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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - Equipment List Scratchpad

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This will be a topic used while the PCs are on 'missions'. It'll detail what equipment the PCs have brought with them and it will be used to track what items have been depleted.

This topic will be edited by you and me quite a bit, in fact your same post will be 'reused' every time you disembark on a mission and will stay the dominant list until the conclusion of the mission where you will then just edit you actual character sheet to include the new changes, or know what equipment you need to replace.

Some of you have incredibly long equipment lists... please do not think you can conceivably carry all of that on you at once, and if you think you can, try and be reasonable.

Seems like a lot of work Dave.

As always I'll gladly handle any updating you need, however, do keep in mind that just because I'm updating I'm not a talking refrigerator and will not tell you when it's time to buy more 'X'. You forget to buy more ammo... well, that's on you.

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Current Mission: Destiny In Motion

Weapons –

Thigh Holster - Laser Pistol (50/50)

Back - Laser Sniper Rifle (50/50)

Boot Sheath - Combat Knife


Body - Undercover Vest (concussive plating, segmented x2)

Gear -

Utility Packs on her Belt - (Duracable & Launcher (100’), Basic Electronics Tool Kit, Basic Mechanical Tool Kit, GalPos Device, 5 Power Packs)

Pocket - Computer, Card

Wrist - Sensor Package (Gauntlet)

Ear Piece - Unicom (w/ holo recorder & projector)

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Current Mission: Destiny in Motion


Charge Pistol + 5 clips, Shoulder Holster

Plasma Pistol + 2 clips, thigh holster

Laser Rifle + 2 clips, back

Power Cestus, right hand

Beam sword, right side of belt


Light Combat Armour (Defense 10+2 Dex +2 Strong +2 Battle Mind +3 LCA =19)


First Aid kit - Belt Pouch #1

Blackout Goggles - Belt Pouch#2

mini-Flashlight - Belt pouch #3

Set of Psicomm for party - 6 to be sure, Belt pouch #3

Multipurpose Tool - Belt Pouch #3

Flashlight (standard) - Belt pouch #3

Binoculars (Electro-optical) - Belt pouch#4

Universal Communicator - Earpiece

Display Contacts - Guess

Computer Card - Breast pocket

2 water bottles - left and right rear of belt

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Current Mission: Destiny In Motion


Hip Holster - Falcon .45cal Pistol (20 plasma/20 seeker)

Right Arm Weapon Mount - Plasma Pistol

Left Arm Weapon Mount - High Frequency Sweord

Armor -

Stealth Suit (nonproficient, +1 to defense)

Gear -

2 powerpacks

1 clip Deflecting rounds

1 clip Seeker rounds

Motion Sensor (linked to HUD)

Personal Force Field

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Current Mission: Destiny In Motion

Weapons –

Hip Holster - Laser Pistol (50/50)


Body - Survival Flightsuit

Gear -



2 days rations (MRE)

2 days Water

Mecha "Shikon"

Left arm: PS-95 Tiger Claws (6d8/19-20)

Right arm: Warpath Recoiless Rifle (10d6/20), Ballistic, 40ft, 20 Box, S,A

Shoulders: M-87 Talon Missle Launcher (15d6/20) Ballistic/Fire, -, 4 Int., Single

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(Hip holster) Plasma Pistol + 2 spare clips


(Red Cross?)


Medkit Advanced

Regen Wand

Violet Rations (ten days)

Sensorcomp Belt(A combination of Chem-, Arma-, Geo, Electri-Mechani-, Medi-, Demo, And Robo-comps) hooked to HUD (9lbs.)


Flashlight (standard)

Surgery Kit

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