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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Bahgrasha] Ravi FitzCoventry (Student)

Ravi FitzCoventry

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Full Name The Hon. Ravi Gregory Marlborough FitzCoventry

Class: Junior

Age: 17

Birthdate: July 14

House: Lancaster

Concept: Aristocrat

Breed: Bastet

Species: Bahgrasha

Accord: Heart-Ripper


Born to a wealthy English family with aristocratic blood (his father is the 13th Baron FitzCoventry), Ravi is technically the eleventh in line to the Earldom of the city of Coventry. His ancestry is a curious mixture of blue-blooded English and Northern Indian nobility, dating back to the days of the British Raj. The family keeps close ties with their sub-continental roots, having in the past freely intermingled with the people there. It's to this Ravi owes his exotic looks and noble bearing, along with a healthy dose of laid-back insouciance and self-confidence. He rides well, enjoys athletic pursuits, is a fair student (though not outstanding: he gets bored easily), and possesses great charm and force of personality.

With England's reputation for top class private schooling and given his family's wealth and connections, it is considered a large feather in Dalton's cap that the FitzCoventrys decided to send their heir to the Academy. He's arrived to start his Junior a few days late with a wardrobe of clothes, a horse, and a few rumors about why he was staying over the summer in India rather than at home in England.

Family Situation:

Ravi's mother is the heiress to an old French family, and though she adores him as her only child she is at her wits end trying to figure out her contrary, perplexing and oft-infuriating son. She is troubled with thoughts that Ravi may be mentally disordered, as he often wavers from affectionately loyal, charming and socially dazzling to casually vindictive, ruthless and solitary in his behaviour and moods. His exploits with women particularly worry the poor lady as she feels responsible: to her own mind she must have been an insufficient mother figure for Ravi to grow up with such apparent lack of regard for the fairer sex.

His father and paternal grandparents, however, have been watching Ravi carefully since he was born. There are certain family traits that seem to surface primarily in the male children: The strong build, the animal magnetism, the curious green-gold eyes, and most of all his capricious moods and passionate nature are all significant to those FitzCoventry family members who know 'The Secret'. Since childhood, Baron FitzCoventry has protected Ravi from his mother's attempts to put the young man on pills or in therapy, and has packed him off to Dalton Academy in the hope that the school's remoteness from the European jet-set society will protect the family reputation from what he is advised will happen sooner or later.

And he considers it wise to heed that advice. After all, Ravi's grandfather would know...


Six foot one in height, 170lbs of sleek muscle, and gorgeous to boot, Ravi combines the best of two worlds in his exotic appearance. His skin tone is a rich dark tan, contrasting with spellbindingly large green-gold eyes that glint and glimmer when they catch the light. His features are predominently Caucasian, though hints of his Punjab ancestry are strongly evident.

In feline form Ravi takes the shape of a large black leopard with broad shoulders, powerful jaws, sharp black talons and a sleek coat. Roughly 6 feet long (the tail adding another 3.5 feet) and over 3 ft at the shoulder, and weighing over 350lbs of solid muscle. In mass he matches the average for lions and tigers though, being a leopard, his limbs are shorter than those of his cousins, better suited to climbing and crawling.

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Note on Predators Bearing merit:

This one's a little complex. Essentially, Ravi gains a +1 to any social dice pool that revolves around raising hackles or stirring up emotions. Whether dangerous charm or downright scary stare, the benefit applies equally.

However, he can't just turn this off. Whenever he wants to appear innocuous or innocent, people just ain't gonna buy it so easily, even if he really is innocent. (Yeah, right. But it could happen. Really!) So in those situations, he gets a -1 modifier to Social dice pools.

See? Easy. grin

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The Ravi-Mobile wink

The TVR Sagaris Ravi-mobile.jpg

As this picture, only with dark gold wheel rims and a blue/green iridiscent colour-shift paint job over the black. (gives an understated oil-slick effect)

Some stats for the stat-hungry:

Engine: TVR Speed Six engine, Straight-6

Power Output: 380 bhp (283 kW; 385 PS) @ 7,000–7,500 rpm

Top speed: 185 mph (298 km/h)

0 to 60 mph (97 km/h): 3.7 seconds

60-0mph: 2.9 seconds

The full details for the real car nuts among you can be found here

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