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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - NPCs and Stats


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(Former PC)

Adrian Tyler:


Most of his backstory is hidden behind Cipher 5.


At the turn of the Millennium, Will-o-Wisp and Valiant were on top of the world. The were prominent and powerful mutants at the top of their game. They had fame and fortune and everything that went with it all. They also had as secret. They had a secret life, were they lived normal lives and they had a son. It wasn't until he was six that Adrian knew he was different. He was tougher than the other kids and could fall out of trees without getting hurt. That is when his parents brought him into their secret and swore him to silence. Adrian kept their secret too.

Then the Millennium came. Valiant was one of the first one's to die. His might strength and invulnerable skin where no match for an opponent he couldn't see. Will-o-Wisp went into seclusion soon afterwards and disappeared from sight. She hung on long enough to see her daughter come into the world and then she passes away as well. Adrian was alone except for his infant sister Rebecca.

For the next five years, the two kids lived off their parent's secret stash of money. When the money ran out, Adrian did whatever it took for them to survive and stay below the government's radar. Some of the things Adrian wasn't proud of, like stealing, and some of them down right disturbing, like stealing wallets from people wanting a boy prostitute. There were many cold and hungry nights for the two kids.

Their lives turned around one winter day when they were picked up for odd jobs by a kind old family, the Orrocos. The Orrocos turned out to be mutants as well and Mr. Orrocos took it upon himself to teach the young man how to fight. How to box really, and scrap, and take a punch as well as give one. The old, scrappy mutant gave Adrian a skill he could use in the shadowy world he dwelt in. Adrian would be a fighter.

From that point on, while they still lived from fight to fight, Adrian never wanted for work. There were always illegal fight circuits looking for new talent. Adrian would show up, take on all comers and, no matter how much of a pounding he took, he always ended up on top.

Now with his little sister Becca, Adrian has come to the city looking for something better. His time as a prize-fighter hasn't left him rich, but it has left him with a sense of fashion, and style, and a greater sense of self. He may not be the Paragon of Mutant might like his parents, but he is proud of what he's accomplished and what he can do. He knows even greater things wait just around the corner.

Description to come!


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