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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Colonel Cameron "Cam" Mitchell

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Colonel Cameron Mitchell

Age 30


Cam was raised on a farm growing up and went to the Air Force straight out of high school. His deep desire was to become a pilot and once in he waisted no time getting his higher education and getting into Officer's Training School. At each step along the way he managed to place himself high in the rankings among his peers through sheer determination and hard work. Once in actual pilot training his true give became evident and he did place top at the United States Air Force Fighter Weapons School (The Air Force versions of TopGun).

He flew missions in Iraq and Afghanistan rising quickly through the ranks until his record made him a top candidate for the 302 program just weeks before the Battle of Antarctica.

After the battle of Antarctica he spent several months in a coma. Just a week ago in an effort to save his life Col Carter traveled to the base where the all of the battle survivors were being treated and used the Goa'uld hand device to heal his body, but he had been too long in the coma and the healing did not bring him out.

In a discussion between Carter and Specialist Jennings-Izumi the idea came up to use the Ancient Artifact that had created the specialist to jump start his brain and bring him out of the coma. The process worked, only seconds from complete brain death the alien device sent tremendous energy through his body and mind bringing him completely back to consciousness and enhancing him like all of the other specialists.


Many of his attributes were somewhat enhanced and he has tested as having specialist level toughness and charisma. He has only just now been zapped by the device so other powers may be revealed over time.


Upon arrival back at the SGC he was given promotion from Lt. Col, to full bird Colonel and awarded a medal for bravery and a purple heart. Also, given his impeccable record the decision has been made to bring him directly into the SGC command structure pending his getting up to speed with the Stargate program.

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