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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Origin][Mature] Violet [complete]


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(ooc: parts of this fic could be considered "graphic display of violence and sex". I'm not sure if it is that hard or not to be considered or labelled violent or explicit. I decided to put a [Mature] tag on it as a warning to those who don't want to read this kind of stuff)

“No!!!”, she screamed from the top of her lungs still blinded by the flashlights. Jennifer fell on her back and tried to move away from the men that were after her. With one hand she tried to cover her breasts while she used the other to steady herself on the floor. The men gave off odd sounds as they closed in and their eyes were strangely dead. To Jennifer it was a nightmare nonetheless.

She felt a cold hand reaching for her legs and almost fainted as she kicked the man into his face – then the world stopped making sense to her.

There were screams but this time from the men. Glass shattered, cameras got used as impromptu weapons and chairs got tossed across the room. A few seconds later everything was silent.

She walked to the dressing room and picked up a towel wiping away most of the blood and other strange fluids from her body – then her eyes caught her reflection in the mirror. She stared at herself for a long minute taking in every detail of her reflection – her strangely sparkling eyes with that odd violet color, her long blonde, almost platinum bleached hair, her overly abundant breasts that stood out perfectly and proud from her chest defying gravity. Her hands slowly traced the curve of her breasts down to her waist which had a bare hint of a sixpack and which perfectly joined with her hips and amazingly long legs.

Jennifer gasped – or at least she thought she would but her body didn’t respond the way she expected. She was watching ‘her’ reflection with a strange detached sense, as if she was watching someone else and that someone suddenly took notice.

”Like what you see? I’m sure you do, honey.”, the incredibly beautiful woman walked towards the mirror as if she was talking to someone.

”No one is going to hurt you like that ever again, I promise. From now on you’ll get what you deserve, Jennifer. I make sure of that. I won’t let you down.”

”What happened?”, Jennifer asked scared.

”Nothing I couldn’t handle, don’t worry about it.”, she wanted to look back and see what was behind the door but she couldn’t. Jennifer wasn’t in control of her body. The face she saw wasn’t hers. It was perfect, flawless – the most beautiful female face she has ever seen and she wanted to touch it but her body didn’t obey her commands.

”It’s no use, honey. I’m in control now. You couldn’t handle the ‘equipment’ anyway.”, the woman said cupping her honeydew sized breasts to emphasis her point.

The unbelievably shaped woman continued wiping off blood from her flawless skin while she scanned the wardrobe for something to wear. Her options were severely limited considering the shape of her dramatically curved body but she managed to find something that covered the ‘vital’ parts. Satisfied with the results the ultrasexy woman left the set and wandered through the streets.

A few days later…

“Common bitch – I know you want it. We all know you want it.”, the man said to her smelling like he had taken a bath in alcohol. Violet glared at him and his ‘friends’ but changed tactics quickly. They would get what they deserved but not without her getting what she wanted first.

”And you want to go first I suppose.”, she answered with a predatory purr. The world had turned upside down but she didn’t care much. It made her almost laugh that these men – even though their lives were at stake and they virtually lost everything they had would lose their minds the moment they saw her. She asked herself which kind was worse – these brainless idiots or the Zombs… At least these bastards would serve her needs before she’d gave them what they deserved.

The foul stinking man fumbled for her large breasts pushing the bikini to the sides and exposing her flesh for everyone to see. The other men grunted and started to undress circling around her like wolves would her prey. Violet played her part and moaned a little interrupted by giggles as she prepared herself for her next move.

The guy lifted her off her feet and carried her over to a large table were he put her down, then he fumbled with his meaty fingers for his zipper. The ‘wolves’ were all around the table and watched impatiently as their ‘leader’ led his pants slide down to his ankles. Violet looked down at him and smiled while she bent backwards using her arms for support and thus exposing her huge breasts for everyone to see and touch. One of the men couldn’t hold back and grabbed her tits fondling her while he bent down to kiss her. After a short moment he felt weak in his knees and let go off her stumbling back dazed by her kiss. The others laughed at him making rude remarks about his inability to cope with a woman like Violet.

The leader of the pack had finally managed to remove his boxers and Violets pants and positioned himself to enter her. She put her hands on his shoulders and slowly pushed him closer to her while he impaled her. A soft moan escaped her lips and then she started grinding him. The stinking bastard quickly lost track of time as he found himself slipping into blissful oblivion – he never managed to orgasm, though. Violet made sure of that.

Suddenly the scene changed and the ‘prey’ turned the tables on her predators. With a quick jerk Violet broke the leaders neck and pushed him away quickly following up to get off the table. The other men looked at eachother half confused and scared by the incredible display of strength. The first to recover made a step forward to knock her out only to find himself lift off the ground by his collar. Disgusted she looked at him holding the hapless man like a ragdoll while she prepared herself for another punch.

Violet could see the white of his eyes just before her fist punched a hole through his chest. She simply dropped him right there and turned herself to the last of the men who just stood there slackjawed. With a quick step she made it next to him and grabbed him like he was made of Styrofoam and then tossed him with all her might through one of the windows of the 4 storey building. The man’s scream echoed through the streets just before he hit the ground were it died in a gurgling sound.

With only one of the men left who was still unconscious Violet took her time before she finished him. He was lying on the floor still dazed by her kiss while she slowly sat down on his lap. The sight of her quickly sobered him and he looked half confused half lustfully up to her.

”So you wanted to fuck me, right? You want to be inside of me and satisfy your lust? I think I’ll just break your legs and leave you to the Zs – how about that, sucker? Take a good look now because it’ll be the last nice thing you’ll see in your miserable life.”, she reached back with her arms still sitting on his lap keeping him pinned to the ground. He got a generous view of her exposed tits and started to panic as he felt her hands on his knees. Just as he wanted to protest she applied pressure just underneath his knees and made the bones pop in her hands breaking them in the process.

Violet was still feeling the rush of the moment and she revelled in the power she had. It made her feel unstoppable. Still something in the back of her mind protested quietly against what was happening. Someone knew that this was wrong. ”Aww Shut up, will you!”, Violet screamed at no one in particular and started to run – she felt how her control was slowly slipping and then darkness enveloped her.

Waking up was painful. Jennifer felt sore all over, her shirt hung loosely of her chest which was still exposed and she had the taste of a dead dog in her mouth. She carefully covered her breasts with the bikini again and tucked the shirt in her pants when she heard the tell tale sign of shuffling feed and moans. Zombies – lots of Zombies. What the hell was going on? Where was she? She could barely remember last night – some men had picked her up from the road and at first things were going ok. They talked about a settlement somewhere close to Dallas and had planned to make a stop there and see if they could stay. Then her memories got blurry.

One of the men started to make comments about her body – especially her breasts comparing them to a strippers tits. At first she felt flattered but then the comments got more and more implying what the guys wanted to do to her. Somehow Violet managed to banish her in some dark place of her mind and Jennifer lost track of time and of what was happening.

Shaking her head in fear Jennifer tried to gain some distance on the Zombies but unfortunately she was more or less trapped. “Violet – I need you now… please help me!”, she begged and after a short moment Violet replied. Jennifer felt her body convulsing as Violet forcefully initiated the change tearing her shirt apart almost destroying it in the process. Violet looked around still feeling Jennifers fear and excitement took over she picked up a wooden panel that lay on the floor and used it like a baseball bat ripping of the first Zombies head with a well placed swing.

The wooden panel already started to splinter under her hands and Violet knew she had only one or two more swings left before it would brake apart. She quickly charged through the opening she made in the wall of Zombies and hit the next Zombie on the side breaking the Panel in two but at least the way was clear for the moment. Her victory didn’t last long though, the Zombies had her trapped in a dead end. Even with her superior strength Violet lacked the skills to combat multiple opponents that had no fear of getting hit. Until now she could always relay on her powers but these ‘monsters’ were immune to her emotion control.

Violet was running out of options and she frantically turned around to see if she had missed something she could use to make an escape. Suddenly she heard a shot, followed by two more shots which all hit home killing three Zombies which were dangerously close to her. Before Violet realized where the shots came from someone picked her up and then she flew… Violet gave a off a girlish squeal as she picked up speed and laughed when the stranger put her down on the next buildings roof.

“Careful there, Lady.”, the man said and then introduced himself. “I’m Captain Morgan Fox of the United States Air Force – it looked like you needed a helping hand there.”

Violet simply had to smile when she saw the Captains face. The man was handsome and his self confident demeanour gave him an air of authority which she felt very attracted to. Captain Morgan took a step backward taking in the inhuman beauty of her but unlike most men his first thought wasn’t flooded by lust although his eyes remained briefly on her cleavage like everyone did. Violet felt herself perking up and fantasies of spending the whole night with the Captain in bed immediately took the better of her.

The extremely sexy woman literally assaulted the Captain with her charms and her purring voice almost hypnotized him. Yet he remained fairly in control of himself which only increased her desire for him. Captain Morgan picked her up again and took her personally to his refuge concentrating on the horizon as he spoke to her.

“I’ve found a few dead bodies not far away from where I picked you up. There was also a Pick-Up which looked in good shape and like it was recently used. Do you know anything about that?”

Violet barely registered what he said. Somehow her own ability to control emotions had a strong feedback on her – it mixed with her own emotions and she had to fight the urge to not just hold on to his neck. The urge to kiss him was almost overwhelming. Using all her willpower Violet resisted and tried to answer his question.

”I got picked up by a few men not knowing what they had in mind – they wanted to rape me.”, she made up leaving out the details of what she did to the men. Deep inside Jennifer protested again but Violet quickly subdued her. The Captain didn’t ask for details and accepted what she said just like that.

Soon she saw the outline of Fox’s refuge and sighed. The place looked decent from above and there were people doing daily stuff. As if they were untouched by the plague. “Welcome to Fox’s Refuge – if you play by my rules you can stay here.”, he gently placed her down as he descended like a superman from the skies. This looked like Paradise to her – could it be for real? She felt compelled to ask him, ”Is this place for real? Is it save here?”

The Captain nodded confidently, “As long as I can keep it that way it shall stay save.”

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