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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - "Free Period"

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I am ending Chapter 2, though Keiko and Kaori should continue their interaction by all means.

I'm awarding 5 cp to everyone, though Keiko and Kaori get 6.

For the next month in game and OOC Demon attacks will greatly diminish, to the point where there's perhaps five attacks a week at the end of the month.

In this time the PC's will have the opportunity to interact and tell stories that involve Life in Japan and hunt demons however they wish.

Throughout the Month, the Demon Lords are never seen, unless approved by me.

I am awarding 25 CP for the month for all who participate.

You may write fictions with other players, in fact that's what this is all about, you all interacting ith each other and coming together as a team, or not.

I will award extra CP for fictions beyond the 25 as I see fit.

To qualify for the base 25 cp, you must post a minimum of five posts within the month. These must be actual posts of substance. I reserve the right to withold points if I feel it warranted.

Now each of you go out and have some fun, tell the stories you'd like to tell.

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Sorry Justin, I'm just not going to get the time to get the stuff up I wanted to on the thread I started - too much stuff going on in RL and the Scion generation frenzy. I'll try to get it finished ASAP regardless of what else happens.

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The muse is a cruel mistress.

Just don't know what to say. Hard to connect to the character, to the setting.

On the plus side, missing 25 points doesn't feel bad when you're not connected to a character, or setting...so at least I'm not upset. smile

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