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[Scion] Corbin Black

Corbin Black

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Corbin Black

Scion of The Morrigan


Birth Name: Corbin Black

Nick Names: Corbin Explosion!

Aliases: None

Calling: Wandering Underground MMA

Known Relatives: None

Nature: Competitor

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Unknown

Nationality: American

Height: 6’

Weight: 210 lbs.

Eye Color: Green w/Red Flecks

Hair Color: Black

Handedness: Left

Distinguishing Marks: Tribal Tattoos that flare up his arms and mesh into a Celtic knot work pattern over his shoulders and around his collar. The melt back into a tribal pattern that spirals down his spine.

Appearance: Tall and powerfully built Corbin has the staple frame of a man who has dedicated his life to fighting. His long black hair goes to the center of his back and he rarely keeps it tied back; his face always hidden behind its shadows. Corbin is always garbed in black leathers.

Personality: Although he looks like he’s full of doom and gloom Corbin’s attitude is quite the opposite. He’s open minded, polite, and even knows the value of a good joke; these are all traits he inherited from his Sire, Loki and in his own way is quite manipulative when he wants to be. Where he differs from his father is that he is not a coward. Where there is a battle, one will find Corbin standing firm in the maelstrom ready to fight –and die- for whatever cause has gripped his fighting spirit that day.

He is proud and refuses to back down from anyone, man, beast, or god.

Interests: Corbin’s interests are very few. He enjoys training in his fights and pushing the limits of his body. Although under the legal drinking age he possesses fake Ids that’ll get him into clubs and allow for a night of partying when the mood strikes him. Although each say he is over twenty-one he rarely drinks and when he does it’s in moderation.

Click to reveal..

History: When Corbin was born to a not even out of high school yet dominatrix in a seedier part of Las Vegas Nevada, Fate was already showing the young man that it had something special in store him later in life. The first few years of his life were interesting enough, watching his mother make side money from their dungeon in the basement of their home developed within the boy a weird understanding of how the world worked: people beat other people up and get paid for it.

When his mother was busted for cocaine possession when he was five Corbin became a ward of the state and was shipped off to a juvenile home until they could find a home for him. It was here that he exercised the golden rule of life: beat people up and get paid for it. However it didn’t quite work as well as he’d hoped, in fact, it got him into quite a lot of trouble but it did earn him the fear and respect of the other children, even those who were older than himself.

His youth counselor, a gorgeous woman fond of black suits and bit too much make-up, reminded him of his mother so much that he was able to get over his growing anger of being trapped in a system from which he could not escape. His mother’s irresponsibility had put him here, his father was never around to help him out, and no one seemed to care about him. Except Ms. Corvin, who was able to make such progress with him that she knew nearly every secret the boy had ever been keeping.

The years were not kind to him, as he was sent from one foster home to the next, and each time he ended up back where he started. Ms. Corvin would listen to why he was sent back, problems between the parents, problems at school, everything was always everyone else’s fault but Corbin’s but no one would believe him… except Ms. Corvin.

In truth Ms. Corvin, The Morrigan in a mortal seeming, was intentionally sending him to the most messed up places and family’s she could find to test the young boy’s ability to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges he faced. Each time Corbin returned to her he was not changed. Still he was the same boy that left, prideful, determined, and willing to never back down from anything. Ready for the next family regardless of whether people blamed him for the problems or not, their opinions didn’t phase him – he knew the truth, be damned with the rest who weren’t there.

Finally he found the home he’d always wanted, a home where the parent’s were pretty cool, people left him alone, and he had free reign to do as he pleased, the only real downside is that he was close to where his mother was living just a few blocks away. At sixteen, late one night in a new home, Corbin awoke to the sounds of crows cawing outside his window. Strange as it was he followed the sounds to the back yard where he found a woman cloaked in a veil of black feather in a sultry grown that sported enough cleavage to confirm that he was indeed a sixteen year old young man.

She spoke softly but firmly and told him the truth: Corbin Black was the son of Loki, the Aesir of Fire and Mischief. To a hotheaded brawler like Corbin his response was a natural one…

He told the crazy bitch to leave.

When she refused he tried to remove her insanity from his yard by force. After several attempts, and her throwing him around the yard like rag doll with out once moving herself a single step or showing any signs of being unbalanced, he decided to listen to her. He admitted it was some of the best therapy he’d ever had and the two walked on through what seemed like another world upon a path that never seemed to end where she explained to him the truth of his existence: the son of a god whose father had abandoned him and would never accept him as his own.

They sat upon a log where she finally removed her veil revealing a beauty nothing short of divine. Ms. Corvin looked down upon him and smiled. She told him that all his life he’d been watching him and was always proud of how he never allowed the life that Fate had dealt him to bring him down. He was a born from pure divine potential and the mortal family that he was with now would never compare to the divine parentage of his true heritage.

That’s when she made her offer, one last foster mother in a long line of failed homes and broken dreams. She made him no promises, offered him no excuses, just simply an opportunity to live up to his full potential under her guidance.

He accepted her offer and from that day on has dedicated his life to perfecting his abilities. He left his new home the very next night and has never been back. He wanders the U.S. now earning money to get his next destination by engaging in bar brawls and underground MMA tournaments where he has earned the name ‘Corbin Explosion!’ due to his familiarity to an animated metal singer named Nathan Explosion.

Birth Name: Corbin Black

Calling: Wandering Underground MMA

Nature: Competitor

Pantheon: The Tuatha de Danaan

Patron: The Morrigan/Sired by Loki

Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●●, Stamina ●●●●

Epic-Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●

Knacks: Strength (Armor Crusher, Holy Rampage), Dexterity (Untouchable Opponent, Whirlwind Shield), Stamina (Body Armor, Self-Healing)

Mental: Perception ●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●●●

Epic-Mental: Perception ●, Wits ●

Knacks: Perception (Spatial Awareness), Wits (Opening Gambit)

Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●●●

Epic-Social: Manipulation ●, Appearance ●

Knacks: Manipulation (Takes One To Know One), Appearance (Lasting Impression)

Abilities: Academics ●●, *Animal Ken ●●●, Art, Athletics ●●●, Awareness ●●, *Brawl ●●●●, Command, Control, Craft, Empathy ●, *Fortitude ●●●, Integrity ●●, Investigation, Larceny ●●, *Marksmanship ●●●, Medicine, *Melee ●●●, Occult, Politics, Presence, Science, Stealth ●●, Survival ●●, *Thrown

Virtues: Courage ●●●, Expression ●, Intellect ●●, Piety ●●●


Relic (A silver raven head pendant on a silver chain, Animal) ●

Relic (An obsidian mounted within a sliver bracelet, Darkness) ●

Relic (Raven’s Claw, an ornate series of full finger rings that end in sharpened claws connected to a bracer, Death, War, +2L Dam, Raiton’s Perch) ●●●●●

Click to reveal..
Raven’s Claw (2 Purviews, 2 Enhancement, 1 Unique Power)

This gothic looking stainless steel gauntlet is comprised of several full finger rings that each end in a sharp claw. Linked by decorative chains each finger connects to a plate on the back of the hand that depicts engravings of Celtic knot work and corvids surrounding a large onyx stone. The plate on the back of the hand connects to a bracer for the wrist via another network of decorative chains.

This Relic grants access to the Death and War Purviews and function like brass knuckles save the user may opt for lethal damage (clawing someone) or bashing damage (punching someone). Either way the damage is increased by +2.

Raiton’s Perch: The user may grip a surface and hold himself in place, perching there for a number of turns equal to how long the user may hold their breath. Once this time expires they may continue to attempt perching, or are forced to release their grip.

This power is similar to the ‘Crushing Grip’ Knack save that it may not be used in combat. The user may grip walls, or ceilings but a few rules apply.

The surface must be able to support the Heroes weight. This item does not grant any special ability to perch upon surfaces that are fragile (like a boat sail, or a window) especially since the claw tends dig into the surface and grip it tightly. Cloth is shredded, glass breaks, paper rips, etc…

The one perching is not granted any super sticky powers like Spiderman. They may still be kicked, or tossed from their perch at any time. They may resist loosing their balance or oppose a strength roll to tear them from the surface, but no special benefits are granted to either party.

They may use the claw to break their fall or prevent a knock back if they can make use of the claw in the appropriate manner, like gripping the wall and sliding down it in a shower of sparks or gripping the street and dramatically sliding backwards, again, sparks showering everywhere in particularly dramatic stunts.



Animal (Corvids) ● (Animal Communication)

Animal (Cattle)


Darkness ● (Night Eyes)

Death ● (Death Senses)

Enech ● (Brehon's Eye) ●● (Hero's Geas)



War ● (Blessing of Bravery)

Join Battle: [1] 6


Unarmed, Heavy - Acc 7, Dmg 7B, Parry DV 5, Sp 5

Unarmed, Light - Acc 9, Dmg 4B, Parry DV 7, Spd 4

Raven’s Claw (Claw) - Acc 8, Dam 8L, Parry DV 8, Spd 5

Raven’s Claw (Punch) - Acc 9, Dam 8B, Parry DV 8, Spd 4

Peacemaker - Acc 9, Dam 4L, Rng 20, Clip 6, Spd 5, Piercing


Stamina: 4B / 2L / 0A

Epic-Stamina: 2B / 2L / 2A

Armor: 2B / 0L / 0A(Biker Leathers)

Body Armor: 3B / 3L / 3A

Total: 8B / 4L / 2A or 11B / 7L / 5A w/Body Armor active

Health Levels: 0□ 0□ 0□ 0□ 0□ -2□ Inc□

Dodge DV: 7

Willpower: ●●●●●

Legend: ●●●

Legend Points: 9

Experience: 32/32

Misc. Equipment: Peacemaker, Motorcycle (black), Fake I.D.s


Event         (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned)
Monthly  (June '09)              +9 / 9  / 9
Corbin Wins: Fatality  (Q3)      +1 / 10 / 10
Mommas Boy (Q3)                  +1 / 11 / 11
Reaping What Has Been Sown  (Q3) +2 / 13 / 13
Monthly  (July '09)              +9 / 22 / 22
Hammerin' Nails  (Q3)            +1 / 23 / 23
Monthly  August '09)             +9 / 32 / 32
Epic Strength +1                 -4 / 28 / 32
Epic Stamina +1                  -5 / 23 / 32
Enech +1                         -3 / 20 / 32
Enech +1                         -4 / 16 / 32
Epic Perception +1               -8 / 8  / 32
Brawl +1                         -5 / 3  / 32
Empathy +1                       -3 / 0  / 32

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