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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - House Rules - Mecha

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Mecha Equipment and Accessories Changes

Omniverse Mecha are incredibly well made, the following changes apply to the Mecha Rules in the d20 Future book.

Life Support System - This system costs no equipment slots. Mecha are equipped much the same way spacecraft are and provide an indefinite on board air supply.

Space Skin - Although not all mecha are designed for space use, this modification has seen several advancements since PL6. It now takes up no equipment slots, but its cost and installation time remain unchanged.

Structural Enhancement - This no longer takes up an equipment slot however it can not increase a mecha's bonus HP total more than twice what it started at. So a large mecha (+100 bonus HPs) could not increase the mecha's HPs beyond 200.

Zero-G Stabilizer - Any mecha equipped with Space Skin is assumed to have this equipment installed as well. It costs no slots, but if added an upgrade by a PC they may or may not choose to purchase to install this item. Stock models are assumed to have them and it's factored into the cost.
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