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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Dr. Yseult Sierra

Yseult Sierra

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Real Name: Yseult Marie Dionne-Langlois

Occupation: Civilian Contractor to the SGC

Date of Birth: 07/07/1970

Age: 34 (looks to be in her early 20's)

Marital Status: Debatable (technically, single)

Known Relatives: François Dionne-Langlois (Husband, sort of), Monique Dionne-Langlois (daughter, 8yrs), Loric Dionne-Langlois (son, 6yrs), Gisèle Dionne (Sister, 28yrs)

Height: 5’ 7’’

Weight: 123 lbs

Eyes: Intensely Vivid Turquoise, with thick irises

Hair: Deep Honey


Appearance: Formerly an average looking woman with dark hair and eyes, Yseult is now a stunning, shapely woman, with perfect proportions. She blends Asian and Nordic features into a flawless whole, and easily looks ten years younger than her true age. Her hair is a deep honey colour, just pass shoulder length, complementing the hue of her smooth, golden skin. Her eyes are an incredibly vivid turquoise, with irises that are nearly twice as thick as normal, which she tends to keep downcast. Her voice is a silky soprano, with a noticeable French accent. She moves with a precise, if slightly exaggerated, grace, as if her appearance is a close-fitting costume she is still adjusting to. She prefers utilitarian clothing, but can pretty up if she has to, with much more drastic results than she is used to. She wears her wedding ring around her neck, with her dog tags.

Personality: Yseult had always been a reserved woman, content to be overlooked, while proud of being very competent at her job. She only really opened up around close friends and her family. Around them, she was open and caring, leaving work far behind. Since losing her own face, and her family, her life, she has been fighting desperately against despair. She misses her husband and children terribly, but goes on, if only to someday see them again, even if they don’t realize it. She also feels great deal of hate for the woman who stole her life, the woman whose face she now wears, even though she is dead.

She has a job to do, helping the world, and thus helping her family. For now, that will have to be enough. That most of the colleagues she worked with accept her, with only a little trepidation at her change, has helped immensely. Also, the attention she is garnering, from her new appearance, new beauty, and new powers, has started slowly eroding at her introverted shell.

Background: Yseult has always been a highly intelligent woman, fascinated with both mechanical and biological systems. After earning her first Doctorate, she began working for a CSIS think-tank. While there, a paper she wrote about nanotechnology and the similarities in microscopic biological and mechanical structures caught the attention of the SGC. After hearing just a little bit of their pitch, Yseult became a civilian contractor to the SGC.

She found the work incredibly interesting and rewarding. She typically worked in a support role, behind both Carter and Frasier, handling a lot of the scut work, which she didn’t mind at all. She worked at a methodical pace anyway, without the leaps of insight and logic that some others had (McKay, le batard!). She was able to go back home to Montreal often enough that she didn’t feel isolated from her family.

One fateful day, while returning to Cheyenne Mountain after visiting her family, she was abducted by the NID. They drugged her and knocked her out. When she came too she was secured to a chair in front of a table, on which stood a device she recognized as Mechello’s Mind Switching Device. On the other side of the device was another woman, quite attractive, with Asian and Scandinavian features, who spoke with a slighter French accent than hers. A moment later she was forced to touch the device, and then she was on the other side of the table, looking at herself.

While the imposter used her body to infiltrate the SGC, Yseult was exposed to the artifact, the NID not wanting to waste an experimental subject. Initially, she only seemed to develop enhanced physical agility, health, and attractiveness, though only to the peak of human capability. There was some debate if this was the result of a Body Dysmorphic Disorder caused by the use of the Mind Switching Device, or something else.

In captivity, Yseult had little else to do but think about the Artifact, and the Mind Switching Device. Threats to her family prevented her from contemplating escape. She realized her thoughts processes where clearer, sharper, and the breadth of her knowledge deeper. She was pretty sure the changes wrought on her by the artifact would impede the use of the Mechello's device, but she refused to give up that idea without testing it.

When the SGC assaulted the NID base, Yseult saw the imposter in her body pass by the small window in the cell door. Not wanting her to escape, she managed to reach out and stop her telekinetically. When the guards stationed outside the door came in to eliminate her, she realized she could also form a telekinetic force field, stopping the bullets easily. With much greater effort, she was able to telekinetically bash her two assailants into unconsciouness. As she went to confront the body-thief about the whereabouts of Mechello's device, a stray bullet hit her in the head, killing her instantly.

Completely in shock, she barely remembers escaping with the other detainees with the help of the Airforcemen. On the Prometheus, one of the other former prisoners figured her as a NID agent, and she was detained once again.

After weeks of observation, and a new identity constructed (that is known to most in the SGC), Yseult has finally been released and allowed to continue her duties, albeit in a somewhat more limited manner. She also has to deal with people who know her seeing a stranger when they first see her.

Known Powers: She possesses a finely controlled telekinetic ability, which allows her to use any manual skill she has, and to create a force field. With great effort, she can use her telekinetic ability to lift massive weights, fly, repel some attacks, and some other effects. She has also seen improvement in physical agility and health, to peak human limits, and a greater understanding of various sciences and engineering applications.

Abilities/Special Skills: Yseult possesses a vast breadth of knowledge in the sciences, medical, and engineering fields, which has only increased after exposure to the artifact.

Extra Notes: Yseult has to undergo weekly cat-scans to ensure that her brain-waves haven't altered.

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