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Queen's Son [Fic] [Fin]


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April 10th

"Today, the Dow Jones dropped 7 points, and the NASDAQ went up 2 points-" Click. Travis changed the channel, and decided with a moment's thought to flip to CNN. The stock market and the economy was recovering very slowly, and even for all his patience and success, it had been crimping things somewhat lately. "Well, old boy," he murmured to himself, "looks like there was a bit too much hype about Obama."

A knock on the front door sounded. Travis glanced in its direction, not sure who it was. Of course it wasn't really worth getting nervous, was it? He smiled, got up off the chair he was sitting in, and turned off the TV. Walking confidently to the front door, he turned the knob and pulled it open. The sight before he immediately afterwards made his eyes widen in shock.

The face he recognized immediately. It had always stayed with him from birth, one that caused his father some grief, that he had said had begun a short time after Travis' birth. His mother.

She was wearing a black business suit and formal shoes, her blue eyes glancing firmly at him. Speaking in a similarly firm voice, she said "Hello Travis. I came to see you."

Travis' voice was for once, somewhat less controlled and definitely less less strong than his mother's. "Mom? Ah, come in." he replied, opening the door and letting her step in.

After closing the door, he turned back towards here, amazed that he was meeting his mother for the first time. He had seen pictures of her, and she didn't really seem that much older in the time that had passed. "Does Dad know you're back?" "No," she replied primly, "I came because it is time for you to know."

"Know what?" He asked, mystified. "About the Gods and the struggle that goes on just beyond the notice of ordinary mortals." At this point, being a man of reason and rationality, those qualities kicked in, inside Travis. "I... don't understand what you're talking about Mom? Gods? What are you-"

Her hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. "I will show you what I mean Travis." Her voice was strong and commanding, and Travis froze on the spot.

Images and the knowledge attached raced through his mind, the Gods, his mother, who he pictured in her true self as Hera, the queen of the Olympians, the Titans and their spawn free and threatening humanity, the ongoing war, everything in a blur that his mind somehow processed. Then, a flash of light, a blaze of energy within, and things slowly faded back in focus.

How did she manage that calm focus? Travis was breathing heavily, staring at his mother in shock. "What, what do you want me to do?" She smiled and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Just stay prepared. I've activated the ichor in your body now, so you'll have the proper power now. I also will return in the next few days with the other aid you'll be receiving as a mother's gift."

"Thanks." Travis replied, still rather shaken. "Also," Hera continued, "you'll be able to sense other Scions, so I suggest if you run into any, you should establish some rapport with them. But-" and her voice changed to a sharper note, "be careful around other Scions of our Pantheon, particularly your cousins sired by my husband. My fellow gods have never really trusted any of my mortal offspring."

"I understand Mom." Travis firmed himself up. "I'll be ready when the time comes." He did not want to let his mother down. Hera nodded and moved back. "Goodbye, Travis." She vanished in a burst of light, Travis throwing a hand up to shield his eyes.

Travis lowered his hand. Mom was gone. He sighed and walked back to his chair near the TV and turned it back on. What do you know?

Interesting times just got more interesting.

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