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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] Jason Beckett [Mortals] (Staff)


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Name Jason Simon Beckett

Age 25

Height 6ft

Weight 200lbs

Hair Black

Eyes Blue


Jason's appearence is nothing to write home about, indeed other than his athletic build from his Army days and continued physical work and fitness regime he is decidely average in appearance. One of those people who just fade into the background.


Jason's grandfather was the head janitor at Dalton's until he died of a stroke in March 2008. However, Jason's father (David) had gone into business from college and had eventually made it be the vice president of a moderately sized manufacturing company in the state. Jason's Uncle John is career military having joined the Army from school, and Jason had grown up with his stories on his intermittent visits. This eventually led to Jason joining up on the day he graduated from High school. His parents weren't particularly happy about it, but he hadn't made any secret of his intention and they had been unable to talk him out of it. That was in June 2001, so he had recently finished his basic training and was on his first posting when 9/11 occured, and his life changed.

It changed in two ways, one was professsionally as he soon ended up being posted to Afghanistan, the other was personnal as he soon found out that his family had been in the twin towers at the time of the attack. His father had been there for a meetingand his mother and younger sister had gone up to meet him at the end of the meeting in order to go siteseeing in NY. Like a number of others in the armed forces this gave him extra incentive in his military activities. In the end Jason served 6 of his 8 years in active duty before leaving in June 2007 when his grandmother died. It wasn't easy but his Unlce who is now a Colonel working at the Pentagon, helped pull a few strings.

Coming back Jason joined his grandfather (Zebediah) in working for the Dalton Academy, and lookiing after the old man (getting into his seventies) around the house in th enearby town as well. Zeb never really recovered from the loss of his wife on top of the earlier loss of his eldest son and most of his family. Following Zeb's death a few months ago (June 2008) Jason has settled into a cottage that he rents from the school on the outskirts of the school. Although he can occassionally be seen working out in the garden of his cottage, and sometimes at night at the school when he thinks he can get away with it, he is actually training his mind more than his body these days.

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