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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - EoE: Supporting Cast (NPCs)

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Chang, Bethany (Rep +7)

A StarMech chief engineer who has worked closely with the crew of the Machiavellian Rue. In fact it's due to their efforts that she has earned quite a bit of respect amongst her peers and a promotion due to her deeds aboard Cauldron Station in 2710ER.

Erebus, Jon (Rep ??)

An enigmatic mercenary whose past is shrouded in lies, rumors, and half truths. The only thing true about the man is that his attitude is piss poor and that his body is able to survive punishment that no human being should be capable of. People claim he can not die.

Oracles, The

Ancient A.I.s that answers only to what they refer to as 'Agents of FATE'.

Testament (Rep ??)

An unknown man who battled Erebus on Anadia. Uses a laser scythe as a weapon and seems quite crazy.

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