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World of Darkness: The Academy - Interlude 1 - The First Step [IC/OOC]

Dawn OOC

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August 18, 2008, 3:00 a.m.

Somewhere, a door opens. It was unusual, because this door is rarely opened. Lately, it had seen some more use, but 'some more' is relative. But tonight, again, the door is used. This time, one slips out. The dark form is still for a moment, adjusting to the warmth in the air. After a moment, the form moves, dark hair falling to obscure the handsome, stern face.

He pauses for a long time at the top of the stairs. Silently, he focuses his will, and the herbs in his hands crumble to dust. Across the campus, people fall asleep. Even those who couldn't sleep find themselves slipping into a deep slumber. Those fighting the pull are sucked in, in time. He's patient, waiting until he feels the last soul trip into slumber. Then he goes from room to room, opening locked doors with a twist of his wrist. He bears sickness, and he touches each person, his thumb brushing their lips. When he leaves, their breathing thickens, their faces start to flush.

He does not hate doing this, this aberrant task; he is not a moral creature, and there is little room for regret in him. Moreover, it is what must be done, and he only hopes that it is understood later, should they learn of it. He fears, a little, that they will condemn him for it, but is willing to accept that, too.

It needs doing.


OOC: On the morning of August 16, which should be the first day of school, everyone is sick. From staff to faculty to students, everyone living on or near campus is ill. You can get to work/class if you want, but the Headmaster cancels classes. In fact, the PCs don't seem to get as sick as the others, and while you feel like crap, you can get out and about. Or you can pretend to be too sick to leave, just like everyone else. Where your peers have fevers and vomiting, you have an upset stomach and the urge to sleep.

All the PCs remember a vague dream of a strange man bending over them. They don't remember the man himself; only a sense of dark hair and eyes.

Every PC now has a new Trait: Apotheosis. This is your Power Trait; it costs no xp to you, as I award it over the course of the game. If you take a Template (werewolf, vampire, changeling, etc), Apotheosis converts to the appropriate Power Trait. All PCs have Apotheosis 1 at this time.

Feel free to post your OOC questions below and I'll answer them and add them to the FAQ; I'll have a handful of new IC threads soon for people to play around in.

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Like any other power trait. At this point, it mostly aids you in resisting things. Anytime a Power Trait is used to resist something, you now have something to resist with, as opposed to having no Power Trait dice.

As you guys get your various fuels - essence, blood, whatever - it will limit how many you can use a round.

Those are the two things I can think of - basically, it's a measure of how powerful you are as supernatural creatures. Because, congrats... you're a supernatural creature now. grin

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