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World of Darkness: The Academy - Chapter 2-Hub: The Call

Dawn OOC

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August 18, 2008, just at sunset

The day passes, with each person pursuing whatever hobbies or tasks they’d normally enjoy in this unexpected free time. The surprise holiday would have been doubly nice, save that almost everyone else is in their bed, which means that there’s not a lot of people to do things with. It isn’t until dinner that the others start to feel better, but by then those who hadn’t suffered so much found themselves becoming restless and agitated.

Slowly, one by one, they’re drawn by forces they don’t understand, following music only they can hear, to gather together in the growing darkness.

Despite the penalties of breaking the gender restrictions, Brad, Deacon and Ravi find themselves drawn to storage area on the girl's side of the third floor of Lancaster, while Frida, Lorelei and Emily feel the same tug with no limitations…

Down near the stable, Zachary, Lucia, Renata, Rachel, Sylvia and Chester are draw to an empty paddock, where two shovels are stuck into the ground…

In the woods north of Dalton, east of the track, Ryan, Jason, Sean, Micah and Thomas are drawn to a grove

Click to reveal..
This is a hub chapter; a jumping off point for the other subchapters, which I’ll be adding as fast as I can. You can resist this call; it is at a +2 difficulty, and you roll Wits+Composure+Apotheosis. If you resist the call, you are no longer aware of where you’re supposed to be. If you resist, you may post your reactions in this thread, rather than the subthread I directed you to.

Have fun!

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