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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - It Can Fly [Fin]


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“…Oh and it can fly.” Major Alan Hadley finished his statement. He was sitting in one of the multitude of chairs in Mat's workroom. The rest of SG-4 was present sitting around creating a loose circle.

“Flies?” Dana Eckhart said. “And it’s something we know of?”

“Sure.” Hadley said with a small grin.

Mat and Dana stared at the floor thinking and muttering to themselves different words, Vinny remained silent while leaning against the counter.

“An insect?” Eckhart asked.


“An Airplane.” Rea guessed.


“A satellite.”






“Hecate the goddess of crossroads and flight.”

Everybody turned to look at Mat and his eyes shifted between the two.

“The goddess of crossroads and flight?” Hadley asked sarcastically.

“It’s just a wild guess.” Mat sighed leaning on his hand and drumming his fingers on the desk he was beside.

“Sure was.” Hadley answered turning to look at Dana, waiting for her next guess.

“I give up.” She said exasperated.

“It’s a fish.”

“A fish?!” everybody chimed.

“Yeah, ever heard of flying fish?” Alan asked with a shrug.

“Sir, did anyone ever tell you that you’re infuriating?” Mat asked, sitting up in his seat.

“Ass-tard.” Vinny seconded.

“You got something better that doesn’t have to deal with the goddess of pavement and planes?”

“Crossroads and flight, Alan.”


“I got one.” Dana spoke up.

“Forget it.” Hadley said. “It’s gonna have to do with the 'crystalline structure sub-processing' stuff like your last one. How were we supposed to guess 'fractured quark masses'?”

Dana shrugged.

“Don’t blame, Eckhart. She’s got her area of expertise.” Mat said stepping in to defend his friend.

“And what was up with Babylonian cuneiform?” Alan shot back.

“Well, Dana almost got it and I thought it was good.” Mat answered.

“You would.”

Eckhart turned to Vinny. “What about you? Wanna take a try?”

Vinny stared at her for a minute and rolled his cigar to the other side of his mouth. He then spoke, “Thinkin' of somethin' that is fuckin' ridiculous and should be stopped immediately.”

The three others thought for a minute as Dana stared confused at Vinny.

Hadley spoke first. “Well, what is it Vin.”

“This game.”

With that, the rest burst out laughing.

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