechless.

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March 27th, 2000

The components to the Roshnah drug had been easy enough to determine, except for the one derivative substance that goa'uld had used. So far, Yseult hadn't been able to manufacture a satisfactory substitute. The whole exercise was moot however, as the SGC hadn't been able to make contact with the Ilempiri since SG-1's encounter with the mercenary Aris Boch, several months ago.

Which suited Yseult just find, giving her more time to figure out how to neutralize the goa'uld toxin. Over the intervening months, she had been able to run several dozen more simulations on gene sequences in both goa'uld symbiotes and the protein marker left on Major Carter's DNA. She hadn't failed yet, just eliminated several dozen false leads before a new crisis arose.

A box filled with small blocks of intricately processed metal was tossed on her desk.

"Dr. DL, your new priority is the replicators."


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July 20th, 2000

The replicators were incredibly fascinating, frightening as well, but the possibilities they represented were endlessly thought-provoking. They acted similarly to a living organism, albeit one made of steel and silicon, and endlessly adaptable. If they could be reprogramed, their uses would be uncounted.

Yseult was only distracted by the replicator technology by SG-1's use of the Atanik Armbands. Against both her and Dr. Frasier's recommendations, the Tok'ra scientist Anise had rushed ahead in her desire for human trials.

Which was how Yseult found herself convalescing from a broken clavicle due to an annoyed, hyper-strong Major Carter. Her time in the infirmary did allow her to study the unique virus the Atanik Armbands used. If she developed a retrovirus delivery mechanism for the goa'uld antitoxin, she didn't want to suffer from the same problem that the Atanik did, which was developing antibodies to the beneficial virus.

Yseult's mind started racing with new inspiration in ways to conquer the problem of the goa'uld toxin.

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February 2, 2001

"Sacrama de calisse de tarbarnaque d'enculé d'une putain!"

The alien life force from P9C-372 had been dealt with, and Major Carter was recovering from her ordeal in fine fashion. Even most of the computer systems that the entity had infected were in good shape thanks to the back-ups. Unfortunately, her research did not fall under 'most systems', and a significant portion of her notes were irretrievably lost.

Sigh. She'd get part to work on it when she got back from her sixth-year anniversary.

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August, 2001

Yseult got very little work on the antitoxin done this month. Janet's adopted daughter Cassandra fell ill due to the genetic manipulations of Nirrti. a former System Lord, and she and Yseult had done everything in their power to help the poor sixteen yearold, including making a deal with the vile creature. During this incident, Yseult realized, to her shame, that she had it in her to kill someone, if they threatened her family.

For the rest of the month, Janet and Cassandra spent a fair bit of time visiting Yseult and her family, her husband François and children, Monique and Loric. It was nice just to get away from the SGC, to live as normal a life as possible, at least for a little while.

And Yseult did get some data on the retrovirus that Nirrti used to manipulate Cassandra's DNA. It could help as a delivery system for the goa'uld antitoxin.

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September 10th, 2001

Yseult felt truly sorry for Major Carter's latest trial, being captured by the desperate industrialist Adrian Conrad, owner of Zetatron. Conrad had been suffering from an incurable sickness, and his contacts to the military had enabled him to learn about the regenerative properties of the goa'uld. He believed, as Yseult did, that the protein marker left behind in Carter from being a host was the key to his problem.

The goa'uld, in the form of Adrian Conrad, had escaped, but Carter and the research that Zetatron had conducted were recovered intact. At lot of the research was similar to what Yseult had learned through her own research, some were dead ends that she had already determined, a precious little were new leads.

Zetatron's research didn't match what Yseult had lost due the entity from P9C-372, but it certainly helped. She was getting back on track.

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April 27th, 2002

"Hey you go, Doc. A fancier replicator to poke at. The brass wants this looked at pronto." Two privates layed a gurney on Yseult's lab table. Yseult approached and pulled back the sheet, her expression cool at the sight of the gynoid Reese, found on the planet believed to be the homeworld of the replicators.

"This is not a replicator. It is more properly called an android and--"

"Whatever Doc. DL," one of the soldiers interrupted. "They told us to bring it here, and for you to work your mojo on it. Have fun." With that, they left.

Yseult looked back at her computer, the graphics of the simulation she was running flickering, then back to the android. She was making progress on the goa'uld antitoxin, but a chance to study the possible ancestor of the replicators was too intersting to pass up.

"I will study it for just a little while."

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August 19th, 2002

Yseult was excited. SG-1 had brought back a drug, called tretonin, from a planet called Pangar, and it showed lots of promise. She immediately started analyzing its composition and its properties.

She frowned as the results came in. This drug, supposedly able to grant perfect health, did just that. However, it functioned exactly in the same manner as the implanted symbiote in the Jaffa, effectively replacing their immune systems. That also meant, it was useless to counteract the goa'uld toxin. And because tretonin was made from larval goa'uld, it was going to be hard to make a synthetic version of the drug.

But if they could, not only would it help world health, it could possibly free the jaffa from their effective addiction to the goa'uld.

Another hard job lay ahead for the petite Frenchwoman.

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June 20th, 2003

A lot had happened at the SGC, too much for such a short time. Yet the SGC and SG-1 had perservered, triumphing over the many adversaries they had come across. Yseult couldn't quite keep a straight face for the current situation however; a small smile kept breaking through her reserve.

Before her, in the infirmary, was a fifteen yearold Jack O'Neill. Blood tests run against those of O'Neill's on file showed the boy was Jack O'Neill, the margin for error infinitesimal, only a tiny abnormality in evidence. Further tests showed that this Jack would suffer from total systemic degeneration, in a matter days or weeks. With the help of Selmak/Jacob Carter, while looking for a solution, they found out that this Jack was actually a clone.

Eventually, all this would be found out to be caused, and resolved, by the Asgard. And a new Jack would be unleashed on the world.

Mon Dieu!

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January 10th, 2004

Yseult was reading the reports on the Kull Warriors, looking for an insight to a weakness or something to help in the creation of the goa'uld antitoxin that it seem she had been working on forever.

These Anubis Drones were not a natural form of life but one artificially created through the use of the original Ancient technology that gave birth to the Sarcophagus. The organic being that was grown was not alive but given life through the energies of the Ancient healing device. The creatures were grown as "adults" with vaguely Human features but possessed a more skull shaped face, white skin and white eyes along with their teeth showing. Inside the body was a Goa'uld symbiote but one that was modified by the Queen to possess no personality traits essentially making it a "blank slate".


As such, the Kull Warrior was given the healing abilities of a symbiote without any of the personality traits of a Goa'uld which allowed Anubis to possess a perfect killing machine with a great deal of strength. The symbiote was extremely necessary as the artificial process that gave birth to the Kull warrior meant that its physiology was incapable of sustaining itself naturally and in fact the Kull Warriors were prone to short lifespans, with their enhanced physiology resulting in them suffering heart attacks that killed them them process.

Some other noted benefits that were given to the Kull Warriors were a great level of strength and the fact that they were able to withstand poisons along with the capacity to survive even in outerspace for a few minutes. However, the warriors are not designed for longevity, and the burden of their optimized bodies results in a short life-span.

The only thing she could think of to stop these unstoppable warriors was to somehow modify the Ancient Healing Device that animated the Kull Warriors.

Easier said than done.

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August 20th, 2004

Yseult smiled, debarking from the plane at Colorado Springs Municipal. Though she had been called back to Cheyenne Mountain early, she still had a fine three weeks with her family.

They had gone to La Ronde, both Loric and Monique showing off a stronger belly for the rides than Yseult did, to her amusement. The fireworks of Montreal Fireworks Festival had been outstanding. Leaving her children with her sister Gisèle for a night, Yseult and François had spent a lovely day and night in Sherbrook. They had eaten a fantastic meal at the Veille Maison, then spent a very fun night in a chateau. Visiting family and friends had consumed the rest of the vacation.

Now she was back at work, trying to protect her family, in the only way she could, from threats they knew nothing about.

Yseult stopped off in the bathroom to freshen up before calling a taxi to take her to Cheyenne Mountain. She appraised herself in the mirror. Her glasses were thin-framed and thin-lensed; a few faint lines were visible at the corners of her dark chocolate eyes, but her short hair remained raven-wing black; raising her 5' 2'' frame on tip toe, she saw the slight thickness to her waist, a roundness to her face, signs of the extra weight she still carried from being pregnant with Loric, though she remained in good health and physical condition.

She smiled again, her average face becoming beautiful. I am not too old, only thirty-four. I can still have another child, a brother or sister for Loric and Monique. François seemed to like the idea. I would spend more time with them this time. I can take on a reduced workload; François has been doing very well restoring old cars, especially since some celebrities have come to seek him out.

As she turned from the mirror, determined to talk to HR immediately, she never saw the dark figure behind her, nor smelt the chloroform in his hand before it was too late. Unconsciousness claimed her instantly.

When consciousness returned, she found herself secured to a chair bolted to the floor and her hands fixed to a device. A strange device she recognized to her growing horror, Ma'chello's Mindswitching Device. On the other side sat a woman, younger than her and stunning, blonde despite the Asian cast to her features, a smile both condescending and unsure on her cruel lips. The blonde pressed her hands to the device.

And Yseult's life changed forever.

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October 22nd, 2004

Finally, after months of captivity and isolation, Yseult could go back to work on a solution for the goa'uld toxin, which had eluded her for years. Ever since helping Cam with Ra's data terminal and dealing with Olivia's link to the Alien Bomb, her mind had raced with new ideas.

She was sure she could solve this now; all the work from the previous years was not wasted effort, merely a solid foundation from which she could build the solution. She had just needed a more powerful tool. The Ascension Device had provided one.

She entered her lab, and began correlating the data and research she had amassed over the years. She conducted a few more tests, then set up several parameters that she wanted to observe and results that she wanted noted for a series of simulations. She downloaded her research and the simulation parameters onto a portable, terabyte hard drive and went in search of Cameron Mitchell.

His offer to use his computer expertise and hardware was greatly appreciated. It would be able to run her simulations much more efficiently and with more precision than nearly anything the SGC had, certainly better than anything she had access to.

While looking for Cam, Yseult passed through the mess hall, and spotted Damien and Gwyn eating a meal. While asking them if they had seen Cameron, Damien, with his effortless charm, found out why Yseult was looking for him. Both of them possessing super-human intellects, and ample extra time, both graciously offered to help in the endeavor. With only the slightest hesitation, instantly snuffed by Adrian's smile, Yseult agreed.

Having found the new Colonel, she wasted no time in hooking up the hard drive to Cam's modified PC, hovering around Cam anxiously as he set up the program to run the simulations. Damien added his own medical knowledge and superb organizational skills to the mix, while Gwyn offered to look over the preliminary results during the night.

Click to reveal..

Spending Willpower (+1 Success)

Int + Medicine vs. Diff +2 (First Die Mega)

1d10 + 5d10 + 4d10 = 10d10 at diff +2

1d10=9, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=3, 1d10=5, 1d10=9, 1d10=8, 1d10=2, 1d10=4, 1d10=5 = 5 Successes + 1 Willpower - 2 for difficulty = 4 total Successes

+1 Success from Damien

+1 Success from Gwyn

+1 Success from Cam

Grand Total = 7 Successes

7/15 Successes For Goa'uld Antitoxin

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Caine began going over the reams and reams of data. It was stiltifying how much one person had brought together through the process of much elimination to get were she was today. Most of what he found was of little use to the direct line of research Ysveult had done, but he found a tidbit that was of some help to Gwyn.

Click to reveal..

Synergy roll: (20:11:49) (Thomas): First is a Mega

(20:11:57) ChatBot: (Thomas) rolls 6d10 and gets 3,4,2,6,8,6 = 1 success

In his own way though, he found in an old paper she had done in the start of her research that deserved some more work. He took this and brought it in a different direction. At the end of the day, he had failed, but he had also closed off another two lines of related research - progress. A cure was closer.

Click to reveal..

Medicine Check(20:13:22) (Thomas): First Die is a Mega

(20:13:34) ChatBot: (Thomas) rolls 9d10 and gets 2,7,2,5,10,9,6,7,1 = 4 - (+2diff.) = 2 successes.

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Gwyn looks over what has been done while waiting for the simulation to complete. In doing so he attempts to analyse the toxins structure for possible paths of attack that haven't been covered already. Having done that he exams the suite of simulations Yseult had set going and restarts a few after tweaking them slightly.

Click to reveal..

(01:14:51) (Gwyn): Anlyse Weakness - 6 dice 1st die Mega

(01:14:57) ChatBot: (Gwyn) rolls 6d10 and gets 4,8,2,9,10,9.

(01:15:08) (Gwyn): 4sux

(01:15:53) (Gwyn): Science roll = 6+3+4+1 = 14dice, 1st Mega

(01:16:01) ChatBot: (Gwyn) rolls 14d10 and gets 5,8,8,6,10,10,6,3,3,7,6,4,5,3.

(01:16:17) (Gwyn): 5 sux

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The 'gaming rig' that Cam had built had been purposefully designed to do things exactly like this simulation. At the time Cam had thought to try and recreate the data streams he had received from the Ascension device in order to better analyze them and learn their secrets. He wasn't so sure now that such a thing would be possible. The medical knowledge was all crammed into his head and thanks to the alien doohickey he wasn't able to forget even if he wanted, but now that he had played with the Goa'uld data terminal and knew that much more powerful alien computers existed out there he was inclined to wait until he could get his hands on better tech.

In the process of helping Yseult set up her simulations he stopped for a minute. What the fuck was he doing? How had he gone from Cam "Shaft" Mitchell the fighter jock to Cam "computer geek and egghead" Mitchell? Was he even himself anymore? He use to hate going a week without getting into the air for some flight time, now he'd only been up one time in the last three weeks and he hadn't even missed it. He just shook his head. Who the hell am I now?

Seeing Yseult looking at him questioningly, he went back to work. The hardest part was setting up the data she had to work with his simulation program, but a few tweaks to her database solved the problem. Then it was a matter of time as the big hard drive started streaming the data.

Click to reveal..

Prodigy Engineering

(10:28:08) ChatBot: (Cam) rolls 6d10 and gets 3,9,10,9,6,9. (4)

Computer roll

(10:28:21) ChatBot: (Cam) rolls 11d10 and gets 6,6,10,9,4,3,8,4,2,10,5.

4 + 4 = 8 successes total

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