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Emily Silsbury

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Name: Emily Silsbury

DOB: 09/08/1992

Class: Junior

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 115lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Amber (Hazel Green/Brown)

Appearance: Emily always, always appears pressed and dressed for success. Her hair seems to be always perfectly coiffed in a different style every time she is seen. Minimal makeup, but designed to make this blandly pretty girl look her best. Just short of being a beauty, she still attracts attention through what most would call an undefinable sexiness. Emily obeys the dress code to the letter, seemingly, though some teachers have suspected that her skirts are just a hair too short, even that her buttons on her shirt may have been moved, for even with only the top button unbuttoned, Emily manages to show just a hint of cleavage. Boys, and even the male teachers, sometimes feel that her gaze lingers on them just a bit too long to be coincidence, but quickly laugh at their imagination. For, though she exudes a sexual charm that most boys, and not a few girls, find irresistable, Emily has never had a boyfriend. As far as anyone at Dalton knows, Emily is simply a very studious girl who doesn't date.

Background: Emily is not much given to talking about life at home in England. Those at Dalton who know anything, know that her parents are still together, and that her Dad must have money.

When she arrived at Dalton, she quickly became a teacher favorite, always ready with the answer if called on, but not overbearing in class. She is quick to volunteer for projects and groups, but rarely first. She has made many, many friends at school, and is often found in the company of a wide variety of other kids, but there is no one student that anyone can point to as a confidante or 'best' friend.

She stays at the school for holidays and summer break, leading some to speculate that all is not heaven at home, but on this subject, Emily is silent.

Over the last three years, there have been a few instances of a girl, usually a popular or very pretty one, taking offense or feeling slighted by Emily. These small spats usually ended quickly, though no one really remembers how. The girls involved typically are quick to point out that it was just a misunderstanding, and move on. Thus, Emily has made almost no enemies whatsoever.

She makes high grades, without being in the running for valedictorian. She is popular, without belonging to any particular group. She is on the debate team and the chess club, and while she is solidly skilled in both, she is almost never in the running for top player in either.

Those who ponder such things, though they are admittedly few, would probably find her unremarkability quite remarkable. Perhaps this is why anyone paying attention would also notice that she has almost never been in the same room with Deacon Knight for more than a few moments.

She seems to have no interest in horses, but she does leave campus for the weekend quite often in her car, a Red Mercedes Convertible that is, perhaps, the only flamboyant thing about Emily Silsbury.

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