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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - [Free Period] Learning his Craft


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Jim lay abed and stared up at the ceiling. He should have been up no hour or more ago, but with everything that was going on in the city his not coming down for breakfast on time was too small to comment on.

He kept playing back the conflict with the Demon Lords in his head time after time, wondering if there had actually been a way they could have gained from the situation. UNfortunately the thing that kept hitting him and that he couldn't get out of his head, was how easy it had been for just one of them to take out the entire team.

Jim had spoken to the Old man about it afterwards and had been somewhat reassured by his assertion that some of the weaker ones could be killed by even a single one of their team. Unfortunately, the Old Man had had to admit that several of the others were so powerful compared with the teams at the moment that they could destroy the whole lot of them. The team had to develop better techniques and skills if they were going to have a chance of taking them out. They also had to learn how to do the binding so that once they did put one of them down they could make sure it wasn't going to come back. Jim thought that was probably a job for the two priestesses, but he was worried about how Skye was taking the loss of her apartment block.

Well moping about here all day isn't going to help anyone get anything done. Clothes, breakfast and a visit to Grandfathers workshop I think.

As he was intending to visit his Grandfather Jim dressed in traditional Japanese garb, it was a bit of a pain, and not necessary for his Grandfather, but one of the senior assitant was a hidebound traditionalist who became upset if anything much more modern than the 18th century was worn within the workshop. Breakfast he compromised and had a bowl of sugary cereal followed by a small portion of sushi. Leaving the table Jim took up his sword, that rarely left his side now, day or night, and headed out to his Gradfathers workshop.

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